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True Soulmates

Severus sighed, it had been a long time. A really long time to wait. Perhaps too long of a time.

But that wait would be over soon, just a few more hours.

Just a few more hours and his last soulmates would recognize him. He knew it as sure as he knew the blood that flowed through his veins, he knew it as sure as the sun rises in the morn and sets in the eve.

In the Wizard World, when a wizard or witch became 14, they will recognize their soulmates. The soulmates that are older than 14, if they have seen their counterpart, will already recognize said soulmate before the fated age of 14, though nothing can be said until their beloved soulmate reaches that fated age. True love cares not for numbers, some say that the number of soulmates can reach the number of stars in the sky. But Severus could care less for that. Severus' heart and soul belonged only to three others; equal, in everything, but only one would have the blessed gift of being the middle, the bearer, the only one to bear children.

A smile slipped across Severus' face as his memories brought him back to the first glimpse of his final two mates. It had been three years this day, at the Opening Feast


Severus sat at the head table. Another year, another routine. The same, every year. The new first years would walk through the double doors, faces plastered with awe. The sorting hat would sort them into their houses. These houses would be everything to them for the next seven years. Severus thought of the first years, the same every year. Most of them would be absolute disasters. Couldn´t follow rules or anything said by teachers. Severus sneered at that thought.

The door opened, the first years trotting in, the same expression of awe. Every year the same.

Or maybe not

Severus couldn't believe his eyes! He blinked; looking again. There they where. The last missing pieces to his puzzle. His soulmates.

He had waited for so long, yet here they were. First years, awe-struck by Hogwarts magic beauty. He couldn´t believe it. It took the years of Occlumancy and training to keep him from jumping and shouting his joy. He looked to his son, also a first year, had the boy recognized his other parents? Yes, yes he had. Severus had to talk to his other mate. Fast! And Albus, Albus, he must talk to Albus too.

A name, one of their names, Severus jerked his thoughts to their sorting. Gryffindor, one of his mates was the the other, oh the other was a Gryffindor too! The last part of the sorting was lost Severus; his thoughts surrounding his newfound mates and that he and his were finally complete. The feast had began, and everyone was eating what the house elves had cooked. It was delicious, yet for Severus, it was more so because now he felt complete, more complete than ever before.

[End Flashback]


Quirrell, that foul, pathetic, little parasite, came running into the Hall. Severus had a really bad feeling about him; just couldn´t place it. All thoughts on the feeling disaperated at the words that stuttered from the bastards lips. A troll, in the dungeons.

The students where sent back to their common rooms. Teachers were on their way to look for the troll.

When they found the troll, Severus felt felt as if his heart had stopped. What he saw was one of his worst nightmares come trues. His two young mates were in a fight with the troll! (Actually they had won, but non-the less, it was terrifying and Severus wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around his mates and never allow them to leave his arms). But he couldn't, because his mates didn't know what they meant to him and wouldn't until they were 14. Perhaps, it had been a good thing that Minerva had latched onto him in the search for the troll (something about tall, dark, and somewhat handsome men were always great shields?) and was there with him. She took care of the situation, asking for an explanation and even taking points from her own house. (But also giving points back sheer dumb luck, which defeated the purpose of taking points, but hey, who's complaining?) Though something with their story didn't settle right with Severus. But for now he would just let it be. Minerva had taken care of it and he was positive, that one day he would know, what really happened there.

[End Flashback]

Severus was nervous, which he hadn't been in a long time. But Severus felt he had good enough reason to be so. One of his younger mates was already 14, but his young love hadn't yet recognized the bond they shared. Maybe he had recognized them, but didn't show it? Severus couldn't tell, and that was one of the reasons why he was so nervous. More importantly though, Severus worried for their bond. The two of them would be difficult. There had been so many misunderstandings, and Severus felt that his young lovers probably would want nothing to do with him and their other mate. And it hurt, because is would either be all of them, or none of them together. And that would be horrible, terrifying. Like what would happen to their son? Magic has a funny sense of humor. His son was the son of all 4 of them, yet in a way, none of them. Magic had made them parents. Their son had been born from another's womb, yet the woman had been nothing to his son, no relation to him in anyway. Magic had given their son precious son to them, and just as easily take him away. Would his mates resent their son; love him and resent their mates; would they leave; would they die? Severus didn't know. But dreamed and hoped, even just for a chance for he and his other mate to prove their love and intentions to their youngest mates.

Severus looked over to the man sitting opposite from him. His long, blond hair lying perfectly around his head. Severus saw that his Adonis was deep in thought, most likely thinking about their situation. Lucius was the first mate Severus had recognized. At the time Lucius was already engaged to Narcissa. Both had known at that moment that there was 2 more to their puzzle and that they weren't complete. So they let things as it where at that time, the engagement and wedding, Severus' own life as a bachelor. But now Lucius was divorced, thank god! The woman had been worse than the offspring of a harpy and banshee (harpshees, horrible creatures really.) Thank deitys above that Lucius' parents had insisted on the divorce and search for their mates, and even going as far as to cut Narcissa from Alimony and any settlement pay after the lawyers found that not only the witch been cheating on Lucius, but the supposed spell injury that kept her from being able to work couldn't keep her from muggle belly dancing and boasting about it on a muggle blog (the fact she was using Muggle computers and muggle internet didn't help her case.) And, after learning that she had given birth to Draco, but wasn't in any way related to her had helped him.(All had been revealed through a quick parentnus spell in the courtroom.) Thinking of his son brought a smirk to Severus' face. Draco was very smart. Severus couldn't wait to see him. He had turned 14 during the holidays and his grandparents had taken him on vacation, and Severus and Lucius hadn´t seen him since then. Severus and Lucius couldn't wait to see him. Shaking himself from his thoughts, Severus turned his attention back to his stunning mate. What could the man be thinking about?

[Flashback Lucius]

He was sitting in his office, thoughts on his son. He hadn't seen Draco, not even for the boy's birthday; Draco was with his grandparents at the time. Lucius was glad, the tight connection that Draco and he had with Abraxas and Eleanor Malfoy was one that hadn't been there for a long time because of that harpy of an ex, (how he loathed her). But finally, thank God, his parents had seen right through her, and with a little help from Draco, and help from his mate, his parents had helped him to divorce the bitch. The day he won the court case was the day he took the first step to rebuilding the connection he had once had with his parents. He told them everything, including about his soulmates; that he had found one of his 3 soulmates long ago but that the others had yet to be found. His parents supported him, and Lucius was happy.

The blond Adonis brought his thoughts back to the reports he was supposed to be reading. As Lucius read through one of the documents; dicta-quill making notes in the margin; the fireplace came to life. In the flickering flames he saw the faces of Severus and Draco. He placed the report down, making his way to the fireplace, confusion and worry carefully masked. But the words that flowed from Severus' mouth shattered that mask and confusion

"We've found them"

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