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Bella's POV

"So Bella, what's it to be? Deer or mountain lion?" I mutter to myself, wrinkling my nose as I searched the forest for at least a slightly appealing scent.

I hadn't drunk blood for three and a half months and had just begun to feel some vestiges of thirst so I'd decided it was time for a hunting trip. Only problem was, animal blood smelt and tasted disgusting, even if I could find my favourite animal - mountain lion.

Deigning so low to drink animal blood was way better than the alternative - human blood. Even though it smelt better than animal blood, although not by much, I refused to drink it - remembering how less than a year ago I'd been human.

Cue Bella Swan - the vegetarian vampire with morals. One of a kind. You know it's quite ironic really. Myth represents vampires as slaves to their bloodlust but all types of blood even human blood is unappealing. It's only after a few months of abstaining because of the horrendously awful taste that I feel the urge to drink some.

Hence why I was currently in the forest trying to decide between deer or mountain lion. I wasn't thirsty enough that one smelt particularly better than the other so I closed my eyes and made a snap decision.


It seemed like this particular forest had less mountain lions than most other forests I'd hunted in as well as less deer than usual, but the number of mountain lions were still lower than the deer. I was trying to keep the natural order of things.

Decision made I laughed in exhilaration as I sprinted towards where I could smell deer, the forest blurring past me. I loved being a vampire, drinking blood aside, purely because of this reason. I loved the feel of the ground pressing softly against my bare feet, of vines caressing the bottom of my legs. My dress was torn and frayed from the amount of times I'd run through the forest this way, but it didn't bother me.

My appearance, stunning as I'd become, didn't bother me either. I purely enjoyed the speed and strength that came with being a vampire.

I skidded to a halt as I came across a clearing full of deer grazing. I stayed motionless as I picked a deer. Usually I wasn't so picky, but I wanted the biggest animal so it'd be even longer before I'd have to feed.

I'd finally made up my mind and chosen the biggest doe in the clearing. Just when I'd started to focus on the scent, however unappealing, coming from the doe to try and convince myself to drink its blood, a pale blur flitted into the clearing and attacked the very doe I'd chosen as mine. I could only stare in shock at the pale blonde head that had grabbed my doe before an instinctive growl worked its way up my throat, surprising me so much I didn't follow my next urge in grabbing the newcomer and tossing them across the clearing. However my growl worked in distracting them from mauling my doe.

They raised their head and turned around so fast, I realised instantly they were a vampire. And male. He had handsome features, the typical vampire pale complexion, framed by hair so pale blonde it almost looked white. I noticed two things that shocked me simultaneously. One was that this vampire had blood around his mouth, he'd not just been mauling my doe, he'd been drinking its blood! Secondly, the vampire didn't have red, or even black, coloured eyes. His eyes were a shocking gold that complimented his hair perfectly. For a second I viewed him as humans would view him, an off-worldly beautiful golden angel.

I automatically shifted into a defensive crouch as I noticed the vampire's aggressive body language. He wiped the blood from his mouth as he stared intently at me. "This territory has been claimed. You are not to hunt here." He growls.

I back up a few paces to show him I'm not a threat. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." I say softly.

The vampire looks surprised for a brief instant but hastily composes a neutral expression. "The humans in this area are protected. Please let it be known to any vampires with you that they aren't to be harmed." He says quietly, brushing his pale blonde hair out of his face as the wind picked up.

My brown hair blew around my face as I answered. "I'm alone." I blurt out. "No-one else here except me."

The vampire goes rigid, staring at me in shock. I back up a couple more paces at his expression. "Are you okay?" I ask suddenly, politeness getting the better of me.

The vampire stares at me with his golden eyes, smelling the air. He frowns and instantly strides over to me, continually sniffing the air. I immediately drop into a defensive crouch.

"Don't come any closer." I hiss at him. He was a complete stranger and already he was trying to infringe on my personal space.

He stops instantly and his mouth drops open. "You are a vampire." He whispers.

I frown at him, wondering if he's lost his mind. "Of course I am." I mutter, straightening up. "I mean, look at me. Doesn't my appearance tell you I'm a vampire?"

The vampire blinks. "Yes of course. That's why I thought you were a vampire originally but…" He trails off thoughtfully.

"But what?" I ask sharply.

"What's your name?" He asks suddenly.

I couldn't see any harm in answering. "Bella." I say slowly.

"How old a vampire are you, Bella?" He asks instantly.

I frown as I answer but again I couldn't see the harm in answering. "Eight months. What is this, CV preparation?" I mutter.

His golden eyes widen, having heard my statement. I should have probably remembered that muttering around a vampire was a bad idea, but I was a little out of practice. "You're a newborn?" He questions, frowning at me.

"Yes." I say dryly. "Is that a problem?"

He frowns again. "But most newborns would have attacked me when I came into their personal space. You didn't. You just warned me not to come any closer." He whispers, awe evident on his face.

