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~Chapter 1-Just Another Day~

Gus stood outside the bathroom door in his bathrobe, his arms firmly crossed, as Tracy Beaker came running around the corner and skidded to a halt in front of him.
"Yes, Gus?" She sighed, leaning on the wall to get her breath back.
"Sapphire has been in the bathroom for exactly 8 minutes and 34 seconds. It is after supper, and I always have my bath after supper. I need to have my bath!" Gus stressed, and Tracy rolled her eyes. Gus would be terribly upset if his schedule got too messed up and she did not want that happening. So she turned to the door and banged on it, ignoring Sapphire's annoyed cries.
"Sapph get out of the bathroom, you've been in there too long!" there was no reply. "Sapphire!" Tracy yelled, leaning against the door just as Sapphire opened it and stalked out, half a face mask plastered on her face. Gus jumped up and rushed in, locking the door as he went.
"Sit outside Tracy!" He didn't forget to remind her.
"Alright, alright," Tracy sat down by the door, silently thanking Gus for the opportunity to relax for a while. It was one of those days in the dumping ground, the kids had running wild, at that moment she could hear Gina's mutters of frustration as she tried to coax Harry out from under the bushes in the garden - it was his bed time and he had been playing 'jungles' with Jeff, and wasn't so eager to stop. Thankfully things had calmed down now.

In another room Tee was helping Carmen decorate a picture of the three girls; Tee, Lily and Carmen. It would be for Lily's birthday, though her birthday was actually not close at all. Toby was reading his comic books, his eyes glued to the pages while Johnny pestered him about where he had left the TV remote. Liam and Frank were in Franks room, discussing a new buisness plan on how they could sell Liam's 'Liamade' which they still hadn't stopped from exploding once it had been made. All in all it was a normal day at Elm Tree House.

"There's a market down town tomorrow. How 'bout then?" Liam's eyes lit up as he remembered seeing the flyer on a lamppost, the words; 'Market on Saturday' in bright colours. It would be perfect, they could easily set up a stall and get some money. After all, along with their sob story and Frank's condition they were sure to bring in the bucks.
"Yeah, but we gotta make sure Tracy will let us out..." Frank replied, and the two boys cringed, remembering last week when an angry man had dragged them through the streets and back to the Dumping Ground because they had woken him up- they had been trying to sell the disgusting pizza Tracy had given them. It had gotten them in loads of trouble and resulted in them having to go around and give all the money back and apologise to every person they had scammed- shameful. They had also ended up with devil glares from Tracy the whole two days, as it was her first night there.
"Right. Better start buttering her up then mate!"

Tee carefully cut around a heart outline on the pink card she was holding. Next to her Carmen was sprinkling glitter onto the frame- pink glitter of course. They had been working in silence for a while, neither really having anything to say. Carmen still was missing Lily a lot, and Tee was doing her best, along with the other Dumping Ground kids to include her and make her feel better. But Tee still couldn't help feeling a little sad, Carmen and Lily were best friends, there was no room for her, and she knew that. But still, she had Johnny, right? It wasn't the same though. He was her brother, not her best friend. And until someone came along or room was made for her in Lily and Carmen's friendship, she would have to make do with just being friends with everyone. But at least she could enjoy having someone to be with instead of helping Johnny with the chores while watching Lily and Carmen have fun, or waiting until they invited her to join them.
"Are you sure she'll like this?" Carmen interrupted Tee's thoughts, her nose scrunched up as she looked at the photo. Tee nodded enthusiastically. "No i mean like... wouldn't it be better if it was just me and her, 'cos we're like best friends?"
A brief look of hurt passed over Tee's face for a moment, but she shook it off and gave a fake smile. "maybe," she said quickly, before feeling a surge of relief when she heard her brother calling her name. "I better go see what he wants," She said hastily and hurried out of the room, leaving a bewildered Carmen.

"Frank. Frank! FRANK!"
The 13 year-old boy stretched, yawning. He opened his eyes slowly and peered up at Liam, who was standing at the foot of the bed, about to throw a manchester united pillow at him. "C'mon, we've gotta get to the market so we can get selling!" Liam told him, before leaving the room. Frank rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock on the bedside table next to him. 9 O'clock. Damn it... he thought to himself. He'd been hoping to get a lie in, it was the weekend after all. Reluctantly, Frank got up and stumbled over to the cupboard to get changed. "The things I do for Liam." He grumbled to himself.

The boys trudged through the market, their eyes peeled for a space to put their Liamade. The cobble stone road was filled with little stalls selling things from pretty little trinkets, to fruit and vegetables, to bags and clothes. There was hardly any space at all! Liam frowned, noticing the only area available was pretty small, but it would have to do. He jogged over, Frank following.

As they set out their bottles, Frank noticed that market stall owners around them were giving the boys strange looks. He was about to point it out to Liam, but he was interupted. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya, I found out you need a license to 'ave a market stall... oh and we're s'posed to pay rent. So be ready to leg it if we have to Frankie-boy!" Liam hissed, a mischievous glint in his brown eyes. Frank face-palmed, his best friend was so unorganised.

"Why don't you just forge one? That's what I did." The boys looked up from their Liamade to see where the voice came from. A girl, with curly black hair was sitting sideways on her chair, an amused look on her tanned face. She was sitting at a table full of drawings, some of people and some of scenery and still life. Her hands were covered with black marks from the lead, and she held a half done sketch of the market.

"Eh, no point." Frank sighed. The girl shrugged and raised her eyebrows.

"I'm Leannabeth...but call me Leanna. I hate my full name." She said.

"Frank." Frank told her, smiling.

"The name's Liam." Liam said, giving a friendly nod. "Care for a cup of Liamade? It's only £3 a cup."