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Edward's POV

Jacob took one look at the reawakening vampires, glanced briefly at Bella and turned to me, his eyes full of hate. I'm not sticking around to watch you get all swoony over Bella. Rot in hell. Without another thought he turned around and ran away from me as fast as possible.

"Edward?" I turn at the sound of my name to find it was Bella who had spoken.

I was slightly skeptical of Ami's abilities to wipe her memories, so I decided to tread carefully. "Yes Bella?" I question.

"What happened? Why were we all on the floor?" She asked, biting her full bottom lip.

I studied her carefully. She wasn't recoiling from me in horror. In fact, she was looking at me no different than usual. Did this mean that Ami truly had succeeded in wiping her memories and she remembered nothing of the disastrous marriage proposal? She shot me a quizzical look as I remained silent. Yes, she definitely didn't remember anything. "I'm not really at liberty to say Bella." I answer quietly.

Her eyes are full of surprise. "You're… not at liberty to say?"

"No." I say gently, aware that all the other vampires on the street are listening in.

"You know what happened to us and yet you cannot say?" She asks somewhat skeptically.

"I'm sorry Bella. You know I would tell you instantly if I could. I will explain it to you one day, just not now. Please, please accept that." I beg.

Bella doesn't look happy but accepts my request regardless. "Can you at least explain where Jacob is?" She asks quietly.

Now, that I could answer. "He went home." I inform her. "He needs some time to think." Okay, maybe that information wasn't strictly necessary but I couldn't resist. In a way I was happy that the mongrel was gone, but I was also aware that Bella somehow enjoyed his company.

A look of concern passed over her face. "Is he okay?" She asks anxiously.

Why is she so concerned about him? I ask myself silently. I force myself to smile at her. "He'll be fine." I say shortly.

"What's this danger you were so hellbent on protecting me from, Edward?" She asks after a moment's uncomfortable silence.

"Alice had a vision…" I begin quietly.

Alice clears her throat. "It might be best if we spoke about this back at our house, where we can be more comfortable. We're very exposed out here. In approximately ten minutes those clouds are going to clear and we're going to be standing here glistening like diamonds."

"Very good point." Carlisle agrees. "Let's head back."


It did not take us long to get home. Alice, Carlisle, myself and Bella were all sat in the lounge. The rest of the vampires were elsewhere.

We should not tell Bella about the pregnancy or marriage. Alice told me silently.

I nodded very slightly at her.

It did not take long for me to tell Bella a modified version of Alice's visions – of the blood, the Volutri and James, Victoria and Laurent (of which we know knew why they were in Bella's future visions). But something was bothering me, something was niggling at my consciousness, something to do with Alice's previous visions.

Bella looked taken aback. "And this was in my future?" She asks quietly, distracting me from my uneasiness.

"Yes." I say automatically, my mind still elsewhere.

"Well I don't understand why the Volutri would be in my future." She states. "But I bleed which might explain the blood, and James, Laurent and Victoria are self explanatory."

"But this was not a little bit of blood Bella." Alice says seriously. "It was like, a whole room full of blood. If it were human blood that human would almost certainly be dead."

"But I'm not human. So what would happen if I lost blood?" Bella queries.

Everyone naturally turns to look at Carlisle. He shakes his head slightly. "I do not know Bella." He says sincerely. "But with your permission I could conduct a few tests to find out about your biological properties."

"You mean like experiments?" Bella asks curiously.

"Just routine tests." Carlisle says quickly. "If you were comfortable with experiments such as seeing how your body would react to different things we could always proceed to that." Carlisle's mind was ablaze with all the possibilities. He'd always been one for new discoveries.

"I'd have to think about it." Bella says quietly.

"I understand." Carlisle says instantly. "It's completely up to you, of course."

Bella turns to look at me, presumably to gauge my reaction to her and Carlisle's conversation but I'm still distracted by my uneasiness.

And then, just like that, it clicks. The brown haired girl that Alice saw previously in her visions was Ami. Ami had been in Bella's future for a long time. Presumably, I would have married Bella at one point but Ami was pressing for me to propose to her within the next month. Why so soon? I needed to talk to Ami about this, but first I needed to talk to Jacob as he was the only one who knew about Ami's existence. Perhaps he could shed some light.

But he absolutely loathed me.

This was going to be fun.

I know this was a short chapter – it was mostly a filler chapter as I start to get back into the swing of things again. Whilst nothing much happened – it allows me to get all the characters to where I need them to be.

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