Agito was alone on the ledge of his home. Moments ago, he had saved Toora and the forest from destroying mankind. Now he was home again with Toora, and his village safe and sound. Agito bit his lip. True, he had saved his village and was hailed a hero, but he wished that his father would see that he had saved the forest and their village that they had loved. "Totsan…" Agito whispered. "Tadaima."

Agito swallowed the emotions burning inside him as he stared at the tree that had once been his father. When his father used the last of his power to communicate with the forest, Agito knew that this was going to be the last time that he would see him alive. He didn't want to believe that, and until Agito called out for his father, and saw the tree where his father had lied – even after he had almost become a tree himself – that he realized that his father was dead. Agito recalled his father's last words of encouragement to him. "I leave the path up to you, whether to sink into the forest, or return to dust." He believed in Agito until the very end, and now everyone believed in Agito.

As he was dying, Agito saw his younger-self and his father from afar. He again had blood-red hair and blue eyes. His father was the man that he remembered from his childhood: strong and willing to do whatever it took to protect his loved ones.

"When I get bigger, I'm going to be a fine grown-up, just like you, Tosan."

"Agito, you're already fine enough as it is. Tosan is proud to have you for a son."

Against his will, Agito felt tears sliding down his face. His whole body shook, and his voice trembled as he said, "Arigatou, Tosan. You gave me this power to save my home, Toora, and all the people in it. People see me as a hero, just as they did with you when you first built this place. But," Agito bit his lip as he in vain tried to stop the tears from falling. "You…will always be my hero…Tosan. My…eiyuu."

"Agito, it's all right." Toora's soft voice interrupted his mourning. He looked up at Toora with red-rimmed eyes. As if noticing his swollen eyes as well, Toora tenderly wiped his tears away with the handkerchief that he had given her when they first met. "Your father, as mine, is at peace now."

"Toora…" Agito didn't know what to say.

Then a small smile played on Toora's lips. "But, Agito, you will always be my hero." She touched his hand tenderly. "Anata wa watashi no eiyuu, Agito."

Slowly Toora cupped Agito's face in her hands and kissed him. Toora's lips were soft and warm, like velvet. It seemed as if the world had disappeared around them.

"Go back. Bind the forest and mankind. Hurry off, now. She is waiting for you."

I will, Tosan, Agito vowed as his and Toora's lips were connected. I will create peace between the forest and mankind for years to come, and she did wait for me. She is here. I will protect her, and everyone I love. Yakusoku.


Eiyuu- hero

Tosan - father

Arigatou - thank you

Tadaima I'm home

Yakusoku - I promise

"Anata wa watashi wa no eiyuu, Agito." - "You are my hero, Agito."