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There is no "THE LOST HERO", but it has "THE LOST HERO"'s characters. (Piper, Jason, Leo.)

Everyone who was dead is alive. (Except for Luke. Luke's dead.)

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Chapter 1

Aphrodite's POV

So, it all started when just little innocent me was cleaning out my cupboard of love magic, love potions, etc., etc., when I came across certain pink and yellow magic looking dust in a tiny glass vial. It was sitting in the far right corner of the top shelf, covered in dust. It stood out against everything else despite how small it was. I couldn't remember what it was, and I didn't really feel like doing the research, so I decided to get one of my children at Camp Half-Blood to do it for me. Besides, it was almost time for my spa appoint.

Which reminds me, I have to persuade Athena to get a makeover! Jeez, she's getting bags under her eyes with all the stress from her battle planning and non-sense…

Sorry, back to the big picture. Wait, what was the big picture again? Oh, this may take awhile.

Annabeth's POV

Today was really hot during today's camp activities, so I got sweaty. Especially during last period in sword fighting. Some children of Aphrodite were at sword fighting with me, Percy and Jason. They were begging us to go back to our cabins to change and shower, but we kept refusing, the day was almost done anyways.

"We won't talk in text for like, an hour!" They kept bribing us. That was tempting, but we shook our heads. "Fine, a WHOLE day! And if we break our promise, we have to pay you 15 drachmas!" At that, my head shot up. I stared at them to see if they were serious. They were. A humorous smile slowly spread across my face.

"Okay," I said, "It's a deal." They all sighed in relief. Percy and Jason kept refusing though. Nothing will get them to stop sword fighting.

I said bye to them and told Percy to meet me down by the lake 15 minutes before dinner. There was something I really needed to tell him.


I ran over to the Athena cabin to get toiletries for a shower. I passed Piper on my way there and it turned out the same situation happened to her with her other siblings at the lava wall, and she was heading for the showers as well. I decided to wait for her in her cabin as she got her things so we could go together. As she was fishing through her dresser for fresh clothes and toiletries, a bright white light came from behind us. Instincts took over our minds and we both pulled out our knives and turned around ready to fight.

"Whoa honey! I'm not that terrible of a mother, am I?" I noticed that it was Aphrodite, so we quickly dropped both our daggers on the floor with a loud clatter, bowed, and we started rambling out apologies.

"I'm so sorry Mom, its instincts!", to "I'm terribly sorry!", to "Please forgive us!", etc., etc.

Aphrodite let out a little giggle "It's alright sweeties. I came here to ask a question."

We rose from our bows and stared at her quizzically.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yes yes, everything is fine," She said, waving her hand dismissively, "But do you think you could figure out what this is?"

She pulled out a very small vial of pink and yellow glitter inside with a cork sealing the top; and gave it to Piper. She inspected it; she even took off the cork and wafted the smell.

Suddenly, Drew opened the door. That wasn't bad, but when Drew opened the door, she opened it so fast and wide that it hit Piper and she fell backwards, the pink and yellow dust flying out of the vial and in the air. Sadly, I was behind her. So, when Piper flew backwards, I gasped. Bad mistake. When I gasped, I inhaled the 'dust' that was in the air and I could feel them trickle down my throat. The power in that dust stuff was so powerful, that a blanket of darkness slowly covered my eyes and I felt myself crumble to the ground…

Aphrodite's POV

The second I saw the door opening, I just had a feeling something bad was about to happen. I was right.

When my daughter opened the door, she knocked down Piper who was holding the vial of unknown magic dust with the cork off, and as Piper fell, the dust flew in the air over top of Annabeth. Piper fell hard, but she seemed all right.

Annabeth on the other hand, gasped at the fact that Piper fell, but as she gasped, she inhaled a lot of the dusty stuff. She had a blank expression that made me scared.

"Are you alright daughter of Athena?" I asked skeptically. She wasn't answering which made me think that she was in some type of coma or something. Well, this isn't going to turn out well.

I was panicking. A goddess doesn't panic! She makes other people panic!

I looked up from the daughter of Athena to where Drew was. She looked shocked.

"Uh," She began. "Oops?" Wow, very intelligent. Not even a 'hello' to her wonderful mother? Someone's got to teach her some manners. I know that for mortals, the mother should, but I'm not around to watch if her elbows were on the table, chew with her mouth closed, etc.!

Sorry, off topic.

"Well 'hello' to you to daughter! Go get Chiron! He'll know what to do!" Drew ran out as fast as she could (which mind you, isn't really fast). I turned to Piper; who was leaning over Annabeth, trying to break her trance. "Piper," Her head shot up. "You, or SOMEONE has to figure out what that stuff is! TTYL!" And with that, I flashed out before matters could get any worse.