C8, The Darkness Deepens

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'

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A chorus of voices begins in the background.

Several places in the Hidden Leaf Village are shown ending in the Hokage's office focusing on his desk and chair.

The voice of Jiraiya then speaks to the fourth Hokage, "There's greatness in you Minato, but there's not an ounce of humility. You think that you can't make mistakes but there's going to come a moment where you realize you're wrong about that, and you're going to get yourself and everyone under your command killed."

A picture of all the rookies as well as their teachers begun to appear on the screen.

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Many of the ninjas are dressed in black attending a large funeral after a battle.

From author GhostCrystal

A loud bang is heard and the screen goes dark.

A voice then said, "You think you're safe?"

The screen then lights up revealing a young man with spiky blond hair and three whiskers like birth marks on each of his cheeks standing in the middle of a field surrounded by Leaf ANBU, "You are not!"

Heavy drums began in the background and continue throughout the next shots on screen, the first scene shows a ship firing into the Hokage tower and then a man and a woman battling with Lightsabers.

Then warriors in black armor that look like storm troopers began walking forward holding their guns upon several ninjas.

The next one shows a female Mandalorian warrior with her helmet off flying up into the air firing off shots from her weapons in the falling rain at night with lightning going off in the background.

The next shot shows a ship flying into the Hokage tower.

The heavy drum beat lessons and the voice is heard once more, "What would you do to protect all that you care about?"

The Empire of Balance, Into Darkness

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Naruto and Itachi had just exited the gunship on their way back to the Temple of Balance to rest after their exhausting battle with the Akatsuki members and the two Jedi who had just recently discovered his true identity as Darth Vader, one of the troopers who was a Lieut. watched the man who had helped save the Land of Water from destruction walk into what was once the Temple of the water but was now the Sith Temple of balance.

As he watched the two new Sith Lords enter the Temple he received a call from his small holographic communication device and activated it bringing to life the image of the Mizukage Mei, the image of the beautiful and dangerous redheaded woman then spoke to the trooper with a clear sense of urgency, "Lieut. are Lord Vader and Raptor present with you?"

"They have just entered the Temple my lady." He responded to her with great respect in his voice.

She nodded her head to him and then spoke in a serious voice that left no room for misunderstanding and also conveyed the seriousness of the situation, "I need you to go to the general at once and inform him at once that we have a red cloud type emergency he'll understand."

The trooper nodded to her and then said, "It will be done my Lady."

The trooper then deactivated the communicator and quickly ran into the temple to deliver the Mizukage's message.


Silas Kim, Mavis and as well as several Jedi Masters now set in the Council room debating what they had just learned, "So the boy this entire village has been looking for is in fact Darth Vader, he must be very strong in the force to be able to hide his presence from us."

"If he is so strong in the force surely he can see being here in this village and joining with us would be the safer course of action." One of the more stubborn Jedi Masters said.

Kim decided to share what the new Sith Lord had told her and that there was more going on than they knew, "It's that kind of attitude that he finds absolutely repulsive, and I hate to admit that he might be right about my student he's giving into the darkness and I don't know if I can save him from it."

"Then you'll just have to try harder."

"And that's not all, he stated that we don't know everything and I have to agree with him these people their masters of deception they have kept things from us about him. Then there's something he said that caught me off guard, he said there's a chance that the old Sith are here in the village." She said but then noticed one of the master's was deep in thought


"I believe the new Sith speaks the truth, there is no light no dark side only force with them."

"You cannot be serious; they are Sith anything that they say is a lie." One of the more arrogant masters blurted out for all to hear.

Silas turned to this master and then spoke in a tone that made his intentions quite clear on this subject, "And yet you forget that the current person in charge of this military village is one of the people who try to turn this Sith warrior into a weapon for his own purposes, and let us not forget that the fact that the former Hokage is mysteriously in a coma by unknown means with him now in power and demanding things of the Jedi order."

What none of them realized was that Sasuke was currently standing outside the room listening into their conversation, all the last Uchiha could do was listen and come to terms with what he was hearing as the conversation continued.

Silas then spoke once more to everyone in the room making his position quite clear on this matter, "This new Hokage has not earned one bit of our trust and what is worse he continues to demand things of us, for the moment we must keep the location of the Sith Temple hidden until we know his true intentions and what the new Sith have said must be taken seriously."

Kim nodded her head and then said, "I agree with master Silas, we have heard rumors of other Sith being on this world other than the ones we know are already here."

The Masters who had lead their arrogance take hold looked at each other and then realized the logic and wisdom in their words and agreed upon this course of action as well, "Very well Silas, we will leave the investigation in your hands for the time being."


