Chapter 9:

Title: True Soulmates:Chapter 9

Author: Joytiger

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Halloween, the day of hyperactive children, mystery, excitement. The day that the champions would be chosen. The students, both foreign and domestic, set together in tension, all eyes glued to the Goblet, waiting for evening, when the champions would be chosen.

Evening. The students were seated at the edges of their seats. Albus Dumbledore and the other headmasters stood upon the raised dais with the Games' Officials. Dumbledore, being headmaster of the host school, preformed the ritual that awoke the vibrant goblet from blue flame to red. A tiny slip of paper flew from the goblet into the outstretch hand of the ancient headmaster.

"Viktor Krum." Viktor strode to Albus to the sound cheering students. The Bulgarian reached the ancient Englishman, gripping the old mans frail looking hand in customary congratulations, before giving a salute to his comrades from the east, and disappearing into a side room. The goblet acted again.

"Fleur Delacour." Fleur smirked; the half-Veela practically floating to the dais where Albus stood. She extended her hand, allowing the man to place a kiss to the air above it, a sign of the chivalric ideas still attached to the magical society. She too retreated to the offset room. Another paper fled the goblet, finding refuge in the out-stretched hand of Albus Dumbledore.

"Cedric Diggory." Cheers erupted from the Hogwarts along side the polite applause of the foreign visitors; the Hufflepuffs practically orgasmic in their seats at the fact one of their own was the chosen. Cedric grinned, making his way up to shake Headmaster Dumbledore's hand, following the other champions' path into the side room.

And then the unthinkable happened.

The Goblet once more released a tiny slip of parchment, with two little names.

"Harry Potter." Gasps littered through the Great Hall. Dumbledore demanded again," Harry Potter!" Harry tried to slink down in to his seat and hide. "Harry Potter!" Albus shouted. Hermione nudged Harry

"Harry, go!" Harry remained in a daze." Harry, you have to go!" Hermione pushed Harry from his seat and in the direction of the Headmaster. Harry stumbled from his place in a fearful daze, the Great Hall, silent. Harry entered the room where Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory had disappeared too. The three looked at him questioningly, demanding to know if they were being summoned. Harry didn't get the chance to answer.

A few moments later an outraged Albus Dumbledore banged into the room, gripping Harry's shoulders viciously, and demanding from him in a quick, snipping voice

"What did you do, boy? How did you get your name into the goblet and what did you do to it to spill out four champions?" Harry was shaking,

"I haven't done anything, I swear" He answered. "I swear! I didn't do it. I don't even know how!" Harry was close to tears.

"O' course ze boy es lying!" Olympe Maxime snipped.

"I want Durmstang to have a second champion as well" Igor Karkaroff interjected. Severus sneered, having just walked in, his hand itching for his wand.

"Oh yes, indeed, a fourteen year old muggle raised boy managed to trick an ancient magical artifact when not even the great Albus Dumbledore could." Albus sighed at the sarcastic comment.

"Of course, you are right Severus." Neither Maxime nor Karkaroff could say anything against that.

"I don't want to take part in this" Harry spoke softly. "You know I don't like being in the focus of that kind of attention. So if it is alright, I would rather not participate in the tournament." Harry looked desperate.

"It´s your decision Barty" Albus spoke.

"As the name was put into the goblet, a contract was formed. You have to participate Mr. Potter." Crouch replied in his nasally voice.

"But I didn't put my name into it, I didn't even want my name to be in it! Shouldn't the contract be with the person who put the name in the goblet?" Harry inquired, desperate for the answer to be positive.

"I´m afraid not. The contract is between the goblet and the name on the paper in the goblet, not the person who put the name into it."

Harry looked lost, the world crumbling around him. He had no choice, No fucking choice.


"Well know, the first task will be on the 24th of November. Be prepared." Albus stated, his attention on the Champions.

"Since I am certain you all wish to celebrate with your friends, you are dismissed." With that, the four champions of the Triwizard Tournament, left.


