Name: The Force Unleashed

Summary: in a attempt to solidify her power and control of the Hidden Leaf Village, Tsunade inadvertently signs a banishment order for young Naruto not realizing that it was tampered with by elements of the civilian council who have taken everything from him and even removed the Third's law which had been protecting him from harm.

With this happening his former village had become a hell on earth for him.

But Naruto can no longer fight the darkness on his own, this final betrayal of someone he once trusted with his life has led him down the path of the dark side of the force, but like Darth Vader's secret apprentice he will emerge from the darkness more powerful than ever.

He has met people that have shown him the light once more and those people he will protect with his life including one worth dying for.

Pairings: Naruto x Fu and others

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C1, Fear and Hope is his ally

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away

The Force Unleashed

It is a time of great chaos as the Jedi have won they war with the Dark Sith and have won their last great battle but this has left the Jedi order in ruins.

From the ashes the Jedi seek to rebuild their damaged order unaware that the force has begun to rise on a distant world in the Outer rim.

From this world the force will be unleashed once more and the force spirits of both the Sith and Jedi of the past will guide the new Chosen One who will unleash the force once and for all.

the scene then moves that the stars in the background then moves down to the view of a lush blue planet.

His dreams flowed with the memories of his dark past and the event that had led him down the road of the Dark Side of the force and meeting the three force spirits that had forever changed his destiny from that day and on, he remembered the day of his ultimate betrayal and banishment at the hands of someone he once viewed as a surrogate mother who had in the end had only sought power to maintain her new position.

He had seen many of his so-called friends turn on him and embrace their hatred and anger and vented upon him as if he was the demon that he carried since the day he had been born, an event that he had absolutely no choice in whatsoever.

He still remembered the day he'd gone to see Tsunade about his future and that of the teammate he had rescued from the villages greatest threat who had done everything in his power to obtain the boy no matter the cost in the end, the older woman was clearly nursing a hangover and had been drinking heavily the night before and was in no mood to entertain anyone or anything at the moment.

And yet for some reason she seemed different which the alcohol had no bearing on.

He walked up to the desk careful to not antagonize her as her punches and strength were no laughing matter and came upon a document of his name parted on it only to discover what it was intended for, his curiosity had turned to horror as he read the clauses and punishments for simply completing a mission and realized that there was much more going on behind the scenes that he could not see but still the pain and anguish from what she had done to him had hurt him more than any assassination technique could ever do.

His thoughts raced, 'Is she doing all of this to me because of Sasuke, it's not fair that I should suffer because of the fourth's actions to save these ungrateful people. Why should I suffer because of them and the fact that they cannot let go of their hatred, I have deceived myself for far too long in thinking that there is a chance for me here, I was a fool there is no hope in these people's hearts anymore. I have bled for them for far too long with nothing in return and there is no more point in staying here.'

It was at this moment that Tsunade was coherent enough to sense that someone was in the room with her only to see the young man she saw as a younger brother standing before her desk holding a piece of parchment that would decide his fate, but because of the effects of the alcohol and of her hangover had worn off and she was still not thinking clearly and instead of trying to comfort him she responded with anger and hatred and snatched the document from his hands not even bothering to read the document that was in her hands and in a fit of rage placed her official seal upon the document not caring that she had just destroyed whatever little hope the young man before her would have for many years to come and was the event that started his path down the Dark Side.

After stamping the document she called in several of her personal bodyguards the ANBU who were shocked at what they saw on the document as well but followed their orders as they begin to drag the young man out of the office who could only yell out the question of why and was everything on that document true.

To his utter dismay her response was a simple, "Yes, now get the hell out of my office you little brat."

By the banishment order his ability to use Nin-jutsu from this day forward had been forever removed from his abilities unless this dark and evil place as he saw it now wished him to have his ability returned to him, he knew that if he stayed his life would be in tremendous amounts of danger forcing him to flee as soon as the deed had been done and the parchment was placed in his hands.

He had read the document and knew that for some reason she wished him to suffer even more in the future by forcing him to return to this hellish place despite the fact that every person here would know his darkest secret that he had no control over and would do everything in their power to make his life and even more unbearable than it had already been, what was worse in his book was that he could not even enter the Land of Fire for the next three years without the threat of death upon him.

