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"I don't care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong!"

Stop them. Please stop the memories of what I have done. Please, someone, stop the memories of those I have lost.

For once, I would like to completely forget their names and to forget the almost crippling guilt that plagues my memories of them.

"No one should have that much power."


And to forget the actions that were the cause of their deaths. Specifically, my own actions.

Even though it was two years since the events at Bowie Base One, I still feel guilt at what I had briefly become. Guilt and shame because it was only until Adelaide Brooke killed herself that I realized I had gone too far.

"I'm the winner. The Time Lord Victorious."

"And there's no one to stop you."


"This is wrong, Doctor. I don't care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong!"

"That's for me to decide."

But Adelaide's voice keeps repeating in my mind, telling me what I refused to listen to. I had known she was right, but I didn't want to listen.

Please, someone, make it stop. . .


The Doctor opened his eyes slowly and waited a moment as they focused on the person leaning over him. He, also, faintly became aware of the sticky sensation of sweat in the various stages of drying on his face and neck. "Amy?" he rasped, his throat dry.

"You had us worried for a bit," Amy said, as she handed him a cup of water. "Thankfully, between the TARDIS, River, Rory, and myself we managed to get you well enough for your fever to break."

The Doctor managed to prop himself up and drink the water as he remembered the dreams he had. Rather, the memory of what had happened on Mars. Of what he had done.

"Doctor?" Amy asked, a bit hesitantly, snapping the Doctor back to the present. "While you were resting, you were talking. You kept saying, 'Adelaide.' Who is she?"

The Doctor hesitated. "She was… brilliant. And right." He faintly smiled at Amy and changed the subject before she could ask more questions.

He put the memories away, but he didn't forget. He never forgot.


A/N: I had started to write this the day after I saw Waters of Mars and I after I had seen End of Time. Even though, EoT was more dramatic and really dark, I could only focus on how dark the Doctor became in WoM. I hope you liked it. :)