My Best Friend is a Thief

I wish it's not true about Maron, my best friend of my entire life

Is Kaitou Jeanne, my worst enemy of my entire life

As I wake up in agony, an evil looking angel begins to console me

About Maron deceiving me all this time

She said in her own words that I've been deceiving myself all this time

Possession over me really did light my fire of killing Jeanne

As she comes to the mountain I pointed the golden gun in contempt

What a stupid thing for her to say why did I wound her cheek

I also attacked Chiaki, the man whom I let Maron have

The reason is because he is in the way

Just then, Jeanne took my gun

But it doesn't stop

I looked at her in contempt-filled eyes and start slashing a sword like a madwoman

Chiaki attempts to interfere but I kicked him out

I laughed as if I enjoyed hurting him as to Jeanne

She asks me why I do hate her so much

I reply that inside, deep inside

She's laughing at me that I could not beat her

As she tries to look at me in her sad violet eyes

Saying we're best friends I point my sword to her

In rage and began swinging the hit with interference from Chiaki

He tries to tell me about what happened when Jeanne stole something

It nearly hit me with the revelation of demons

Until a yellow beam has almost hit me

It's the same angel who convinced me to get Maron back

Just as Jeanne is about to convince me who she is

I though she's telling me a lie

It almost freed me until the angel is telling me that she's lying

I was about to kill her in a rage

Until some stranger with demonic powers is trying to stop

The angel convinces me to kill him and Jeanne

The stranger triumphs over me and

Has freed me over my rage at Jeanne

I cried in remorse for what I did

I admitted to Jeanne that I'm so scared of

Her, as Maron, finding out I didn't have faith in myself

Hence this is the reason why I let Chiaki have her instead of me

As Jeanne said she always loved me, I cried in her knees

Only then I watched Maron having a talk with the stranger

Who has ascended into the sky

Now that I accepted the revelation

I want to help her

But she says it's best for me to stay out of this

I accepted this in an accepting tone

Of course I'll be waiting for her to come back