Chapter 9

Me and Kmart got along really well, we pretty much never left each other's sides. Carlos said we got along so well because we're so different and the same at the same time, which to me made no sense but he explained. He said that Kmart was the one that always spoke, that she liked lots of noise and being with lots of people where as I was the silent one. I liked the peace and quiet and just being able to say hardly anything to have people understand things. Which was true, but not completely.

Kmart is the one who liked people and liked being busy and I like being in the background and just being able to soak up everything that was happening at one moment, but Kmart hated when we fought the infected. She hated the fear of death but I loved it, the adrenaline rush you get from running or shoving your blade through something and feeling the blood rush down your hands. Man, that sounds highly like I'm a psychopath but the thing with it all is no matter what I'll protect the people that I care about. Which is one of the reasons me and Kmart along so well, we look out for each other.

We stayed in Minnesota for a while then on the edge of Wisconsin I ended up catching a bug. Not an insect bug but a virus bug, I didn't say virus to the others through, they might have shot me on the spot. I told Claire that wasn't feeling well and turns out I got stuck with a cold. It really sucked, even after the world has ended I still end up getting a cold. I got them all the time before the T-virus but in the past few years I didn't meet to many alive people so these things didn't happen often.

I was to stay in the back of mine, Kmart and Claire's hummer until it went, no one was aloud near me apart from Claire. Kmart had to stay with the other kids until I was better which made me sad.

I laid in the back seat, under my blanket holding Mr Pooh bear, while I sniffled ever three seconds. My head hurt like hell and I could barely speak because my throat was so sore. Claire was driving with the window open to get fresh air into the hummer, she was chatting on the radio to one of the other vehicles about something, I wasn't paying much attention. I wiped my nose with the edge of my sleeve and breathed heavily out of my mouth, my stomach flipped with each little bump in the road. I gently rubbed my stomach, taking deep breathed until I started to feel it rise up my throat.

"Fuck, Claire stop the car, I'm gonna be sick! I yelled as I bolted up right in my seat, my hand half covering my mouth.

Claire quickly pulled the hummer over to the side of the road and I leaped from it while the hummer was still moving slightly. I bent over while throwing up, my head throbbing as I leant against the side of the hummer. I heard Claire get out of the hummer, talking to the other, she told them to keep watch but not to get out.

She walked over to me and gently patted my back, "let it out, sweetie, let it all out" I shook slightly while I throw up, my hand gripping the hummer to keep me steady. I stood up straight Claire wiped my face with a cloth then throw it on the side of the road.

"litter bug" I said, my voice quiet.

"so sue me" she nudging me, I smiled, "you can be so sarcastic, sometimes" Claire chuckled "you've only just notice... come on let's get back in the hummer, this place is creeping me out"

I nodded and we both headed to the hummer, Claire getting in the front and me in the back.

"Alright everyone" Claire said into the radio, "let's get going again."

Kmart's voice came out of the radio "Claire is Fox alright?"

Claire passed the radio over to me "I'm alright Kmart" I said, my voice horsed.

"just need some fresh air" I lied slightly, Kmart's voice was full of worry and annoyance "don't lie," I sighed, "don't worry I'll be fine."

I past the radio back to Claire as she started to drive, the others following. Claire put the radio away and said to me "go back to sleep sweetie, I'll wake you when we stop" I nodded. I laid back down pulling the blanket over me, the hum of the engine helping me drift off to sleep.

I woke when the engine stopped, my headache was worst that I didn't bother to move at all, until someone shook my shoulder.

"Sweetie, we've stopped, I'm gonna check on everyone, alright?" Claire said softly, I grumbled.

She pulled my blanket over me more before she left, closing the door behind her. I searched for my teddy and laid on my back, sighing not finding it. I freed my arm from my blanket and searched the floor, I grabbed my teddy's arm and pulled it up to me, tucking it under my arm.

I tried to sleep again but the pain in my head kept me awake, I yawned, rubbing my eyes and ears, running my hand through my scruffy hair. At least the voice was being quiet, wasn't bothering me or anything. Probably would just make my head hurt more.

I waited until I heard the door open and close again and whispered "hi."

Claire felt my forehead "your still running a high tempuratre" I nodded tiredly as she moved her hand to my cheek "you feeling any better?" I shook my head.

She sighed softly, sitting in the front seat, I turned onto my side "how's everyone else?" I whispered before buried my face in my teddy.

Claire mumbled "everyone's alright… Kmart misses you, so do the others" I smirked.

We stayed silent for a while, until I spoke up "how come they can't visit me?" I asked innocently.

Claire moved about until her voice was louder slightly, probably shift to face me more, "because sweetie, we can't have the others getting sick as well, it's best we just wait this cold out."

I sighed and nodded, "then why are you in here? Aren't you afraid you'll catch my cold?" I said and sniffled, wiping my sleeve against my nose.

Claire chuckled "no, colds don't affect me, there too afraid to" I grinned as I heard the smile in her voice.

"Claire, how'd you get so good at taking care of people?" I asked curiously, "You're not going to turn into Kmart and ask me 20 questions are you?" I smirked and shook my head, "well when I was younger my older brother got colds a lot, I used to look after him when he did."

I smiled softly, "what happened to him?" Claire sighed sadly "he went into the army few years before infection and I didn't see him after that."

I frowned sadly. "You think he's still alive?" she sighed again "I'd like to think so."

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