"I didn't think models interviewed witness at crime-scenes," the witness spoke smoothly to Ziva. She rolled her eyes, but Tony could tell she was very secretly enjoying it. She usually enjoyed it. Especially if it was from a good-looking guy, like this one. 6 '2', blonde hair, blue eyes with a six pack. He was a model or something.

Whatever, Tony pushed the thought from his mind, and continued bagging and tagging. McGee was snapping photos, whilst Gibbs was talking to Petty Officer Lilly Dowler, whose husband was the murder victim.

A Bit Later (actually 2 hours, but whatever) - in the bullpen.

"Enjoy the crime scene, Zeev David?" Tony slipped to the Israeli's desk with a 100-watt smile. Ziva looked at him suspiciously, "No more than usual. Why?"

"That witness. What's his name? Daniel. No- DYLAN! That's it. You two seemed to be having a very good time together, Zi."

"Are you jealous, Tony?" The mentioned man shook his head furiously, "Of course not. Definitely not." "You so are." "I'm so not."

"Why?" Ziva leaned forward on her desk, giving a radiant smile, "Why are you so jealous of any man who even glances at me?"

"BECAUSE I AM!" Tony suddenly yelled, "Because they get to compliment you, and kiss you, and hug you. And most of all, they get to tell you that they love you. And I can't. Because, we're just partners, nothing can happen. Nothing! And I really want to do all of those things! But nothing can happen."

"You really think that?" Ziva asked, standing up. Her eyes voiced her concern. Tony nodded sadly. "Anything can happen," Ziva responded as her lips latched onto Tony's. His arms hung around her waist and after they broke apart, her fingers ran through this hair.

"Jealous?" Ziva asked with a grin.

"No way," Tony responded, as he let Ziva lean back, before he began to kiss her again.

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