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Gray's POV

It all started that dreadful day…

"What now, Natsu?" I smirked, teasing him. "Have you gotten rid of that leech chick?"

Earlier that day, Natsu asked for my help to get rid of his ex-girlfriend who was frantically crazy over him, though I really don't understand what made her go crazy with an idiotic pink-haired moron with an 'oh! so NOT attractive' squinty eyes. Of course I didn't help him.

"You idiot! And you call yourself a friend?" he glared a dagger look at me. I really enjoy the sight of a pissed off Natsu. "Tch." He twitched, "Good thing Lucy lend me some help."

"Wow. That's something new…" I leaned my back on the couch and crossed my legs, "As far as I remember that girl never lend a helping hand…" I twitched the corner of my lips slightly.

Natsu smirked, "That only applies to you, punk! Lucy's my ever nice and kind friend." He said proudly, crossing his hands across his chest.

"The first line… seems right." I laughed. "Now you praise her like she's someone really nice, huh? How did she save you anyway?"

Natsu's head turned side to side and then lean his face closer to me before he spoke, "She told the leech I'm her boyfriend and asked her to back off…" He turned around and let his body collapse on the vacant space on the same couch I was seated, "Heh! That was fun… I felt sorry for the leech, she seemed to had gotten really jealous and insecure with Lucy." He narrated excitedly.

"I didn't know she could pull out some act like that." I raised my left brow, "And that's some clichéd move, why are you getting so excited anyway?"

"Hihihi…" he sniggered, "You should have seen it yourself, I, for a moment, even thought that what she was saying was real. Well, I wish it was real." He said, still grinning.

"Tch," I jerked my head, "Good luck, then. That girl's a major turn off in my point of view." I commented bitterly.

I really hate girls like Lucy… Or let me say, just Lucy alone, since I never met a girl like her anyway. She's too stubborn and conservative, two contradicting personalities in one body. How could that be possible? Our families were really close, I could say we all grew up together. Her elder brothers, Loke and Laxus are my best friends, we all went to the same school since elementary until college. I can't remember why exactly Lucy and I always clash into a fight every time we bump to each other, but we've been used to it. My brother, Lyon, however, is the closest to Lucy aside from the Dragneel's children, Erza and Natsu. Although Natsu and Lucy fight most of the time too, they always make up after… unlike us. Perhaps we're just born to be enemies.

"Who would want to listen to your point of view, anyway?" Natsu hissed, the sarcasm didn't go unnoticed.

"What the hell are you getting at?" I rolled my eyes quickly, then I remembered something, "Oh, by the way, will there be strippers later at Laxus' bachelor's party?" Yes, you heard that right… Laxus is going to tie the knot the day after tomorrow. How unfortunate for a man to tie a knot at 25? I really believe life starts at 30, but I guess he found the one in the Strauss' first daughter, Mirajane, she's another childhood friend of ours. Laxus is three years older than me, Natsu and Lucy. The three of us are of the same age, there I was again, bringing Lucy up. Even with just the blunt thought of her annoys me so much.

I thought I saw Natsu's eyes sparkled in excitement, but in a bad way, I was guessing he had planned to pull out some pranks again, maybe to Laxus… since he will be the man of the night. He put on a twisted smile and stood up, "You'll enjoy this night, Gray. I tell you. I'm off…" he said while walking away.

I wonder what's he up to this time? The last time he pulled some prank, Loke was the target. Loke thought he got one of his ex-girlfriends pregnant, without knowing Natsu was behind it. Natsu sent Loke life threatening letters saying that the girl will tell Mr. Heartfilia everything if he won't marry her, which scared Loke to death. Mr. Heartfilia was a very traditional man, so if he were to know of the matter, Loke will surely be forced to tie a knot to someone he doesn't even love. Loke finally resolved to running away to Joya, when he was about to ride the train, Natsu immediately revealed everything. Being the optimistic man Loke is, he just laughed it off and was so glad that none of it was true. I guess our bond was truly unbreakable.

The time passed by fast and before I realized it, it was almost time for me to go to the Heartfilia Residences for Laxus' party. I usually didn't attend parties, but this one was an exception. It was the last party my best friend, Laxus, would be single, so I obliged myself to go. And maybe another reason was I didn't want to miss the show Natsu would be pulling off.

I drove out towards the venue and went in, the maids insisted to usher me to the mini bar in the basement of the Heartfilia's mansion, but I declined. It was almost like my second home, so I had no problem with the directions. I was quite familiar with the place. As I walked in, I noticed Natsu and Lucy talking on the bar counter. I roamed my eyes on the whole room, and realized Lucy was the only girl.

