One year had passed since the massacre at the Scout Camp. Robin had been found lying in the mud and had been immediately taken to hospital with multiple lacerations to the face and a few broken bones. He had been named as the only survivor of a forest fire that had struck the Scout Camp and, after being discharged from hospital, had spent much of the past few weeks in an interrogation room. He had tried to explain to the police what had really happened, but as expected, he wasn't believed. Wisely, Robin had decided not to pursue the truth as he came to the conclusion that it would result in him being branded a nutter.

He struggled to sleep at night and took two months out of school on physical and psychological grounds. He would regularly have nervous breakdowns and his parents, doctors and teachers feared for his mental well-being. He was consistently plagued by nightmares and often woke up in the night screaming and sweating. After a year however, his life was beginning to return to normal. Robin knew that he would never be able to forget the attack on the Scout Camp although he did his best to put it out of his mind.

At the one year anniversary of the incident, the school to which most of the Scouts had attended held a memorial service. It was the last thing Robin wanted to attend as it would definitely bring back the memories he had tried to supress, but out of respect to his fellow Scouts he attended. Halfway through the service, he broke down in tears and his parents had to carry him back home.

"I'm sorry," he said later that evening.

"It's completely understandable," his mother said with a comforting hand on his arm. "The service was an ordeal to everyone, probably most of all to you. Maybe you should get some sleep."

Robin nodded and walked up to bed. He got dressed quickly, settled underneath the warm duvet and switched off his bedside light. After what seemed like hours, he drifted into an uneasy sleep.

He woke up suddenly, sweating profusely from every pore. He had had another nightmare. He lay still in the darkness for a moment looking up into the darkness of the room. Suddenly, he heard something that sounded like a small shuffling sound. He reached across to the bedside light and flicked the switch.

His scream caught in his throat. Standing at the foot of his bed was the vampire girl he had met in the forest. Her peculiarly-shaped black eyes pierced into his very soul. Robin tried to move, but the fear was so intense that he was almost completely paralysed. The girl grinned evilly, displaying rows of pointed, blood-stained teeth. Then, without warning, she let out a terrible bloodcurdling shriek, leaped forward onto Robin's frozen figure and began to feed…