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Pairing: Kaito x Shinichi.

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Warning: shitty english, bit strong languages and yaoi (boy x boy)

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Medusa's eyes. Topaz, cold, staring. Just like it's name suggests, it just turns you to stone. His mouth curled up into a small laugh, though it never reached his eyes. How he hoped that these two little stones would turn KID to stone.

He sighed. It was late, Nakamori-keibu had been yelling at him again because he was 'in the way' and 'unnecessary'. The nineteen year old detective really wanted to tell him how HE wasn't the one who chased after a dummy last time. He already had a headache and the scolding he got didn't help.

"Kudo-kun? You okay?" the detective turned around to meet two brown eyes of his colleague.

"Ah...Hakuba...yes, I'm fine." he said. "How long before he comes?" The brown eyes stared at him for a moment then looked away to a pocket watch.

"2 minutes and 23.02 seconds to be exact." This time it was the blue eye's turn to stare. Shinichi decided to leave the topic about the other high school detective always knowing the exact time down to the hundredth of a second. He sighed again.

"Are you really feeling okay?" Hakuba asked again.

"I just have a little headache and Nakamori-keibu's lecture didn't help in any way." Shinichi said.

Hakuba chuckled. "I know how you must feel." His hands unconsciously reached for his cheecks, which were still red from Nakamori checking if he wasn't KID.

"Really that man needs to losen up a bit." Shinichi muttered. "Do you think his plan to protect the gems will work this time?"

Hakuba snorted. "It never has and probably never will." Shinchi had to agree with that one. "But it doesn't matter because I will catch that damned thief."

The blue eyed detective snorted inwardly. Hakuba was just to sure of himself from time to time.

"But seriously, does Nakamori-keibu really think that KID will fall for something that easy...again?" Hakuba asked to no one in particulary. The gems lay in a cube made of thick glass, pretty easy about ten policemen stood around it. They all wore the usual outfit but Shinichi knew there was a little extra beneath the jackets, he himself was given one.

"I don't want to have to take care of you afterwards!" Nakamori had said to him.

The plan was to let KID just grab the gems, because when he lifted the gems the buttons on which they laid down would be released and sleeping gas would fill the room. Of course Nakamori-keibu had given the policemen and the two high school detectives gas masks so that they wouldn't fall a sleep.

"1 minute." Hakuba said next to him. Shinichi looked up. Finally it would start, he really wanted to go home and get some sleep. The last few days he just had had to many cases.

"10 seconds...5 seconds...Now." And just after Hakuba said that the lights went out. Shinichi heard Nakamori-keibu yell. 'Get those lights back on! Now!' Soon a hissing sound could be heard from somewhere in the middle of the room. Someone let out a surprised squeak then followed by a lot of coughs and a little later a thud on the ground. The detective was blinded by the sudden light that filled the room when one of the policemen finally turned on the lights. In the middle of the room the glass cube was moved from it's place and the gems were gone. Next to the standard laid a white-cladded figure on the ground.

Oi oi oi, you can't be serious! He didn't fall for it, did he? Shinichi thought.

"It's KID!" Nakamori-keibu yelled. "Grab him quick!" The policemen snapped out of their confusion and disoriƫntation and dropped themselfs onto the still not moving figure of KID. Shinichi looked around.

It can't be! He won't fall for that kind of trap! He thought. He was just in time to see Nakamori-keibu slip out of the room. The detective knew the grin on the keibu's face all to well.

Damn that guy! He knew that the thief would see through that! Shinichi didn't even have to look to know that the one lying under the heap of policemen was Nakamori-keibu dressed up as KID. The young detective started running after KID, the real one.

"Oi, Kudo-kun? Where are you going?" Hakuba asked.

"I'm going after KID! Do you really think he didn't see through that?" Shinichi called out without turning around nor stopping. He dashed through the door just in time to see a white cape turn around the corner at the end of the hall.

"Shit." the detective said, he remembered that that was the way to the roof. Before the heist he had taken a little look around, had focused particulary on the fastest way to the roof.

After dashing through the hall and turning around the corner he could confirm that KID went to the roof. The door closed the minute the detective laid his blue, piercing eyes on it.