"Gray!" Natsu yelled, as he waived his hand. I took that gesture as an invitation to come, I sat on the bar stool beside him.

"What do we have here? A LITTLE GIRL on a bachelors' party, huh?" I proclaimed sarcastically, eyes pierced to Lucy, emphasizing the 'little girl' part.

Lucy shrugged as she looked at me, raising her right eyebrow, "And you consider yourself a man, huh?" she said coldly.

I smirked, "Want to try me out? I'll prove you my manliness, I'm in the mood tonight… Just say please?" I voiced out seductively.

Her nose crinkled and grabbed a filled shot glass, then drank it in one shot gracefully, she looked back at me and twitched, "No, thanks. I'll have to refuse that. I do not find you attractive." She swung her seat now facing the bar, she shook her hand and smiled sweetly, "Another shot Bixlow, please?"

I caught a glimpse of Natsu who went unnoticed for a few moments, he was sitting in between us, and he was giggling like a total idiot. I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks, I swung my chair to face the bar, hoping Natsu didn't notice my reaction, and smoothly exclaimed to the bartender who was attending over to Lucy's drink and was sticking out his tongue like a total pervert, "The usual here, too."

"Tch, you guys never fail to make me laugh." Natsu managed to say in between his laughs.

"Shut up, Natsu. Your laugh annoys me…" Lucy whined emotionless, as she stirred her drink with a cherry.

"AYE!" Natsu sat upright with a straight face, "I'll keep quiet, alright."

The scene shocked me quite a bit. What are this two up to? I thought. Natsu glanced at me and signaled me to follow him or something, I just nodded without fully understanding what he meant. The pink haired boy stood up and tapped Lucy lightly in the shoulder, she slightly nodded in response without even looking at him. "I'll get back at you later, Luce."

I heard Bixlow playfully said flirty words to Lucy as he handed me my drink. "I admire your courage, Bixlow. Thanks." I told him as I followed Natsu who was headed to the couch and collapsed his body to sit, I sat down beside him carrying my drink. I sipped a little and looked at him curiously, "What was that all about? Is she on a PMS or something?"

"Don't bother her now, Gray…" Natsu said with a hint of seriousness on his voice. "She's been there drinking since this afternoon, it appears that a suitor she was entertaining for a while got tired of her or something like that?" he explained.

Oh, so that's why she's fiercer today, huh? More like on a PMS to me. "Told you, she's not a girlfriend material…" I remarked with a 'now do you believe me' look.

"She's not his girlfriend yet, how can you expect her to be the girlfriend material?" he growled in defense, thank goodness the music was so loud and the guys were all too occupied to pay attention to us. "Besides," he lowered his voice, "Loke had beaten the guy up pretty badly, making the poor boy shiver with just the sight of Lucy. When Lucy met the guy this morning after she saved me from that… Oh, that was a scary thought... yeah, where was I? She met the guy this morning only to find out he was beaten by Loke and he told her he didn't want anything to do with her anymore. Poor Lucy?"

"Overprotective, is he?" I snapped playfully, "Like Lucy never had someone touched her before?"

"Well, that's possible… Lucy never had a boyfriend before… Thanks to Laxus and Loke, adding your great brother and my 'oh so malicious' sister." He said in a matter of fact tone, my mouth fell agape. Why did it seem like I didn't know anything about Lucy at all? "With Laxus and Loke on the move, I could understand… But with Lyon and Erza? Maybe they're too fond of Lucy that much… My sister even treats her better than me. Maybe Lyon and Erza had a crush on Lucy? Or they just enjoy beating up other people? But why wouldn't they beat up those leeches and fan girls sticking around me? What do you think?"

"Tch. You're a guy Natsu, you can handle yourself… and what a way to over think things?" I crossed my arms and leaned my back more comfortably on the couch, "With Lyon, the crush thing is conceivable… But not with your sister, for pete's sake, Natsu? You should know her better than anyone?"

He let out a loud laugh, "I know, right? But Lucy knows her best…"

My ideal girlfriend is someone like Erza, if only she sees me as a man and not as a little brother, I would make a move on her. She's matured and resilient, totally the opposite of Lucy. Sometimes, I find myself comparing the two, weighing the pros and cons of having either of them as a girlfriend. It's not that I considered Lucy as a potential candidate, I just felt like doing it, because there's no woman alive deserving to be compared to Erza, well, except for that little girl. I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard Laxus' voice.