He also knew that he could not stay in one place for too long as there were more than one group of people that would want nothing more than either have his death or to control him as their own personal weapon, it'd taken him more than a month but he'd eventually reached what some called The Lost Era.

He is heard many stories that many people would never willingly enter this place and thought, 'What a perfect place to hide.'

One of the stories have said that a great and terrible battle had taken place in the sky with flying ships who were from beyond the stars, was even said that a dark order I found a new home here.

It was upon entering this place that he discovered that it was a in fact a large graveyard and battle site with strange metal buildings seemed as if they had once moved among the skies themselves upon entering several of strange silent metal structures he discovered had many strange things and it was here that he encountered them, both the light and dark side of the force flowed strong waiting for the day of their return and it just so happens that this boy who had been denied so much in his life would suddenly be handed what some can only called one of the greatest powers in the known galaxy.

The spirits themselves have debated and ultimately decided upon how to not only approach the boy but also how to train him as they had seen many events that would lead the boy down both the dark and the light path ultimately leaving him in balance, the darkest among them decided it was his turn to train the boy down this path of the dark side as it was a strange way the to do the right thing but do to the events he would soon become a part of what would allow him to grow like no other person in this land would ever receive and return the force to this would once more.


Naruto had finished what he could only describe as his initial search of this ship's bridge only to find two rather strange looking corpses that had been at the time of their death or the crash of this vessel had been engaged in mortal combat against one another, he had found no other bodies in this section and decided to at least give them some form of dignity and had taken the bodies outside to give them a proper burial and it kept their strange looking cylinder weapons for himself as he had seen that they still worked and realized they could come in quite handy against his many enemies.

It was at this moment that he felt a strong presence in turned to see what he could only describe as a ghost of a rather evil looking old man standing before him with a curious look upon his face while at the same time the men seem to have an aura of fear and hatred and even evil about him that was tempered with a calm collected nature, it was clear to him while this man had once done great evil he had also played a part in some kind of great event that had set a new balance of power.

Naruto however felt no fear of this spirit and in fact felt something else, the desire to learn everything could and let his anger and hatred finally found a voice before it destroyed him in the process of trying to control it endlessly.

The spirit before him nodded and then introduced itself, "Hello young one, allow me to introduce myself I am Darth Sidious of the Sith and what would your name be young one?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, are you going to hurt me?" the boy asked him.

The spirit could only laugh at this question, "No my boy I have no intention of hurting you, in fact I have a proposal for you."

"What kind of proposal?"

"Both I and two more spirits wish to train you in our arts, I have elected to begin your training first." The spirit said to him with no deception in his voice at all for the young boy to hear unlike others he had met in the past.

The spirit could see the worry and concern in the boy's face and eyes, "I can assure you that to be trained by us is your choice and yours alone young one, so I ask you this, become our apprentice learn to use the Force starting with the dark side."

Naruto felt a great power come over him and went down on his knees before the spirit and said, "I pledge myself to your teachings and that of my future teachers."

"Good, good Young one the force is strong with you, a powerful Sith you will become. Hence forth you shall be known as Darth… Vader. I give you this name in honor of one of your teachers to come my young apprentice."

Naruto bowed to his new master and said, "Thank you My Master."

The spirit smiled and motioned for him to follow as he said, "Rise Lord Vader, I have much to teach you and so little time there are things happening in this land and I believe that you will play a very important role in events yet to come."


For the first year of his banishment he devoted himself to the teachings of the force and told his master many times that he felt the power of the light side as well and that at times they were in balance when he was, Sidious at this moment realize that the boy was ready for the next step in his training.

Despite what many would believe the force had tempered the dark Lord of the Sith somewhat, Sidious would indeed miss the young boy but would also keep an eye on him from the heart of the force which was strong with the boy after all this time, but it was up to his next two teachers to continue his training and for what was needed to learn more control over his hatred and anger especially after what had been done to him for so many years.

Upon meeting them they had agreed to continue his training not just in the force but also in the aspects of ninjas and the samurais as well, over the next two years he would learn many things from the samurai of the Land of Iron and eventually traveled to the Land of Wind to learn from their wind monks since he felt more at peace in this land than in the Land of Fire, by the time his banishment ordered had expired which would force him to return to the Hidden Leaf he decided to travel to the Land of Water to study under their monks and did so with not only the blessing of the force spirits but also the wind monks who respected his decision to continue to exploration of knowledge.

he had also decided to return to the Lost Era and the small village that was near it, with a little help from the land of snow he was able to begin changing things there and had begun to gain the respect the village what he was trying to do.

