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"Hey Kudo, mind if I crash over at your place? The last train to Osaka already left and I don't really have any other place to sleep at." Hattori asked Shinichi as they walked out of the building the FBI involved with the Shapeshifters used as headquarters. It was an old, abandoned building in the outskirts of Tokyo. At least that's what it looked like from the outside. In one of the rooms was a staircase leading down to the headquarters, with labs, training rooms and everything they need.

"Sure, Kaito probably wouldn't mind." Shinichi said as the two teens put on their helmets and the dark-skinned one started his motor. The vampire got on too and they drove off, back to the Kudo mansion. "He'll probably be pissed though." He said as they walked through the gates towards his front door.

"Why's that?" Hattori asked following him inside.

"I had promised to go to his heist, but because we had a lead I couldn't keep it. If he finds out it was false, well..." The vampire didn't finish his sentence, knowing he didn't even have to.

"Kudo, are you sure he's here tonight?" The werewolf looked around the house while Shinichi closed and locked the front door. His friend's comment made him still and look around too. He knew Kaito's heist was around nine o'clock so the thief should've been home either making some food or waiting for him to come back – meaning he would've been glomped as soon as he took one step inside of the house. But no one was inside the house. He couldn't hear anyone breathing, not even a heartbeat and it worried him.

"Maybe he's just at home. He probably guessed I wouldn't be home until late, so he thought it was better to go to his home." He said, but doubted it himself. Hattori hummed in agreement, though he too doubted this.

"Well, let's just go to bed. You can call him tomorrow." Shinichi nodded and showed Hattori to one of the guest rooms, before going towards his own. He didn't sleep that night though, mind filled with worry about where Kaito was and if he was safe. In the end he grabbed his phone.

Hey, how was the heist? Are you sleeping at home? He send the message then grabbed a book and read until morning.


"And?" Hattori asked as he walked inside the kitchen, looking at Kudo who sat in a chair staring at the table while his hand fumbled with his cell phone. Taking this as a bad sign the werewolf took the phone from his friend and called Kaito's number. It rang one time.

Two times.

Three times.



"Yo, this is Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinary! It seems that I'm not able to take the phone at the moment so leave a message after the beep~!" Hattori hung up before the beep sounded and looked at the vampire staring at his hand which had been holding the phone.

"How many times have you called?" Hattori asked.

"Seven times since six o'clock." Kudo said without looking away from his hand which had now found a pen to fumble with.

Hattori tsked. This didn't look good. Usually people would just think that they were busy with something or were away and had forgotten to charge their cell phone, but if your friends with Kudo Shinichi you know better – especially Hattori, who had stood by Shinichi's side through the whole BO-case.

"Come on." He said and dragged the detective out of the chair. "We're going to his house." The other complied without a word. Not even as they reached Kaito's house did he say anything and for some reason it worried Hattori more than the magician's safety.

He pushed the doorbell – maybe a little harder than necessary – and knocked five times before a woman opened the door. She was quite young and pretty and Hattori had to blink once since he hadn't expected a woman to open the door.

The woman looked at Kudo and her eyes widened. "Shinichi, what are you doing here?" The vampire didn't say anything, but let his eyes roam over the house.

Seeing that Kudo wasn't going to answer, Hattori decided he should. "Is Kuroba-kun here?" A frown spread over the woman's face and he couldn't help but notice the sudden worry that spread over her features.

"No, I thought he would be sleeping over at Shinichi's." Hattori closed his eyes, fearing the answer to his next question.

"He never came home last night? Not at all?" The dark-skinned teen opened his eyes to see the woman shake her head then turn towards Shinichi. Hattori followed her gaze and saw how the vampire was once again trying to call Kaito.

"He never called me nor did I see him after he left to go to Shinichi's." The vampire in question hung up the phone when it wasn't answered only to call again. Again no one picked up the phone on the other side. Shinichi kept calling until Hattori put his hand on the phone to stop him. He didn't look up, but kept staring at the display screen that had Kaito's name and number on it.