I fix him with a piercing gaze, wondering if it was possible for vampires to have mental conditions, this one was certainly acting strangely. Perhaps his eyes were such a peculiar colour because he was crazy. "I hissed at you, remember? That was warning enough." I remind him slowly.

"You're missing my point." He says quietly. "Newborns are governed by instinct and their instinctual reaction to what seems like an infringement on their personal space would be to attack. You didn't." He finishes, his expression one of awe.

"Carlisle. Have you finished hunting yet?" A male voice drawls before I can answer. "I'm bored, there's no bears and I want to go back to the house."

I instinctively turn on my heel and my jaw drops as I see a hulk of a male vampire standing there. He had dark brown curly hair and a totally cute, well defined face that instantly turned defensive when he saw me. His dominating and overly muscled mountainous figure tensed as he met my eyes. I noticed with some shock that they were the same lovely golden shade as the blonde vampire I'd been speaking to.

"What's going on here?" The newcomer asks, flexing his muscles whilst staring unflinchingly at me. "Ooh, vampire chick. Don't often come across those in these parts." He chuckles menacingly.

"Emmett, she's not a threat." The blonde vampire says quietly, staring at the muscled vampire.

The muscled vampire laughs, a loud booming laugh. "You have a tendency to trust people too much, Carlisle. I'll stay here on the defensive just in case." He says lightly, with an undercurrent of menace.

The blonde vampire sighs and I blink in irritation as the wind blows my hair into my face again. I push it out of my eyes only to see the dark-haired vampire staring at me in shock, his muscular figure tense. "I thought she was a vampire!" He booms. "She looks like one with the pale complexion and all!"

"She is a vampire Emmett!" The blonde vampire exclaims, grabbing the mountainous vampire's arm as he made an effort to move towards me.

The huge vampire freezes instantly. "But she smells like…" He starts, staring at me.

The blonde vampire interrupts. "I know." He says quietly. "But she's definitely a vampire. Her appearance proves that, as does her stillness."

I casually lift a lock of my hair and sniff it, wondering what on earth they were talking about. I was a vampire. "Excuse me!" I splutter. "I have no idea what you're on about but I don't smell like anything. I'm a vampire! Get over it already!" I growl, mostly at the menacing big vampire.

He doesn't growl back, only stares at me, his eyes wide. "Carlisle, this is strange." He mutters, shifting uncomfortably.

The blonde vampire releases his arm. "I know." Then he looks at me. "Bella, I haven't introduced us, have I? I'm Carlisle and this is my son, Emmett."

I stare at Carlisle in shock. "Your son?" I wondered why he wasn't calling him his creation.

"Yes, my son." Carlisle says quietly, smiling at Emmett. I frown and Carlisle smiles again at my expression. "Bella's eight months old Emmett." He says quietly, his eyes fixed on me.

Emmett's curly haired head whips round to stare at me. "You're a newborn!" He roars.

I don't flinch. "Yes. So?" I growl back.

"Impossible! You didn't attack me when I was quite obviously on the defensive, ready to attack you!" He says loudly. I got the feeling that loud was his normal voice setting.

"Why does everyone think I'm going to attack them just because I'm a newborn?" I yell back, matching Emmett's loud tone. "I may be a vampire but I'm not feral!" I take a deep breath, out of habit rather than necessity. "God, you are both actually crazy! Like father, like son, evidently!"

Emmett and Carlisle immediately tense, like they're expecting me to attack them. I glare at them in disgust. "Oh please." I mutter irritably, "I'm not going to attack you just because you've offended me! I actually have morals!" I growl.

There is silence and then Carlisle speaks. "Excuse me, what did you just say?" He asks, his voice stunned.

I roll my eyes and groan in exasperation. "You're a vampire Carlisle! There's no way in hell you didn't hear what I just said!"

"You have morals?" He asks again, his voice still stunned.

I sigh. "For god sake, should have known you'd react like this. The few vampires I've met all have. They can't understand why I don't drink human blood. Well I'm so sorry…" I babble. "But I have a respect for human life and I may be a vampire but it doesn't mean that I have to drink human blood to live, animal blood is good enough! And then, just when you choose a flipping animal to drink you…" I glare at Carlisle, "come along and steal it!"

Silence meets my outburst and then Carlisle blinks. "I don't believe it." He murmurs.

"Nor do I." Emmett says loudly, but his facial expression is one of disbelief.

"Who's your creator?" Carlisle asks immediately.

"Why do you want to know?" I growl back.

He doesn't blink. "I want to know how they got a newborn not to drink human blood. Newborns are uncontrollable for the first year – all they can think about is blood." He says quietly.

"Excuse me!" I growl so menacingly that Emmett steps forward so he's next to Carlisle, instinctively defending him. "My creator has nothing to do with the way I feed! In fact my creator is the total opposite to everything I am! As soon as I'd turned he tried to make me drink the blood of a human he'd just slaughtered right in front of me! When I refused he called me a freak and I soon left him! My aversion to human blood has nothing to do with my creator!" I growl again, increasingly pissed.