These men and women head from this world all of their technological wonders knowing they could create or more bloodshed in the process it was also here that he met her one of his closest allies and someone who had travel to this world to help her distant cousins reclaim their place as warriors and soldiers.

It was also at this point thanks to both the spirits and the monks of both wind and water that Naruto and the nine tailed Fox had agreed to work together and even to share information the biggest surprise was what the Fox had called a gift which turned out to be the memories of his mother who had been his previous host and even told the young man his true name.

The memories had also reinforced his desire to never return to the Hidden Leaf because of their treacherous actions and also added to the already massive fears that he would be nothing more than either a slave or killed if he returned there, his time in the Land of Water had not been as peaceful as he had first hoped.

When the new Warlord who had replaced the previous Mizukage and the legitimate government of the Land of Water had decided that the Water Temple had insulted him in some way he'd ordered their destruction only to meet Naruto's darkness in its purest form as he avenge those who had been murdered and had even saved the future Kage of the Hidden Mist Village whose name was Mei as well is the true Daimyo of this land.

Naruto had truly had a enough and decided to finally end this bloody war once and for all and marched under the illusion of being a bounty hunter to assist the warlord in his desires for power only to walk directly into the private office that looked more like a throne room and used the force to shut and lock all the doors and then proceeded to slaughter each and every one of these present knowing both through the force in his own feelings that not one of them was innocent and that they had committed grave atrocities upon the people of the Lead of Water, it was also at this time he had become known to tyrants that the name Darth Vader became feared to everyone in the elemental nations who have done evil deeds.

with the help of the villagers of the lost era and their cousins from the stars as well as the missed rebellion they finally stopped the Bloody Genocidal Wars in the Land of Water

During the third and fourth year of his banishment Naruto had decided to begin to not only try to restore his homeland but also to save the others like himself who had no choice in what they have become as human sacrifices, to that end he had begun to hunt down his fellow hosts and had at several occasions managed to kill several members of the organization known as Akatsuki.

Unfortunately the organization had been quite strong and several of the tailed beasts along with their hosts had been lost to the organization, upon one of his trips through the Land of Wind he had come to the aid of the Daimyo of this country and his daughter as well as the seven tailed host whose name was Fu who had been on the run as members of her village had sold her out to the Akatsuki to leave them alone and to remove what they considered a stain upon their village.

The two members who had come after her were the first to truly fall his wrath and fury and survived, but they only knew him as Lord Vader and not as the nine tailed Fox's host.

He had fond memories of that day as it was the day he met her.


Naruto walked through the desert of the Land of Wind with a clear destination in mind that was the capital city where the Daimyo of this land resided, recently he had received a request from the Land's Daimyo had requested his services to protect not only himself but the man's daughter on some of their travels not only in the Land of Wind but also in other territories as well.

As he walked to the meeting spot which was a small oasis in the desert to meet his future employers he felt the presence of his masters and stopped seeing three spirits before him once more as Sidous then said, "Lord Vader, there is a disturbance in the force."

"I have felt it my Masters, in fact I feel one now. Ahead of me?" he said.

It was at this point that Anakin closed his eyes and sensed the very force around them and then turned to his third apprentice and said, "You must hurry there are innocents in danger and someone just like you."

Sidous then became very serious and said in what some have called his Sith voice, "You must move quickly Lord Vader or this host will be in great danger I sense, do what must be done Lord Vader do not hesitate show them no mercy."

He nodded to his masters and placed his special mask he had commissioned to help them with opponents that used deadly poisons in combat that also slightly resembled the mask of the original Darth Vader and quickly went off to engage the enemy's and save his charges.

As he entered the Desert oasis he came face to face with two members of the Akatsuki organization that he did not recognize at all, one of them was wearing a mask that seem to conceal much of his face while the other one had slicked back gray hair with a strange pendant around his neck and a triple bladed scythe in his right hand with an evil smile upon his face, "It's a shame that I can't sacrifice you for the glory of my God you little bitch."

"Enough Hidan we need her alive as well as these two which will bring us quite a bit of money for the organization." The one known as Kakuzu said.