"He ain't gonna pick up, Kudo." Azure eyes closed at the words and Hattori turned back to the woman. "Do you know any other places where he could be? A safe house? Maybe a friend?" The woman shook her head warily, which triggered something in the back of his mind. He was about to question her when Shinichi beat him to it.

"Hattori knows about Kaito beind KID, Chikage." Something flashed in the mother's eyes that caught Hattori's attention. It was a look of caution that he'd only seen in Kaito's eyes when he found out the detective of the West knew about who he was. "I told him, it's okay. I know he won't tell anyone." Shinichi answered shortly. Giving Hattori one last wary glance Chikage turned back to the detective of the east, probably deciding that finding Kaito had the priority at the moment.

"I wouldn't know. To be honest, even though Kaito is a really sweet and charismatic boy, he doesn't have any true friends. Aoko was the only he ever had." The woman looked down, brows furrowing as she tried to think of any place. "Maybe, I something happened that made him sad or if he wanted to think he'd go to the graveyard. Aoko-chan's and Toichi's graves are there after all. You could take a look, but I'm not sure if he's there."

Shinichi nodded. "Thank you Chikage, I promise I'll find Kaito." And with that he ran out of the garden.

"Ah, Kudo!" Hattori called out, but the vampire had already disappeared. Sighing, the detective turned towards the woman one last time. "Well, I'll be going after him." He said. As he was about to run after his friend Chikage stopped him.

"Hattori-kun was it?" She asked and the dark-skinned teen nodded. The woman looked in his eyes, worry visible in them. "Listen, I don't think you should tell Shinichi this, but I think Kaito's in danger." She cut him off as he wanted to speak up. "Call it a mother's hunch, but if you know who Kaito is then you might be able to think of what kind of danger he could get himself into." Nodding, Hattori took off as well.

He didn't exactly know where he had to go, but Shinichi's scent was enough to lead him towards the graveyard. Arriving at his destination he found his best friend leaning against the gates. As he approached he didn't even have to get the other teen to explain what was wrong.

Kaito wasn't there.

Taking a deep breath he stepped forward. "Oi, come on. You can't give up now." He said, but Shinichi didn't react. "Maybe he just passed out in one of his safe houses or something."

"Even if he is in one of them, why would he pass out?" Shinichi gritted his teeth. "Something must have happened. Maybe Snake-"

"No way! Kudo, don't blame yourself! Snake doesn't know about the two of you, does he? What would he gain from taking Kaito?" Hattori cut the vampire off. Shinichi looked at him, eyes slightly wavering in fear.

"Snake has been trying to kill KID for years." This new revelation made the dark-skinned detective's eyes widen.

"What? So that means that Kaito has…" Shinichi nodded only. As Hattori let the new information progress in his mind, the vampire took a deep breath, trying to calm down from his panic attack.

"Alright, let's think. KID held his heist that much is certain since it was one the news this morning." Shinichi began, one hand reaching for his chin in an attempt to think better. His words shot Hattori out of his musings.

"Right, so that means Kuroba disappeared after stealing the gem last night." He continued, mind catching up with Shinichi's.

"What if Snake was there last night?" Shinichi asked hesitantly, knowing his friend would scold him, but he had to ask.

"Kudo, why do you keep thinking it was Snake?" Hattori sighed.

He looked at Shinichi, seeing the gears in his mind turning as he shook his head. "No…" He said softly, shaking his head. "No, it was Snake." Shinichi said, raising his head he looked at the Osakan. "Think about it Hattori. What if Snake really found out that Kaito was KID? That would mean they would investigate him to find out what the best time was to kill him. If they had followed him around they would have found out about the two of us. I mean, we've been meeting up as often as we can."

