The Gremlin made it's way towards the village square. On its way, it passed many other weird creatures, but none gave the other a second look as they passed on the street. A few of the smaller creatures were even munching on something, probably candies. The Gremlin recognized a few of the creatures. He spotted a unicorn, one or two werewolves, a small version of a troll and a few others. It snorted. Then, it saw another creature - no - a very familiar human. The person hadn't bothered to disguise and the Gremlin knew something bad was going to happen. It's first thought flashed to it's best friend, James Potter. The Gremlin changed and in it's place stood a man. A handsome man with jet black wavy hair, neatly pulled back in a band and sharp aristrocratic features.

Sirius Black frowned as he saw the evil Moldyshorts make his way in a slow gait across the village square towards the country lane that led to Willow Cottage. Thinking quickly, Sirius turned on the spot and Apparated away to Willow Cottage. His brain ran through various scenarios as he ran frantically towards the door of the cottage. Peter must have split. How dare the rat do this to him? Oh, he'd kill that filthy rat for sure. In his hurry, he just blasted open the front door and ran into the living room, shouting, "James, Lily! Take Harry and go. Moldyshorts is here! Go to No. 12 Grimmauld Place! I'll hold him off!"

By the time he'd reached the door to the living room, James had gathered Harry in his arms and run up the stairs. He had a scared look on his face, but it was masked by his determined look. He ran into the master bedroom to be met by an equally scared Lily. They both hesitated as they looked at Sirius.

"Just go," Sirius shouted, waving them away. "Think about Harry. Go to No. 12." James nodded and grabbed Lily's hand. They turned to Apparate away, and just as a silent pop sounded, a green light passed through the spot where James had been standing moments before. Sirius turned and raised his wand, pointing it towards the general direction from which the curse had come and fired a Stunner. Voldemort dodged it, but failed to dodge the Sectumsempra that Sirius had fired off immediately after the Stunner. The curse hit Voldemort in the lower abdomen and blood began to spill out from deep gashes that had resulted from the spell. Voldemort used his remaining energy to cast the Killing Curse to get the Black brat, but unfortunately, Sirius was a well trained Auror with lightning-quick reflexes, so he was able to dodge the oncoming curse with ease.

"Expelliarmus!" Sirius roared and deftly caught the wand that zoomed towards him. He quickly cast anti-Apparation and anti-Portkey wards. He bound the dying Dark Wizard with ropes and used the full Body-Bind Curse on him. Sirius decided to quickly warn James not to tell anything to any Order member, so he sent James a Patronus message. He still had some work to do here, and if he put his full concentration to the task ahead, he could finish it in a few minutes.

James had felt the hatred from the Killing Curse as he Apparated away to Grimmauld Place. One good thing about this place was that only Purebloods could enter this Mansion and James had a few doubts if Moldyshorts was really as 'Pure' as he claimed to be. He didn't know why Sirius had told him to come here, to the place he hated so much, but James reasoned that whatever it was, it was for a good reason. James smiled as he looked down at the bundle in his hands. As if it read James' mind, it started wailing. James looked at his worried wife and frowned.

"Lily-flower, don't worry," he said in a reassuring voice. "Sirius didn't become a top-notch Auror for nothing! He can handle Moldyshorts by himself!"

Lily looked at him with tears in her eyes. She leant into his shoulders and sobbed.

"The last time I saw Sirius, we'd fought. And yet he values our lives over his to help Harry in this way," she said, as he sobbed into his shoulder even more. "What if he doesn't survive, James? I didn't even get to say goodbye to the brother I've never had!" James comforted Lily as much as he could, but he couldn't stop worrying about Sirius' safety.

Suddenly, a white dog appeared and bounded joyfully next to James. "James, Lily," it said in Sirius' voice. "Don't worry about me. I'm safe, I've got Voldemort in my power and I plan to leave him to his death here. Don't tell any of the Order, or Dumbledore about the attack. Stay put, call for Regulus, and tell him what happened. It's okay, James. You can trust him. I'll be there in a few minutes." The Patronus faded away, and there was silence which was only broken by Lily's monotonus sobs of relief. James held Lily and Harry and contemplated on what to do. He'd search for Regulus, but for now, he was content with holding the family he loved.

