Do you know why the Eeveelutions are so rare?

Those words, stained with venom, hate and complete resentment, echoed through the entire course of Gerald's mind, which had already been scarred enough today. Images of the day's events leaped out from the shadows in the back of his mind, causing him to flinch every time they reared their vile and lurid head. Odors of burning corpses and smoke lingered in the air, a strong stench that one just couldn't ignore. An uneasy feeling of calm hovered throughout the pitch black room, which didn't give Gerald any feeling of security, not even a false one.

It's because of all the scientists capturing us.

There was no calling for help, because everyone here—Pokémon and human—had been killed. He was the only one left, but for how long, he didn't know. Gerald, once a proud middle aged worker with neat and well-kept brown hair, brown eyes and a cautious mind, was now a man with soot covered hair, a dirtied and burnt lab coat and pants and an appointment with a certain reaper who was due to come any minute.

It's because of all the experiments.

"Step. Step. Step."

Something was coming, Gerald could feel it. With each step it took, he felt himself flinching. Gerald was a mess right now, hugging his knees in a corner as nervous drops of sweat trickled down his forehead and cheeks. His body was shaking, trembling, as if the fear from his body had taken a solid form, grabbed him and was jerking him back and forth, telling him to get the hell out of there.

Your kind, it disgusts us.

A pair of white eyes began to appear in the distance. Glowing white eyes. There were no pupils in these eyes, they were completely devoid of anything and frozen into a permanent glare, a glare which promised to brutally cut into the beholder's body and feast on their cowering soul. Whimpering softly, Gerald backed away into his corner a bit more.

Suddenly, 6 more pairs of eyes, all matching the original in all its soulless demonic magnitude, joined it. Gerald whimpered even more, knowing instantly what they belonged to. One of them was an Umbreon, very easy to distinguish by the glowing rings in the middle of the darkness. Ominously enough, they failed to illuminate anything. Another of them was a Flareon, another was an Espeon, they were all of the Eeveelutions except…

"Where's Eevee" Gerald asked, horrified at whatever the sinister Pokémon could be plotting. This seemed to get the eyes to stop moving, yet their glare did not falter even for an instant. Confused, Gerald looked around. Were they going to spare him? Were they worried about the Eevee? The rest of the building was in flames so it was most certainly plausible.

All this time, the Eeveelutions have been afraid of people like you.

By this point, those words weren't just memories. No, he could tell that the Espeon was saying this through telepathy. It made Gerald tremble in his shoes, they've gone mad! Were they not concerned about the location of their sibling?

"Where is-" he began, but ceased his inquiry when he saw a pair of glowing blood red eyes approaching him. The other eyes were nothing compared to this…this…monster! Pure fury was not only at the very core of it, it was the entirety of it. If it wasn't clear about their intentions before, these gateways into the hearts of the damned made it very evident. Satanic justice would be dealt.

But I think it should be the other way around.

"S-Stay back!"

The glowing red eyes continued to draw closer, past the white ones and towards Gerald. Slowly and steadily, they moved, as if wanting to enjoy seeing Gerald squirm for a few more seconds. Soon enough, the small Pokémon was on him.


WE are the ones YOU should be fearing.

Roaring with vengeance, the Eevee dug into Gerald's neck with its razor sharp claws, tearing at it with an unimaginable ferocity. Gerald's screams reverberated throughout the calm black room, unheard by anyone but the killers.