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I just wanted to start off quickly by saying that an entire chapter for an author's note is not my usual style and won't be a reoccurring thing but there's a few things I need to let my readers know.

So first, I just wanted to take a minute to both say hello and thank you to any new readers who have clicked on this story. WELCOME. If you are a new reader feel free to skip to my plot explanation below.

Older readers:
Okay guys, the rewrite I have spent an entire year on is FINALLY DONE! Yes :D !
I needed to do the rewrite as I had very visibly gotten to the point where I didn't know what direction to take my story in and I am very happy to say that rewriting this story has cured my case of writer's block.
I would like you to re-read my story from the very beginning as there are quite a few big changes and plenty of small ones. You may remember a character called Ami in the originals, who I have replaced. You may also notice that there is only thirty-five chapters as opposed to the forty there used to be. This is due to the character of Ami being replaced with a new character and a new story that fits better in with my storyline.
I have also edited out all of my A/N's at the start of each chapter. I promise to try and keep them down to a minimum.
I'm hoping you guys are as excited as I am and as always thank you

Plot: Bella is already a vampire when she meets Edward. This story will follow the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn mostly from vampire Bella's POV. The same events will happen, although some new stuff has been added and there are quite a few twists. I've tried to remain true to the characters, although for the purposes of my story I have added a few new characters. The only majorly changed character is Bella – I don't like weak characters and especially since Bella is a vampire, she does not need Edward to protect her.

Disclaimer: All characters and plots you recognise belong to the amazing Stephanie Meyer but the rest is mine

Please note that this story is a K+ rating but does contain some strong language.