I Know Your Secret All Along

Just as my throat is about to get cut off by Jeanne

I showed her a picture and it's not just any picture

It's a picture of our friendship

A symbol of sharing our secrets when this photo is shown

Just then, Jeanne transforms back into Maron

Finally revealing her secret to me

However, I did not say anything about this and

Maron is bothered about it so she asks me if I'm mad

I replied that I wasn't mad about her being Jeanne

Just then, Maron is apologizing to me for not telling her secret

Thinking I'm surprised of this

It turns out I wasn't

It's because I knew she's Jeanne all along

My motive is to purposely losing to her so that my father

Will let me go of all this as I'm too young to be a police officer

I asked her one more secret

Does she have a crush on Chiaki?

Maron comes up with a reply that is not a good answer

Because she thinks that I have a crush on him

I comforted her to get him back

I see her going with a smile

While I think she's a troubled childhood friend