Chapter 22

Black and Gold/ I Can Barely Say

We made our way outside of the house and towards the motorcycle. I straddled the bike and waiting for Snake Eyes to get on. He paused before I got on the bike and looked at me.

Would you like to drive?

I blinked a few times at the very random question "What? Oh um no thanks, I'm more of a car person."

He just nodded his head once and got on the bike and revved it up. Without thinking too much about it, I held onto Snake Eyes as he made his way down to the hotel.

We sped through the streets silently; I watched the blurriness of the scenery around me as we quickly passed by it. It seemed to take forever before we would get to the hotel, but when it seemed like an eternity had passed when we finally arrived.

I pressed on the com link in my ear "Alright Jason, we're here where do you want us to go?"

"Ok I need you guys to get down into the basement of the hotel and make your way down into the laundry room. Then I will need you guys to work your way up to one of the conference rooms. I'll direct you on the easiest ways to make your way up there. "

"Alright got it thanks"

Snake Eyes parked the bike and we got off. We made our way over to a door that looked like it would lead into the laundry room.

I looked at the key card reader on the door, great where the hell am I supposed to get a key card.

Before I could have time to react Snake Eyes pinned me to the wall and held a finger up to his lips. We saw a man in a suit slide in his key card and open the door, before the door closed Snake Eyes caught it.

"Well alright then"

I made my way inside and pressed the com in my ear. "Alright we're in which way?"

"Ok, you need to take a quick left and keep going straight until you reach a fork then take the next right."

"Go it"

I start jogging down the corridors with Snake Eyes following behind me. We make our way into the laundry room and make our way to the corner of the room away from security cameras.

"ok, we are in the laundry room where now?"

"alright Al you need to get past the maids and make your way up to the staircase. You need to get to the 7th floor. "

"is that all?"

"No need to be snarky sis"

"I wasn't- alright I'll talk to you when we reach the 7th floor"

I sighed and turned to Snake Eyes. "So heres to the deal we need to get past the maids and get up to the seventh floor."

He simply nodded at me and blended into the white sheets and started making his way towards the staircase.

How did he do that so quickly? Jesus who was he Batman? I shook my head and started making my way towards the stairs. I had to dodge a few maids, but luckly with the sheets hanging it was pretty easy to blend.

When I got to the stairs Snakes was patiently waiting for me. He made a motion for me to lead the way and I did. I started my way up these stairs. And let me just say it was a bitch. I mean I'm in shape and all but damn.

When we finally reached the 7th floor I breathed a sigh of relief. "We're here what's next?"

"The conference room should be the first room to the right. But be careful Aly I don't know what's waiting behind the doors."

"Don't worry bro I got this. I'll check in when we're out."

"You ready?"

Snake Eyes motioned his head in a nod. And I opened the door. We made our way to the first room. The doors were HUGE. I pushed the doors open. We walked inside tenitevly.

We made our way towards the center of the room. We circled the perimeter, but there wasn't a sign of anyone.

I looked at Snake Eyes.

I don't like it. It's too quiet.

I nodded. It was to quiet. I looked around, all of a sudden 60 men with big machine guns popped up behind the tables. With there guns pointed directly at us.

Snake Eyes and I positioned ourselves so that we were now back to back.


I slowly lifted up my hands. I had the hint of a smile on my face. "Look guys we aren't here to start any trouble. So if you would just let us-"


I smirked. I wasn't one to go down without a fight.

"Alright, alright. If that's how you want it". I graved my gun in one swift movement and started shooting all the lights out. If there is one thing Snake Eyes and I know how to do, is fight in the darkness.

I could hear the men around me freaking out and shooting randomly. I holstered my gun and graved my guns. I started cutting them down. When I couldn't feel anyone else around me and the gunfire stop, I put my swords back behind my back.

I touched the com link "Umm do you think you could get the emergency lights on? We had a bit of an accident."

I could hear a sigh from the other line, and the lights turned on. I looked around for Snake Eyes and found him holding a man by the coller of his shirt.

I walked over to them and graved a chair. I picked up the guy and sat him down.

"Alright, so this is how its going to go down, unless you want to die. You are going to give us the information we need. Now."

He spit in my direction. "Estas loca. I'd die before I'd talk pinche pendeja."

I took my a knife from my boot and twirled it around with my fingers. "You shouldn't have called me that."

I twirled it once more and stabbed him in the thigh. I heard him scream out in pain.

I turned to face Snake Eyes with my back facing the man.