Hattori closed his eyes and sighed. "Yes, but then what? You're not the type of person who goes around trying to prove irrational explanations like this. So what kind of prove do you have?" He asked. Seeing the unwavering certainty in Shinichi's eyes made him believe the story more and more.

"The case, Hattori. Do you remember the case from last night?" The vampire asked, making the Osakan blink.

"Huh? Yeah, of course, but what about it? What does it have to do with this? It was a dead-e-…." He stopped, seeing the azure eyes waiting for him to put the pieces together. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was jealous that he hadn't seen it before. Even if the two of them were friends he still felt that rivalry they had had in the beginning and he always tried to solve cases before Shinichi did, but somehow the latter was always one step before him. "Kudo…..That would mean." He stammered, unable to get the right words.

"Yeah, since Kaito and I were together most of the time, Snake had to think of a way to separate us, since taking Kaito when I was around would only lead to a fight they wouldn't be able to win without some serious numbers. So if they gave us a false lead just before a heist, I wouldn't be able to participate in it, meaning Kaito would be alone afterwards." Just as Shinichi finished his sentence a shadow looming over them made them look up at the gates.

A rufous owl had flown over them and was now perched on top of the iron grate. It looked at them with its yellow eyes, head cocking left and right sometimes, directing the two detective's attentions to the letter in its beak. As soon as the animal had come, he left, letting go of the letter right in front of Shinichi.

Neither of them did or said anything for a few seconds. It was Hattori who reached down to pick up the white piece of paper. As he ripped the envelope open he looked at the neatly written text. Brown eyes scanned the words written on it quickly then the Osakan held it out to his friend.

"It's for you." He said shortly, both already having known that from the beginning. The vampire looked at it, not really wanting to know what it had to say. Taking a deep breath he took the letter out of the werewolf's hands and read.

Kudo Shinichi,

You know what I have and what I can do. Why don't we talk this out like men. You know where to find me.


"Who's Lion?" Hattori asked, knowing who it would be, but not understanding why he would know Shinichi. The detective in question didn't answer. He crumbled the letter in his hand and put it in his pocket as he turned away from his friend.

"Hattori, inform Jodie-sensei that they have Kaito. Get everyone ready and come to the Beika Cornicula Hotel." Shinichi said, not even looking at him as he put his hoodie on his head. Hattori shivered as he could feel the anger boiling up inside his friend's body.

Sighing he took a step forward and put a hand on the other's shoulder. "Kudo, don't do anything rash. Kaito is important, but your sanity is as well. Don't make this a bloodbath." Some of the tension he felt in the vampire's shoulders left and he felt the anger lessen.

A nod was the only answer he received before his friend took off.


It took Kaito a while before he understood why he wasn't able to see anything even though he had his eyes wide open. As he sat up from the painfully cold floor he tried to get at least a little look of the dark room. Looking around he saw a tiny stripe of light what seemed to seep out of a small crack underneath door. He crawled towards it, hands stuck out in front of him to prevent clashing into a wall of the kind.

As Kaito reached what indeed felt like a door he lowered himself to look through the crack. On the other side was a corridor that stretched out a long way back. He saw more doors on either side of the corridor until it turned around a corner about twenty feet away from his door. Just as he was studying the corner two people walked around it. A man wearing only black clothes and a girl around Kaito's own age, with brown hair and sea-green eyes walked towards his door.

The girl wore a simple outfit with pants and a loose shirt, both slightly dirtier here and there. Her way of walking was what interested Kaito though. It looked skittish as her eyes quickly moved around, looking as if she was searching for a way to escape. But she was also walking quite confident and unafraid of anything. The magician knew she was faking one of the two, he just couldn't judge which one that was.

They came closer until they finally stopped in front of his door. Backing off quickly Kaito heard the metal creek as it opened. Bright light shone through it, lighting up the room and finally enabling the magician to see where he was. The man in black sent him one glance then violently shoved the girl inside before closing the door. Both of them were completely silent for a few seconds. Kaito wasn't sure what he should do. Who was that girl? Why was she here? Or more importantly why was he and where was here? The girl was the first one to speak up.

