Chapter 3- Rescue

I sat miserably at my desk, waiting for Mr. Rodeo to come and conference with me.

This is so stupid. I thought to myself. I would rather be at playtime with the new girl then this.

I sighed angrily and got out my book called, K-9 Unit Dogs. I have always wanted to be a police dog, but I would have to wait 'till the end of the year to qualify.

I flipped to the chapter called, "Cookie." It was about a german shepherd that almost had a family have their dad/husband set the house on fire. But Cookie found the matches and the man, so the man was arrested, and the family was safe once again. I excitedly read the story, and then put the book away.

The next second the teacher came through the classroom doors.

"Hello there, Tramp" he said, sitting at his desk.

I just ignored him and slouched in my chair. "You've had quite the adventure." He said this in a sarcastic mood.

I just rolled my eyes. "It seems to me that you have broken quite a few windows, and you have ruined many other things in the process."

"You don't know that they were broken on purpose, Mr. Rodeo." I sat up in my chair.

The teacher leaned forward on his desk and looked me in the eyes. "What was the purpose, may I ask?"

I didn't answer.

"Talk, or be sent to Mr. Champ."


Mr. Rodeo just smiled. "What was this training for?"

My teacher knew the answer; he just wanted me to say it again, for his enjoyment.

"Police dogs, sir. I want to be a police dog in the K-9 unit, but I have to train. If I don't, I will never be myself again."

Mr. Rodeo turned his seat around. "What does breaking school property have to do with K-9 unit training?" he asked.

I just looked at the back of his seat. "If I want to break through boxes, windows, cars, and lots of other things, to find someone or something, I have to break through those materials to get good enough, so I can become a police dog."

"Well next time, break your own things, not school property."

I nodded. But I didn't mean it. If the school didn't want a bomb in it, then fine. Without the help of a police dog, the school will end in pieces.

The bell rang then rang for class, and I packed up my things.

I went to science, finding the new girl seated next to me.

I just rolled my eyes and sat down. I put my bag on the hanger underneath my desk, then waited for the teacher to get back from her conference.