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Chapter seven

The sound of the boys woke me, for some reason they seemed louder than normal, the sound of there laugher was ear peircing to me, covering my ears i moaned as pain rippled through my body. As someone touched my head the pain soon stopped and it was soothed, looking up i met david's cold eyes, a look of understanding crossed his face.

Helping me to my feet david lead me to the main part of the cave, the rest of the boys looked up at me as the saw me come.

"How you doing", Dwayne asked.

"I feel like shit is it normal"

"Yeah that's normal, but looking like shit and smelling like shit aint", paul said then breaking into laughter with marko.

"Oh haha your so funny", i said closing my eyes.

My throat had a horrible burning feeling, like i had swallowd fire or somthing, i just wanted it to stop.

"Do you think you can handle the boardwalk", david asked

"Yeah i think i can"

"Okay then, boys let's go"

I could hear the wind like i never heard it before it was amazing, and the sound of the sea and how it looked was just breath taking.

We pulled the bikes up were the normal spot and just like those other nights they stared at me and the boys. Only the difference was i could hear there blood pushing through there bodies, it was like music that only i could hear and it made my body feel so good. David grabbed my arm.

"Just ignore it, push it down", he said taking my head into his hands.I nodded

"David, i can't do it any more please make it stop", i cried we had been at the boardwalk for over an hour and i couldn't take it any more.

Taking my hand we walked onto the beach with paul and marko, dwayne stayed behind to look after the bikes. David led me to a group of boys partying, we walked straight up to them.

"Heeyyy man whats up", one of the partying boys said

"Just looking for a sick party mate", paul said obiousley knowing how to speak with follow partiers.

"Well you have come to the right place", the partier said holding his arms out.

"AH man do you have any food am starving",paul said

"Nerrr we dont mate,sorry"

"Its okay we'll just have to eat you"

With that Paul, David and Marko vamped out, watching as they attacked was just amazing, the way the tore at thier necks and the red gooey blood just seemed to fill their mouth's. A changed took over me and i leped at one of the men that were trying to escape. My fangs sunk into his tender flesh the sweet blood filled my mouth and i drank trying to get every drop i i could get no more i droped the body looking up at the three pairs of eyes staring down at me.

"Welcome to the family"