"Uhm…hi!" She said, probably trying to sound friendly and cheerful even though her earlier composure didn't fit with that. Kaito looked at where he thought she was and saw a dark figure move around slightly. "Don't worry I can take care of the light." She said and the magician saw her standing up and walking towards the back of the room. "Let's see where did I put it?" She muttered and Kaito heard her pat the floor as she searched for the thing she wanted. All of a sudden another sound reached his ear. It sounded like a box of matches. "Ah there it is!" She said, cheeriness back in her voice. Not long after the light of a match filled the room as she lighted a candle.

She walked towards Kaito and put the candle between the two of them as she sat down in front of him. She grinned. "That's better, right?" The magician forcefully snapped himself out of his daze and smiled thankfully at her.

"Yes, it is. Thank you." The girl smiled brightly as he finally spoke. "My name is Kuroba Kaito, but you can just call me Kaito." The girl nodded.

"My name is Pan, Pan Willson." She said with another grin. Suddenly a memory shot back in the magician's head. He'd heard that name before hadn't he? And that grin…

"So, what do you have?" Shinichi asked.

Aya nodded, cheerful side gone as they got down to business. "Jodie-sensei looked it up and found this girl. Seemed like you were right about her being missing," She put a file on the table with a picture of a teenager. The girl had brown hair and sea-green eyes. She smiled broadly at the camera, but Shinichi couldn't shake the feeling of the sadness that lay beneath it, like she had seen much more of the world than you'd think at first. "Name; Pan Willson. Age; seventeen. Born; unknown. She seemed to have been a orphan when she was younger. Has been missing for almost a month now. To be exact the day you last saw her."

So she's the one who went missing a month ago. Kaito thought and wondered once again why she was here. "Pan-chan, where are we?" He asked.

The brunette looked at him, eyes searching through his. "You don't know? We're in the Cornix." When that didn't seem to ring any bells she explained further. "Lion's headquarters." The magician furrowed his eyebrows.

"Lion, who is that?" This seemed to confuse the girl.

"Lion is the big boss. The leader of the gang." She urged. Leader of what gang? The crows?

"You mean, he's Snake's boss." Pan nodded and the memories of last night returned.

"Ne, ne, so that is KID?" A child's voice asked, shooting him out of his musings. "He's all dressed in white, criminals are supposed to wear black, right? That way they'll be harder to find in the night." He slowly turned around to look at the three characters standing behind him. At the sight of their dark clothes he felt his muscles tense, body already preparing to flee if necessary. From what he could see one of them was a boy around the eight years old, holding the hand of a large, skinny man seemingly in his mid-thirties. On the other side of the boy stood a female, arms crossed over her chest and she seemed to pout under her hoodie.

Shivers went down his spine as he remembered the encounter with those lunatics. Or maybe….they hadn't been lunatics had they. They had been what he thought they were in the first place.

"Sorry, but Lion wants you captured." Kaito startled at the voice above him and just wanted to look at who had spoken and how they were able to be up there, when something tore his hang glider apart. As he fell down his body was still caught in the earlier attempt to turn around. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped as he saw the huge creature looming over him.

So they had taken him to this Lion? Or at least his lair? Why? If they were in league with Snake wouldn't they have just killed him? That's what they always tried at least. Snake. Spider. They wanted him dead, so why did they capture him this time?

"Kaito?" Pan's call shot him out of his musings. He shook his head and looked at her. Worried eyes looked at him as she talked. "I asked what you have done to them? Why did they capture you?" Kaito looked down at the candle.

"I don't know." He said, frowning. "I know why they would try to kill me, but why go through all the trouble of capturing me?" It just didn't make any sense. In the silence that reigned for a minute they heard footsteps coming closer to the door. They stopped in front of the metal thing and again Kaito heard the loud and almost painful squeaks as it was opened. Two men wearing nothing but black stood in the doorway.