There's a brief shocked silence and then Carlisle speaks. "I'm sorry Bella. I can see I've offended you with my words." I relax my pose slightly. "It's just that I'm completely awed. I've never seen a newborn act the way you do." An amazed smile was beginning to form on his face.

"He's right you know." Emmett booms, but this time it doesn't sound threatening. "Most newborns when they are upset immediately attack but you haven't gone for his throat even once."

I glare at Emmett. "No I haven't! I don't want to hurt anyone unless they're a threat!" I growl and Emmett chuckles.

"Proves my point." He grins, his cheeks all dimples. If he wasn't so huge in the muscle department this vampire would be seriously cute.

"So you've been alone ever since you left your creator?" Carlisle questions.

I turn back to him. "I have. I've met a few other vampires on my travels and had some offers to join their covens but they all drank human blood and I knew instantly it wouldn't work. I crossed paths with my creator less than a month ago who pleaded with me to go back with him, but I refused." I tell Carlisle, unsure of why I was telling him this, regardless of his trustworthy face.

"Why?" Carlisle asks softly.

"Three reasons actually." I admit, caught up in his honest and earnest face. I made sure I deliberately kept my gaze on him and not on Emmett. "I knew he would be adamant that I drank human blood. Secondly, when he called me a freak it seriously offended me. I knew I was going to be a vampire before he turned me and when he called me that it seriously hurt. Then thirdly, the last reason. When I crossed paths with him he was with a blonde human female. He was looking at her in the same way he used to look at me when I was human and I suddenly realised that he had never loved me, regardless of his previous claims. We were all just pawns to him. He confirmed this when I refused to go back with him and he told me he would kill me next time we met." I say softly.

Carlisle looks aghast. "I'm sorry Bella." He whispers.

"Why didn't he just kill you there and then?" Emmett asks bluntly.

Carlisle glares at him. "Emmett!" He chastises.

"No it's okay Carlisle. It's a fair enough question." I turn to look at Emmett. "I think he was afraid of me. I still have my newborn strength so if it came to a fight he knew I could probably beat him and besides he had the human female to protect so…"

A phone rings suddenly interrupting my verbal thought flow. Carlisle looks apologetic as he delves into the pocket of his spotless jeans and pulls out a silver mobile phone. "Esme?" He asks, holding it to his ear.

I hear a soft female voice on the other end of the phone. "Carlisle! Are you with Emmett?"

"I am." Carlisle says quietly as Emmett rolls his eyes.

"Thank goodness! I got a little worried when Edward and Alice came back but not you two." The female says in relief.

"Where are Rosalie and Jasper?" Carlisle asks, frowning.

"In the garage, working on Rosalie's car." The female answers.

"Okay Esme. We'll be back soon. We just… hit a slight problem." Carlisle says.

"Are you okay?" The female, Esme, asks instantly.

"Yes it's nothing we can't handle. We'll be home soon. Love you." Carlisle says.

"Love you too." Esme says and I can hear reluctance in her voice.

Carlisle ends the call and puts the phone in his pocket, before turning to me. "I apologise." He says softly. "That was my wife Esme making sure I'm okay."

"You have a wife?" I ask softly, frowning at this unexpected fact. I didn't realise vampires married.

Carlisle nods. "Yes I do."

"I don't understand. You seem to be an actual family, not a coven." I mutter.

Carlisle bites his lip. "You wouldn't understand Bella because you've not experienced something like that. Normal covens can't form families because of their human blood diets. We abstain, therefore we have closer ties."

I gasp. "You don't drink human blood either?" I should have figured it out when I spotted him drinking the blood of my doe, but it'd been driven out of my mind by everything else.

"No. It's why our eyes are golden. Animal blood dilutes them." Carlisle smiles. "May I see your eyes?"

"Uh… sure." I frown. He steps closer, peering into my eyes before stepping back.

"Yes, you have some golden tinges to your irises. Obviously your eyes are still mostly red, although a lighter red than you would expect from a vampire of your age." He explains, before his gaze travels downwards. "Bella," he says softly, "have you been living wild all this time? You haven't changed your clothes have you?"

"Not since I was changed." I admit. "But I don't want to steal clothes off humans."

Carlisle smiles. "You don't have to come but I would feel more at ease if you would come to our house and stay for a few days. We'll give you clothes and a chance to socialise with some vampires the same as you." He offers hopefully.

"Of course I will." I smile back, saying the words before I can stop myself.

"Come on then. We better go. Esme will be worried." He grins, before flitting off.

I follow.

A/N - Bella is a vegetarian vampire - who doesn't like the taste of blood - human or otherwise. There's one major difference to other Bella vampire stories added to the ability to abstain from blood for months and not get weak. But don't worry, Edward will still be able to attack Bella over her scent like in the originals, even if she's a vampire. You'll learn how, soon :)

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