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"I got this!" She grunted as she pulled the heavy box through the door way.

"I don't think you do."The other girl laughed, her hands on her hips. "Do you want some help?"

"No! I got this!" Tori basically yelled as she pulled the box futher in.

She and Jade where finally moving in together. This new apartment, basically just built last year, had two bedrooms, one full bath and a half bath, full living room and full ketchin. They only had to pay 300 a month. That was actually pretty cheap.

"Come on, Tori. That box is just a little too heavy for you." Jade said. She grabbed a hold of the side and pulled it in, setting it over by the table with the other boxes.

Tori snorted and crossed her arms. "I could have done that you know."

"Sure."Jade smirked.

"I could have!" Tori said, throwing her arms down beside her.

"Oh yeah, cause it was so totally you pulling that box in, not me." Jade laughed.

Tori shuck her head and blew some hair from her face.

"Besides, isn't the man in the relationship suppose to do all the work?" Jade asked with a laugh.

"Your not a man."Tori smiled.

"I'm more manly than you." Jade said.

Tori rolled her eyes and sat down on the floor. Jade smiled and walked over and sat down beside her, pulling Tori closer. Tori wrapped her arms around Jade's shoulder and rested her head there.

"Well, I think we got ourselves a pretty good house." Jade said.

"Yeah." Tori smiled.

Jade kissed Tori's head and looked out the window.

Tori laid down on the floor and pulled Jade down with her. She laid down on her chest and closed her eyes. She listened to jade's breathing, and her heartbeat, and she fell right asleep.

Okay, yeah this sounded soooo much cuter in my head haha, hope you liked it!