He opened the door cautiously, KID had a tendency to lat traps and Shinichi wasn't feeling like getting something slimy in his hair and on his new suit. Luckely, nothing happened.

"Hello there, Meitantei-kun. It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" KID said and bowed. His white cape flapping in the wind. "How's Ran-chan doing?"

"If you mean how she's doing after knowing what happened to me for the past two years then better than I had expected." Shinichi sighed. "She's still pissed and says that she needs time to process all of it. I don't know how long she'll need but for the past few weeks she hasn't spoken to that much." The detective walked towards the middle of the roof. KID stood on the edge, ready to flee when necessary.

"Yikes, that doesn't sound like much fun. Good luck." the thief said.

"Thanks. So how are you doing? Found what you're searching for?" Shinichi said focusing his eyes on the thief's face to try and notice even the slightest emotion crossing it, but the Poker Face never broke.

"Unfortunately not." KID said.

"You still don't want to share what it is you're searching for?" the blue eyed detective asked.

"I'll let you figure that one out." the thief said. "I'm sorry I have to stop our little game of cat and mouse so soon, but I have some things I need to attend to. Bye~!" KID swiftely jumped back and dissappeared over the edge.

"Wait!" Shinichi yelled but the thief was already gone.

"Damn you, KID." the detective muttered while walking away.


"Tadaima!" the blue eyed detective called out without bothering to hide the tiredness in his voice. It didn't matter, no one was going to say anything back anyway. Shinichi walked up the stairs and opened the door to the library. He threw some papers on his desk.

Really, why did that guy have to drop dead right in front of him? The heist ended around nine o'clock and he hoped he could get home without any troubles, but when he was almost one street away from his home some guy decided to get killed and Shinichi detective to the core just couldn't leave the case. After that he also just had to be taken to the station for his statement.

He looked at the clock hanging on the wall. 02:00 am. Darn it, tomorrow was saturday, so school wasn't the problem. Shinichi just didn't want to spend half of his day laying in bed.

Well, the faster he got to his bed the more sleep he got. He turned around and wanted to walk away when he noticed the open window. A little breeze played with the curtains.

That's strange. I thought those were closed just now. He shrugged and closed it. Then he turned around and almost jumped when he saw the white figure standing in the middle of the room.

"What the-! What the hell are you doing in my house!" Shinichi yelled.

"Just passing by~!" the white-claded thief said and grinned. It was hard to tell but Shinichi's eyes noticed something was off about that grin. It wasn't the usual KID-grin.

The detective sighed, he was to tired for this. "Please, not now. I want to go to bed and get some rest. I trust you know you're way to the door. Then if you don't mind, I'm going to sleep now." he said and walked away.

"No, wait!" KID grabbed Shinichi's wrist. The detective stopped and looked surprised at the thief. Said person quickely realised what he had done and his Poker Face came back.

"Ah, eh...sorry. It's nothing!" he smiled, let go and sat down on the couch. Shinichi tilted his head a bit to the side. KID was acting strange. The detective sat down on the couch as well.

"Is something wrong?" he asked cautiously. The thief looked at him through the corner of his eyes a bit before he threw his arms around the detective's neck. Said person stiffened at the sudden touch.

"Just let me hold you for a bit." the thief whispered. The bridge of his nose fitted perfectly in the crook of Shinichi's neck. The detective felt a small blush reach his cheecks. Then he relaxed and hesistantly put his arms around the thief.

They sat like that for a while before he felt a something cool slide down his neck. Water? Tears? Was the thief crying?

"Oi, are you-!" he slightly pulled the thief away, just enough to see KID grit his teeth and indeed tears also slid down his cheecks. Shinichi softened. This is not how he wanted to see the thief. The detective pulled him closer and and laid his head on the other's to try and comfort him.

None of them said anything, the library was quiet. Shinichi felt how KID's breath got a more regulat rhythm. He looked at the thief's face. His eyes were closed, he was asleep. Shinichi smiled softely then he felt his own eyes slowly closing.

One last thought crossed his mind before the detective himself fell asleep.

Really, a detective and a thief hugging each other while falling asleep. What kind of world do we live in?


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