"For heaven's sake, Lucy? Stop drinking." Laxus demanded as he seemed to felt few people's eyes were directed on them.

Lucy tilted his head up to look at her brother, she stood up and grinned widely, "You guys did it again…" her voice was almost inaudible to where I was seated. She turned to face the Bixlow and raised her right hand, she was standing with instability. Now this is a show I must watch. "Give me a bottle of whisky right there, Bix…" she pointed at the alcohol stack. "…and I'm off."

I nudged Natsu excitedly as he drank the alcohol straight from its bottle. "Hnn?" he looked at me with question mark drawn on his face, not taking the mouth of the bottle from his lips.

I pointed at the bar counter and smiled. "Looks like the show's about to begin…"

I saw Bixlow threw a confused look at Laxus, "Enough Lucy." Laxus scratched his head, obviously annoyed but trying to calm the situation down.

Lucy gave Laxus the puppy eye look. I couldn't stop my laughter from emerging when I saw Laxus' reaction to this. He'll give up! Hahaha! I thought, and I was right. He did. It was Laxus who had lost, how pathetic? Maybe it was because of the fact I didn't have a sister that it made me look down on Loke and Laxus every time they lose their sanity in the presence of the evil Lucy, who I guess, would pass to be a really great actress.

Laxus let out a big sigh as he nodded to the Bixlow, confirming that he just go and give Lucy what she wants. I heard Bixlow commented, "This little lady right here always get what she wants, huh?" as he laughed.

Lucy jumped onto his brother and hugged him in appreciation. What a great drama queen? I gulped from my glass and finished it in one shot. Natsu stood up beside and stared at me, "I'll just bring Lucy to her room, I'll be back in a jiffy…" he took his first three steps forward and stopped again, "And oh Gray, I invited Jellal to come over, Erza's boyfriend." He leaned his face closer and whispered loudly, "He's bringing the strippers over." He winked, in which I find really gay of him.

I nodded in response as I wave my hand back and forth, telling him to go. Jellal, huh? I've heard of him from Erza herself, he was one tough and lucky guy I would admit. To be able to just talk to Erza takes too much courage because she was really intimidating. She acts like a boy, in fact, she's one of the boys. I was not exactly sure if that was the effect of her being the eldest child of the Dragneel's or because the boys outnumbered the girls in our group that she had adapted the same personality. Sometimes, I think she's being overprotective of Lucy because she's been frustrated at herself for not acting like a girl should be. Waaah. I'm bringing up Lucy again.

I snapped out of my thoughts and observed Natsu pull Lucy away from Laxus. "I'll take her to her room, Laxus." I heard Natsu proclaimed. "Besides, this is your night to enjoy… Don't worry about he–" It looked like Natsu was cut off as Laxus poked Natsu in full force with his fist on his head. Natsu swung in trance for a moment, before the swinging body of Lucy who was watching the two of them intently. When Natsu seemed to manage himself to snap out of shock, he rubbed his head with his hand and yelled at Laxus, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR, IDIOT?"

Laxus laughed loudly, gaining the attention of everybody inside the room. His expression then turned to serious as he glared to Natsu, "Don't you just dare take advantage of my sister, you punk… or you're so going to get it!"

"Hey, hey Lak – hiccup – shooosh!" Lucy intervened, waiving her hands to the air, she raised her right hand, gripping tightly on the bottle of whisky and was about to wrap it around Natsu's shoulder when…


"Aaaaaaaaaaaw!" Natsu screamed in pain as he rubbed both his hand into another sore spot. Poor Natsu? He got a perfect combo from those two. Lucy unintentionally hit his head with the bottle she was holding, well I would consider Natsu lucky since the said bottle didn't break into pieces. The blonde girl just blinked at him as he jumped up and down in discomfort. Laxus clutched his stomach as he hysterically laughed in the sight of the pathetic Natsu. Hilarity soon filled the whole room, yet Lucy, as if not fully understanding what she had done, just stood there in bewilderment, watching Natsu as if he was some kind of entertainment.

"I'm out of here…" Lucy took a step back, as she advance towards the door looking like she would fall any moment.

Natsu quickly followed her from behind and ran in front of her, he knelt down, the girl facing his back. "Piggy bank ride, Lucy?" he exclaimed cheerfully, still rubbing his head.

Lucy nodded in delight, "'kay!" she pumped her fist on the air and climb on Natsu's back.