"You, come here." One of them barked, pointing at Kaito. The magician sent a worried glance at Pan, who just looked warily at the two black-cladded men. Probably not really fond of waiting one of the two grabbed his shoulder roughly and dragged him out of the room.

The sudden light of the corridor blinded Kaito and he had trouble seeing anything as their captors brought them to another room, this one a lot bigger and luxurious. The magician felt his captor let go and push him away. He stumbled, disorientated by the light and fell on the floor. As he slowly got his sight back he heard a voice starting to speak.

"Welcome, Kuroba Kaito, or should I say Kaitou KID?" Kaito looked up at a man sitting on a huge settee. Blinking a few times he finally got his vision back and took a closer look at the man. He was around the late twenties. Grey stripes in his light-brownish hair showed he might be a lot older than he looked and his black eyes had a dull look. With his pale skin he looked really ill. His voice though, sounded nothing of the sort. It was firm and belonged to a man with a strong will.

Kaito wasn't really sure what he should say or do so he got on his knees and just looked at the man. Standing up would probably mean showing no respect – not that he deserved that, but it would probably result in him being thrown back on the ground – and staying on the ground would mean he surrendered to whatever that guy wanted from him – which he would never ever do! The almost-yet-not-entirely glare seemed to interest the man as he smirked in satisfaction.

"So you're the one who has been escaping Snake's grasp now, have you?" Kaito didn't answer. He just kept looking, letting the man decide the answer for himself. The man closed his eyes and leaned back in the settee. His movements weren't slow, but seemed cautious as if the man was afraid he would break if he did anything too fast. "My name is Lion. I'm the boss of the Cornix, the branch of the Syndicate you fought against for these past two years." He opened his eyes, looking straight into Kaito's. "You really look like your father do you know that?"

The magician's eyes narrowed warningly, making the man laugh. "Don't worry, don't worry! We won't kill you yet. First you have to do me one little favour then maybe I'll let you continue your live the way it was."

"Like hell you will." Kaito said, not believing a word that left Lion's mouth. "Whether or not I do this favour for you, you will kill me. I know too much. There's no way you can just let me go on." A smirk appeared on Lion's face.

"Oh but I promise you, you won't ever tell anything about us." Indigo eyes narrowing, Kaito didn't like this situation. Not one bit. He had no control at all in the situation, he didn't know what was going to happen and he couldn't change that anytime soon. He had to think of something. He mentally took a deep breath, trying to calm down so he could turn the situation around.

"Oh really? We'll see about that." He said, a challenging smirk playing on lips. He tried not to falter as the grin on Lion's face only spread further. The man switched his gaze towards somewhere in the back of the room. Kaito watched as he cocked his head quickly, giving a silent order. Quickly spinning around the magician was just in time to see a feathered limb moving quickly towards his head. It hit him just behind his ear. Pain shot through his neck and all the way down his back. Dizziness overcame him and it wasn't until his ears had stopped whizzing did he notice he'd fallen on the floor. The shoulder that had taken the fall started aching none soon after that realization.

He had just overcome the shock when some kind of claw bore into the soft flesh of his back. A quick look back showed a vulture sitting on top of him. He didn't have enough time to take a closer look though, as another claw grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled backwards, causing Kaito to look straight into black dull eyes. Lion was crouched down in front of him, his eyes slightly wide as if he was thinking really hard about something. The magician didn't know how he could've moved from the settee as fast as he had done, but the man did and as time passed by the leader seemed to come to suddenly shoot out of the train of thoughts.

One hand moving to Kaito's chin Lion smirked at him. "Right, Kaito-kun, we'll see." He lowered his face, causing the magician to feel his breath fan in his face. "In the meantime, be a good boy," he lowered even further and whispered in Kaito's ear, "…and scream."

A gunshot echoed through the hallways, followed by a scream of pure agony.


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