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Chapter One-Dandelions Never Leave


Peeta had only been home about four months. At first I only saw him when he came over for diner every night, but now he comes for breakfast and stays till I fell asleep. I wish he would stay longer, but every time I ask him to he has the same reasons for why he should go home. But still, I ask every night, without fail.

We were on our same routine, we ate diner, provided by Greasy Sae, and had then we moved to the couch, to spend hours talking and occasionally giggling at something that had been said. In these hours spent with Peeta, I feel almost whole again. By eleven, I doze off, leaning against his shoulders. I feel him scope me up and take me to bed. I am remotely aware of him pressing his lips to my forehead, but this gesture wakes me up enough to grab his hand while he turns to leave.

"Stay with me." I mumble while I sit up and rub my eyes.


"I trust you."

"But how? How do you know I won't hurt you? I need to go home Katniss. Goodnight."

"No, Peeta." I've had it with this excuse, I know it's for my own good but I hate being alone and I love the protection his arms provides. "It's because your afraid of hurting me that I know you won't. Please stay." The last part of my rebut sounds more like a plea or a wine and that's what gets him to give in and sit on the edge of my bed, kicking off his shoes.

"Only till you fall asleep."

I won't argue with that until the next time he says it.

"Good enough." I say as I get out from under the covers, and press my lips to his. I know that this gesture is still dangerous, but since we've been home he has only kissed me willingly once. I feel his warmth and surprisingly he feels steady, he even places one of his hands on my cheek. But I pull back because I know his nightmares must be raging. I lay my hand down on his laps and close my eyes. He starts to play with my hair and a few minutes later he lets out a sigh. But it isn't one of his usual sighs, which signal him fighting his nightmares; it's a sigh of happiness. I haven't heard it since our last night on the beach together in the quarter quell. I open my eyes and study his face, he seems happy and content. I reach up and brush his cheek with my hands, and he smiles. But then, he takes on a look of confusion and I feel a round of Real or Not Real coming. The game doesn't bug me, because I know it helps bring Peeta even closer back to me, but sometimes it brings up rough memories that remind me of everything I've lost.

"In the Hunger Games, you kissed me just for the cameras. Real or not real?" Peeta asks.

"Real." I guiltily force myself to say. "but mainly in the first hunger games, and even in that one I…it's hard to explain. In the second one, it wasn't really for the cameras, I mean I wanted to kiss you. I wanted you to kiss me…I..I..can't explain it. I did kiss you for the cameras but-"

"Katniss stop, your confusing me even more. We have shared kisses that meant something to you before I was hijacked, Real or not real?"

"Real." I say, remembering the two and smiling.

"Good. I remember them too. Well I'm starting to at least. Go to sleep Katniss." He says as he takes my hand in his.

As I close my eyes and grab his hand tighter, the image of the dandelion appears in my mind. And I feel hope, hope for the future, and hope for Peeta. It is still sagged down by the memories of the games and Prim and all the people that I've lost, but the dandelion is bright and prominent, and I am holding on to it.

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