As fast as he could, Harry made his way to the dungeons. He needed his mates and his son. He needed his family. He arrived at the portrait to the quarters, muttering the password, slipping through the opening. His emerald took in the sight of the ocuppants of the room without really seeing them; Ron, Draco, Hermione, Neville, Theodore (who, it turned out, lived next door to Neville since they were children) and Blaise.

Harry entered the quarters, barely hanging on. Harry was this close to shattering, but he had to be strong, he had to deal with it. He startled as he felt arms wrap around him, strong arms belonging to a freckled faced ginger. Ron. His mind whispered as Harry felt the arms tighten around him.

"I don't want this! I swear, I didn't put my name in it nor did I ask someone to put it in it or anything else. I swear! I didn't do it, I didn't do it." Harry sobbed, feeling as if the world was falling apart around him.

"It´s okay Harry, I believe you. Its okay." And Ron did. This was Harry. Harry, the little boy who shared candy from the trolly with him the first time they met. Harry, who battled all odds with no thought to his own safety, just that somebody else needed help. Harry, who shied from crowds. Harry, who blushed at the mention of his name in others conversation. This was Harry, who wouldn't dare put his name in the tournament, his Harry.

Well, not just his.

Ron reluctantly released Harry, standing protectively as Draco flung his arms around Harry, clinging to the bespectacled boy.

"It'll be okay Mum, you don't have to do it alone. We got you." Ron gently maneuvered (being taller and buffer than both his son and younger mate) the duo onto the couch, Harry still crying, and Draco still clinging, and Ron perched on the arm rest, standing guard.

It was to this sight Severus and Lucius entered upon. In a few strides they were at the couch. Harry looked at them, with tears streaking his face and flooding his emerald eyes;

"I didn't put my name into it. I swear! I don't want to take part in that tournament. I don't want to. Please don't hate me!" Harry sobbed harder. Draco gripped Harry even tighter. Severus and Lucius had pain written on their faces. All they wanted was to take their mate into their arms and comfort him. But, at the moment, that was Draco's privilege. Severus cleared his throat

"We believe you Harry, we do. And we don't hate you."

"Yes, we know that you don't want to be in the middle of attention of the public. And we could never hate you." Lucius slowly lay a hand on Harry's arm in a sign of comfort, Severus repeating the action on Harry's back.


After twenty minutes Harry had finally calmed enough to speak with the occupants of the room. He released Draco, but remained close to him, still in contact at their legs. He sighed.

"What am I to do now?" he questioned softly, looking down at his hands. Severus looked intently at Harry;

"We WILL get through this." Emerald orbs flickered up to stare into Severus' eyes. In their obsidian depths, he saw only sincerity and honesty...belonging...home. His gaze shifted then to Lucius, then Ron. Draco lays an arm around Harry shoulders;

"We'll help you. We're a family and we'll make it through this tournament as a family." Harry sniffled and nodded. He had his family with him. And even if nothing went right, he knew he would be okay. Because, for the first time in his life, he wasn't alone.


Harry glanced to his friends, who were attempting to look as if they weren't in the room and hadn't invaded upon the family moment.

He nodded to them. They would do it together, he had their support and their help. He could live through the tournament with that.


After Harry relaxed the group began to talk.

"Did they tell you anything yet? What to expect?" Theodore questioned. Harry shook his head.

"No, they just told us the date at which the first task will take place and that we must succeed to get to the next task. And to be pre8pared, but as to what we need to be prepared for? They didn't say."

"In due time, we will figure it out." Lucius began, "Only the Game Officials know exactly what to expect. Which means every other Champion is in the same position."


They spoke of inconsequential things until Severus caught a glance of the clock.

"It is almost curfew, you should head back to your dorms. Just relax, we will see what will come. Until then have a good night." Everyone except Ron, Harry and Draco stood, bidding their goodbyes. They left, leaving the mates and their son behind in the dungeons.


Harry looked to his family, the feeling of belonging overflowing; but Severus was right,

"We should head back as well. Good night." He then did something unexpected, he hugged first Severus and then Lucius. Both men were ecstatic, huge smiles adorning their faces. Harry proceeded to hug Draco tightly while Ron, like Harry, hugged Severus and Lucius and after that Draco. Harry and Ron left the room, making their way to the Gryffindor Dorm in silence.


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