Mature themes and some adult language.

Mimi watched the fingers stroke across the keyboard, tapping away rhythmically. It was entrancing and totally boring. She had to find some way to entertain herself. Leaning over the screen of the yellow and white laptop, she chimed, "What you doing?" She was kind of curious, after all, why they were sat in this small bedroom and doing nothing interesting.

"Opening the digital gate for our picnic." Izzy didn't even look up from the screen. "There's an issue in establishing a proper connection. I think it's because of the ping."

Mimi had no idea what he was blabbering on about. It was time to have some fun.

"I know that, I meant what's going on in your head?" She giggled, sitting back on the grey carpet.

"Hardware…?" Izzy replied. He was oblivious.

"I'll make your ware hard." She lifted the laptop off him, placing it on the wooden desk behind his head, and sat on his knee. Playing with her hair, she laughed. "Is your disk floppy?" That was brilliant and she knew it.

"When are the others getting here?" He asked, his little voice breaking and cracking as if he was three years younger.

Mimi whispered as she leant in to his face, "I dunno… but we can have fun." She pressed her lips to his ear and breathed. "Just the two of us."

"No, Mimi, honestly!" Izzy protested, blushing.

Now was the time to speed up. "We've got time for a quick one, don't you think?" she winked, toying with her brown locks some more.

"I need a number one!" He reached for the white bedroom door but she slapped his hand down.

"I think I'm probably a ten but there's nothing wrong with settling." She placed her fingers under his chin abruptly and he flinched. Smiling, she lifted it slowly and licked the side of his neck, working her way up to his lips.

He pulled away as she bit him playfully and she smirked at his nervous laugh. "Is this really happening?"

Mimi remembered something he'd taught her before, maybe that type of stuff got him going. "Does the earth spin on its axis?" In his stupor caused by her fact, she locked lips with him. She felt him try to pull away but he was beginning to kiss back. It was working.

Pushing him onto his back, she lifted her pale blue skirt so she could straddle him and tore off the pale pink cardigan to reveal her white crop top beneath. She could feel his arousal beneath her, he had lost his say now. Running her fingers through his hair she kissed along his neck and then sat up, lifting his green t-shirt with her fingertips while stroking his abdomen. "Get 'em off!" she demanded.

She watched him struggle to take off his t-shirt and jeans, panicking all the while. "Faster, like the way you type…" she whispered, kissing his midriff. "Are you ready for it?"

"Wait, I don't think we should—!" he protested.

"Hey Mimi." She turned to see Tai in the doorway and pulled her cardigan back on.

"Izzy just lost a game of sex chicken, figures." Mimi composed herself, pulling her skirt back down. "At least you lasted until I took my top off; this was an embarrassing loss."

Tai looked at Izzy and then back at Mimi. "I think he might've won actually."

She turned to see Izzy blushing and then looked at the stain on Izzy's plain white boxers.

Izzy placed his hands over it and mumbled, "Sorry."

I hope that one was enjoyable :)