Chapter 1

I Stand Alone

Assassin? Mercenary? Ninja? Samurai warrior? Yeah well those are just a few things that I am. When you're trained to be the best damn killing machine, you need to be good at everything.


I waited in the shadows my target in sight. Sometimes these guys just make it too easy. Normally I would pull my sai's out or get out a sword, but I needed this kill to be fast and simple. So I pulled out my gun and had it ready at my side.

*Do you have the target in site?*

*yeah the man is moving but I have him covered*

*the man's not your target Chase the boy is, now hurry up*

The boy? I don't kill kids. It's a rule I have. Did they really expect me to do this? My fingers loosened and tightened their grip on my gun. I can't he looks too much like-

*make the kill Chase*

*I'm done*

*what do you mean you're done I didn't hear a shot*

*I'm done killing for you*

I pulled out the communicator and crushed it with my boot. I ran.

I'm not worried about them finding me, because that's my job. And sure as hell no one does it better than me.


I ran to the only person I know can help me General Hawk. He and I met a few years back during one on my jobs, and he said if I ever wanted to join his little club I could. Sneaking into his base wasn't all too hard either I really needed to tell him to get better security.

I went through the vent system till I found his office, and I landed in the chair facing his desk.


"Sup General."


Hawk and I agreed that since I'm better working alone I would only be running his more low key missions, and that was fine with me. At least with him I'd be killing people who deserved it. My first mission-or favor- was to find out information about a baroness. Now I'm good at what I do, but this chick was hard to get info about.

I finally was able to track a hit that she was planning to make. She was going to be stealing a warhead, and I figured this would fall under the category of helping Hawk. So I went down to try and 'stop' her.

I had followed her down to a remote location, when all hell broke loose. She was able to stop the army; however some of the Hawks Joe's stopped them. And next thing you know I get a round house kick to the head by some wanna be fighter red head. And I'm out.

Next thing you know I wake up chained to a seat in a helicopter. What the hell did I miss?

"Glad you're awake who do you work for?"

Of course it had to be the red head who asked me this. If you can't tell I have issues with red heads.

"Thanks Red, but I don't work for anyone. I'm more of a lone wolf."

She rolled her eyes; did she really expect to get anything from me?

We finally landed at the base, and I was being man handled-er woman handled- by Red. Unlucky for here Hawk was there.

"General Hawk sir, we weren't able to stop the Baroness, but we did catch one of her soldiers."

Hawk just looked at me and I smiled. He rolled his eyes.

"Chase "

I took my hands out of the handcuff with eyes and dangled them till they hit the floor.

"Sorry Hawk, but Red here knocked me out"

I could see the wheels turning in Red's head and it was hilarious.

"General does her-"

"Yes scarlet, she's works for me."

I huffed, like I work for anyone. I could feel the stare from the other Joe's and the tow army guys. Except for the mystery ninja. Wonder what his deal is.

"Sorry General I didn't-"

He put his hand up and led us to get debriefed.

All I got was a glare, from Red.

We went through the whole debriefing thing, when army guy number one said that he knew the baroness before she well was the baroness.

Then the room got quiet, was that really necessary? And then army guy continues with I want to be in the Joes. Oh man I like this guy.

"Duke, Ripcord you want to be in the Joe's? You start your training tomorrow. And Chase you will too."


"Hawk, you and I-"

"I know what we agreed on, but you need to be part of this too. Your one of the best at this and well you're going to be part of it. I know you don't need the training, but you need to be treated like the rest of the team."

Oh goody wasn't this going to be fun.

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