Regulus Black was cursing his stupidity for joining the Dark Lord. It had been an honor at first, but as the time progressed, Regulus had found large loopholes in his Master's words. When he looked a bit further into the Dark Lord's birth, he found out that the Dark Lord was actually a Half-blood. Angry that he had believed a man's words blindly, he set about tearing apart his room. When he felt his anger somewhat subside, Regulus had visited the Hog's Head, where he'd run into his brother. Regulus was always following his brother around when they were little, but that had stopped after Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor. He missed his brother, but his parents had forbidden him to talk to the traitor. He still kept in touch with his brother over the years, but that had suddenly stopped when Regulus had joined the Dark Lord.

So when he saw his brother after all these years, and doubled with the strain of being frauded, he hugged his brother. Sirius was a bit surprised, but he hugged back his 'kid' brother, nonetheless. Regulus had confided to his brother the facts about Voldemort, and had promised Sirius to be a spy for the Light. That was on Halloween morning, just a few hours ago, and Sirius was on his way to meet his best friend.

Regulus had felt deep pain in his arm where he'd been branded with the Dark Mark, and he'd drawn back his robes to see the Mark. What he saw astonished him. The Dark Mark was slowly fading away! He looked on in amazement when he suddenly felt the wards announcing someone had Apparated into the building.

He grabbed his wand from the floor where he'd dropped it when the Mark had started burning, and made his way to the living room. He cast a Dis-Illusionment Charm on himself and walked quietly towards the door. He slowly pushed it open and kept to the shadows. He saw three people whom he recognized. Lord and Lady Potter and little Harry Potter. He watched as Lord Potter comforted his son and his wife. With a sinking feeling, he realized that the Dark Lord must have struck at the Potters' home in Godric's Hollow. He was even more horrified when he learned that Sirius was battling the Dark Lord. He was about to Apparate, when Sirius' Patronus came in and delivered it's message. He decided it was time to show himself.

"Welcome to Grimmauld Place, Lord Potter," he greeted, bowing to James and Lily. Lord Potter returned the honor by saluting him in return.

Greetings aside, Regulus asked worriedly if they were alright. When he got nods of conformation, he conjured two armchairs and guided Lord ad Lady Potter to the seats. He took Harry in his arms and called Kreature. When the elf appeared, Regulus handed Harry to the elf and directed it to put him to sleep in the Nursery. Once the elf was gone, he summoned a bottle of Firewhisky and poured them into three conjured glasses. He handed two of them to Lord and Lady Potter and took one for himself.

James took a sip and was about to speak, but Regulus raised his hand.

"We wait until my brother comes," he said calmly.

It was almost ten minutes later that Sirius showed up and he collapsed onto the nearest chair upon his return. Regulus conjured another glass and filled it with Firewhisky before handing it to his brother. Sirius took it thankfully and downed it in one shot.

"He was really angry," he stated as he looked at James. "I used Sectumsempra on him. Unfortunately, Voldemort had killed two elfs on his way inside. I transfigured them into looking like Lily and you, James." He held up his hand.

"Wait," he said. "I'll explain. When James went into hiding, I got the top post in the Auror department. While I was made the head, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones confided to me her suspicions on Dumbledore. After what she told me, I began keeping a close eye on him. He met Voldemort two to three times since you'd gone into hiding and although I couldn't hear the conversations, I assumed they must be pretty bad.

"I heard from various sources that Dumbledore had bribed the Goblins to block your wills once you'd died. When I checked into it, I found it to be true. But I was unable, I still am unable to frame a case against Dumbledore, because the Goblins absolutely refuse to be a witness as it would violate their Treaty with the wizards.

"I must also add that Dumbledore has found a large group of followers with his Order of the Phoenix. I think we must keep tabs on Dumbledore."

The others sat in shocked silence as they digested this information. They sat in silence until James broke it.

"What took you so long to get here then?" he asked Sirius. At this, the elder Black brother grinned and said mischeviously, "I might just have framed your deaths."

"Sirius!" Lily exclaimed. "Must you prank the entire Wizarding world?"

"Oh, it's all in the greater good," Sirius chuckled with a twinkle in eye.

"Oh go away, you old bugger," James said laughing.

"Well, I'd better call Remus over here quickly," Sirius said, standing up and moving over to the fireplace.

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