"Natsu." Laxus called out, trying to stop himself from laughing. "Bring her to Loke's room. Loke's on his way home, he knows what to do with her, then you come back here immediately alright?"

Natsu, trying to balance himself with Lucy, stood up slowly and looked back at Laxus. "Aye sir!"

I watched them as they exited the room. I guess show's over. Lucy was really troublesome. But good thing she does it in the right place, though not always in the right time. Just then, Laxus walked towards me. "Hey man!" Laxus greeted.

"Hey. Finally tying the knot, eh?" I teased, then gestured to Bixlow for another glass of alcohol.

"You moron, try getting it yourself! I'm not a hired bar tender here!" I heard Bixlow yelled, as the real bartender entered the counter. Bixlow took a bottle of alcohol and threw it straight to me. PHEW! Good thing I'm a good catcher. I mouthed him a 'thanks'. His face showed annoyance, probably pissed off that I was able to catch the bottle.

Laxus smirked, "Seemed so." He grinned and then there was silence.

"What's up with Lucy acting like a spoiled brat again?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation alive.

"Ah. That…" he sighed, "Misunderstandings… Loke messed up again." He took a deep breath as he raised his half-filled glass and drank from it. "…and Lucy found out the wrong way."

I stared at him curiously but I didn't want to bring up suspicion, I always kept myself from asking anything if it's about Lucy. I pulled the cork out of the mouth of the bottle I was holding, "Speaking of which, where's Loke?" I asked, shaking off my curiosity.

He looked at his watch and smirked, "Might be on his way home by now, he's with Lyon." That didn't surprise me, "Today's just got to be a bloody day for that pathetic guy…" For a moment there, I thought I saw him displayed a sinister grin, looks like the pathetic guy deserves my pity. I wonder if Lucy will ever get a boyfriend, or even get married with these men around her.

I drank my bottle of wine hungrily, I didn't understand why but I somehow felt bad for Lucy, but she still annoys me. Just then, Jellal came over. "Hey, man! Congratulations!" Jellal greeted Laxus, as he lent his hand to the latter.

"Hey! Thanks." Laxus lend his hand back and shook it.

Jellal noticed me and nodded, "Hey, Gray." He smiled.

I smiled back, "What's up, Jellal? It's been a long time?" I jerked my head up and smiled evilly, "you brought the strippers?"

Laxus, upon hearing this, almost fell off his seat. He looked at us nervously, Jellal smiled, "Don't worry Laxus, you'll be able to handle my strippers… Trust me." He assured the blonde man.

Laxus smiled nervously, "Don't want you guys to ruin my wedding, this better be good."

"PARTY'S ON, FOLKS! Come on in, strippers!" Jellal screamed, his smile twisted just like how the smile of Natsu was this morning. Jellal's probably helping Natsu with his prank.

As the door opened with a loud kick, a smoke started to crawl in inside the room, the crowd roared as they wait for the strippers to come in. Then the music started, the door revealed a – waaaaah! What's this all about? – man in a lady nurse's uniform, the excitement died in the room, it was replaced by depressed sighs. It wasn't over yet, I tell you, then followed by another man in a lady cop's uniform, then another man dressed up as a maid, and a bunny, and a cat, and a tiger, and a lion. WILD! I was laughing my heart out as Laxus stared at them with shock. They were dancing seductively around us. The whole night was so hilarious.

When Natsu came back, he's already with Lyon, Loke came in late, probably he attended Lucy first. I found the sight of my pissed off friends, as men dressed like a woman seductively strip their clothes off maniacally in front of them, too fun to watch. I didn't even realized I had been drinking too much.

"You can sleep over in my room, Gray." Loke tapped my shoulder as my vision started to fail me.

I nodded in appreciation. "Thanks." I stood up, "Have fun here." I said, as I quiver while walking. I noticed the drunk Natsu stared at me excitedly, if my head was just clear I could've seen through that look, but luckily for him, my brain's not working properly due to the effect of alcohol.

I went straight to the second floor, trying to work my brain hard to figure out where the hell is Loke's room. Now that I notice it, all doors looked the same. So, leaving it to fate, I stirred the door knob of the nearest room I could reach, the room was dark, this must be Loke's room. I took off my shirt, then my pants and went straight on his bed. Smelled like lavender and alcohol, ah! Lucy was here a while ago, maybe that's why. I crawled under the blanket and felt a hot skin brushing against me. Must be Loke's girlfriend… He might have forgotten. Poor girl. And then, I fell asleep.


to be continued...