However it was right at this moment that for some unseen reason that Hidan went flying right into and then through at least six trees eventually hitting a rock face with enough force behind it to break many of his bones upon impact even damaging the rock face significantly from the impact.

(The Imperial March Darth Vader's theme starts playing in the background.)

The look of shock upon both members of the Akatsuki organizations faces was truly a surprise to everyone as well as the fact that they then begin to hear a strange kind of breathing sound as someone in a strange looking bottle cloak with a hood walked up to them with a clear air about him that said 'I will destroy you!'

It was at that moment that he removed the battle cloak revealing strange looking armor underneath and a kind of black glass looking like mask where the sounds of breathing were coming from but it was this man's eyes that scared them to the core as they were both glowing but one was the deepest sea blue wall the other one had the most evil looking tenant of red with the dark yellow iris that screamed death and destruction to them.

Hidan had managed to finally managed to get back over to his partner with a clear look of utter pain upon his face and hatred for this individual, it was at this moment that Kakuzu decided to introduce themselves and find out if this person would tell them his identity as well as find out if there was a significant bounty upon his head that they could collect on later, "Allow me to introduce myself and that of my partner here, I am Kakuzu and this murderous priest over here is Hidan, and what might your name be?"

The man in question narrowed his eyes and then spoke with a metallic like sounding voice, (Think Darth Vader's) "I am Darth Vader, and I am a Sith Lord. You will release my employer the Daimyo and his daughter and relinquish your hunt for this young woman or I will show you no mercy."

For the first time in their time together Hidan saw actual worry upon the face of his partner and asked him about it, "Why do you look so scared all of a sudden we can kill this motherfucker easily."

"Oh really, you do know that this is the man who single-handedly ended the war in the Land of Water as well as slaughtered an entire army of rogue samurai that numbered in the thousands without breaking a sweat and let us not forget that he just threw you across this desert oasis with absolutely no problem and let us not forget that you are still putting your bones back in the right place."

Hidan however seemed unimpressed as he put his collarbone back inside his body and then said, "I am so going to kill this guy with a fucking smile upon my face as I do it and then sacrifice him to my God."

When Hidan turned his head to stare this Sith Lord down he was shocked to see the man had pulled out two rather strange looking cylinders from his hips and with a single motion they blazed to life with a strange kind of humming sound, Naruto had sealed his Lightsabers onto his body thinks to his mastery of seals and had also created auxiliary weapons to use not only with his force abilities but also with his abilities in the use of Chakra which would allow him to use his three elements in combat which were wind water and fire that made weapons as deadly as a normal Lightsaber and could even fight said weapon.

Vader wasted no time in not only drawn his weapons but engaging the two Akatsuki members with a relentless set of attacks and had them on the defensive almost immediately which made Hidan even angrier when one of the Vader's C Sabers cut his scythe into tiny pieces and with another quick motion took off his right arm just above the elbow, the second Saber then pierced him right through the chest with one quick motion caught up words slicing his left collarbone into leaving a massive hole in his chest which was then followed up by the strange man pushing his hands forward but never making physical contact with them until Hidan the same kind of force hit him once again this time sending him right through a rock that was not more than a meter away.

Kakuzu after seeing this had attempted to sneak up on Vader from behind only to nearly get his head cut off in the process it hadn't been for his many long years of being a ninja he would have been decapitated right then and there as he then heard the man say, "Impressive."

Kakuzu then activated his abilities with his hearts to send two of the monsters to attack the Sith Lord only to watch them be utterly destroyed in less than a minute and began to feel a little bit afraid as he then heard the Sith say, "Most impressive."

Kakuzu then saw Hidan pick up what was left of his own while trying to put most of his body back together and realized that they could not win this battle and that they had to inform their leader about this new threat as soon as possible and made a run for it.

Vader kept his eyes on them until they were definitely in full retreat and then turned and walked over to his employers and bowed before them showing them respect and said, "What is thy bidding my master?"

The Wind Daimyo and the two young women walked up to him and said, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Lord Vader, this is my daughter Akon and this young woman just met whose name is Fu."


From this day forward Naruto would get to know the girl Fu quite well and would continue his training at the wind Temple as well as serving as a personal bodyguard to the Wind Daimyo and his daughter for some time to come despite the events that would befall him in the future as well as the love he would receive one of his own like him had no choice in her fate.

End of C1

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