"I don't think he's going to talk. What do you suggest."

Before I have time to react to anything Snake Eyes graves my shoulders and shoves me behind him. I hear a gun shot go off and Snake Eyes hit the floor. My eyes go wide, I feel my heart skip a beat. No!

I look at the man with the biggest smile on his face. "Your turn"

He stands up and points his gun at me. I kick the gun out of his hands, I grave my gun and shoot him in the head. He falls and I crouch down to Snake Eyes.

"Oh my god. Holy crap why did you do that!? Are you ok?" I slowly lift up his head. I search his body for any sign of the bullet. He got hit in the chest, luckly it was the right side, so his heart was ok.

I slowly help him up and put his arm around his shoulder.

"We need to get out of here." Is start walking towards the door. There is no way I was going to risk having him walk down the stairs. So I make my way over to the elevator, and hit the down button.

The elevator beeps and the door opens. I hear and alarm going off. I get us both in the elevator. I see men running towards up I pull out my gun with my free hand and I start shooting. The doors finally close. I feel more weight on my shoulder and Snake Eyes starts to go limper.

"Oh no you don't, you are going to stay with me. do you hear me? I am NOT losing you."

I feel some weight come off my shoulder. The doors finally opens to the garage, I quickly start making our way to the bike. I set him down and he staddled the bike. I climb infront of him. And he immeditalty leans on me. I rev up the bike and make my way back to the cabin in the bayou.

We made it there as quickly as I could get us there. I help him off the bike and I kick the front door open. I set him down on the couch, and I run to the bathroom looking for a medic kit.

I start knocking down everything in the bathroom. Come one! There has to be a kit in here somewhere! Damn it, I cant lose him! My eyes start to water, I quickly wipe the tears away. From the corner of my eye I see a medic kit. I grave it and run back over to the couch.

I see Snake Eyes laying down on the couch. I need to get his suit off. I quickly unzip his suit, with his mask still in tact, to reveal his chest. I quickly scan over his scared body for the wound and I find it.

I start working quickly and I remove the bullet and wipe his wound clean and stitch him back up.

He didn't lose that much blood, so he should be alright. I breath a sigh of relief. I see his body moving up and down in a steady manner. I put a pillow behind his head, and look at him. He fell asleep. Ha.

I slid myself down the counch, and lean on the front of the couch. I lean my head back.

You almost lost him Chase. You almost lost him. I close my eyes shut, for I don't know how long until I drift off.


When I open my eyes from my nap, I turn my head to check on Snake Eyes. He's not there.

I jolt up. Where is he? I quickly turn around and try searching for him. I start to panic, my heart racing faster where is he?

I turn around and run into someone. I lift my head up and see Snake Eyes.

"Where did you go! I was worrired.."

He pulled me into a hug. I was to stunned to say anything really. When he pulled away I looked down at his hands.

Thank you for helping me

"Of course, did you think I was just going to let you bleed to death?"



Snake Eyes lifted up his hand, and brought his hand to tilt up my cheek.

I felt my eyes start to glisten.

"Snake Eyes?" I felt like I almost whispered the words.

Chase I- I

I closed my eyes. I don't know I thought he would tell me anything.

"Snake Eyes, why did you take the bullet for me? I mean you didn't have to, but then again I know you do, value me as a teammate"

I saw his chest move.

Chase. I couldn't lose you. I.

"Look Snake Eyes-"

Snake Eyes put a finger to my lips.

"No Chase, I have to say this. I took the bullet for you because I love you. I didn't understand it completely, and I still don't. All I know is that I love you."

I blinked. Did he just? Did he just say that he loves me? I felt my breathing get ragid.

I understand if you don't feel the same.

What? I shook my head, I rammed myself into him. I felt him stiffen at first and then slowly wrap his arms around me.

I could hear rain starting to hit the roof of the cabin. I put my mouth to his ear. "I love you"

I felt his grip tighten on me. we just held each other.

When he finally pulled away I looked up at him. I saw him lift his hands towards his mask. He slowly started lifting it off.

"Wait what are you doing?"

Trust me, like I trust you

He lifted his mask off. He was gorgeous. Blond hair, blue grey eyes, and pale white skin. I couldn't stop staring at his eyes.

He walked up to me. he brought his mouth up to my cheek. And mouthed 'I love you'. He brought his forehead to mine. I noses touched. Our lips slightly brushed against each other, and we finally kissed. And wow was it worth waiting for.

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