The old Republic gunship flew directly into a large courtyard that had been prepared for ships like it in the Hidden Mist Village, as soon as the ship had come to a complete stop the door opened to reveal the two Sith Lords who immediately disembarked from their transportation and were met by none other than Akima Fett who quickly motioned for them to follow her into the Kage mansion to start the emergency meeting that Mei had called for.

Naruto Akima and Itachi had just walked into the war room and bowed to the Mizukage Mei as she then motioned for them to enter and then began to speak to them, "Sorry to interrupt you both from your much-deserved rest but we have an urgent matter to attend to and we're running out of time."

One of the troopers a captain walked up to them holding a map of the hidden rain Village and then began to speak for all to hear as he gave his report on this emergency, "Lord Vader Lord Raptor I appreciate you arrive so soon the news I have may be our only chance to avenge our fallen as we have discovered the location of the Akatsoki leader as well as several members and we must move fast."

Naruto took on a serious expression as he then said, "Akima prepare your best Mandalorian's for combat as we are going to take on one of the dark Sith as well as hopefully finish off the red clouds once and for all."

Mei Could tell that the Sith Lord of balance was now dead sent on heading to the land of Rain to end their mutual enemy's life once and for all but knew that he had to know one more thing before his departure, she quickly walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder and then spoke calmly to him with a sense of urgency in her voice, "There's something else you need to know Naruto."

He looked her right in the eyes as she then said, "Tsunade has been removed from the position of Hokage and has been replaced by the old war hawk Danzo, she's in some form of a coma we don't know what's going to happen to her."

Itachi knew that look upon his master's face and instantly knew that they were going to be quite busy this day.


Danzo faced the window of the Hokage's office concentrating on his connection to the force as the door opened revealing the Jedi in training of one Uchiha Sasuke, the old man sensed his presence and smiled as he turned to Sasuke and spoke, "Master Uchiha what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"The Jedi have decided to keep the village in the dark about the location of my old teammate, I feel so conflicted and I believe that they do not trust anymore Lord Hokage."

Danzo set down in his chair and looked the young man in the eyes and then said, "It is upsetting to me that after all this time that they cannot trust you and that they show no real interest in helping us stop the threat of the Akatsuki once and for all."

Sasuke could not help but feel that the new Hokage was right about everything, "I managed to learn the location of the Sith Temple and if what they were talking about is any indication the other Jinchūriki and may also be present, but what should I do?"

"Are you not still one of my Shinobi?" he asked him.

"Yes Lord Hokage I still am."

Danzo could only smile at hearing this, "Then I give you your orders, you will take a team and go to the Temple your objectives are to capture the two hosts and bring them back here by force if necessary and as for the other Sith they are to be eliminate Including your brother but bring us back Naruto."

Sasuke bowed to the Hokage and left with the strange black ANBU that had the symbol for root upon their heads.


Silas and Mavis had left the council meeting room with a clear objective upon their faces; Mavis turned to her master and asked, "What are we doing here Master?"

At first he did not respond to her until they were safely hidden in a hole in the ceiling, "I felt the pull of the force was bringing me here, something is going to happen here my apprentice."

The two of them looked down into the large hall only to see a young woman and a badly injured man lying on the ground of the room with another with a strange mask upon his face walking around the room with three others just a few feet away.

The men in the mask then spoke, "I don't know why you have betrayed Pain, and to a false Sith of all people."

The injured man looked up to him with strange eyes and said, "You corrupted our purpose long ago Viral, those eyes of yours will not stop Darth Vader and the Jedi from destroying you all once and for all."

The masked men's single eye narrowed dangerously and then spoke in a dangerous tone of voice that left no room for misunderstandings, "Do not think that this false Sith will be a enough to beat us, after all you lie here broken and!"

It was right at this moment that both Viral and the two Jedi felt a strong presence in the force approaching them right at that moment; the two guards who had been positioned in the room suddenly flew back into midair hitting the back wall and slowly being choked into unconsciousness.

Everyone in the most shocked by this as the doors flew open to see the hooded figure of Darth Vader the Sith Lord of balance walk into the room as if he owned it behind him was none other than his own apprentice as well as up to five Mandalorian's who were direct behind him, Viral walked forward with a superior smirk upon his face thinking that there was no way that this mere child could possibly to feed him as well as his Masters earlier apprentice Orochimaru.

"Well look what we have here, the so-called Sith of balance come before us seeking to know the true power of the dark side of the force."

Naruto turned to Pain and Konan and then spoke to his friends and comrades, "Get those two out of here as soon as possible I will deal with him and snake as well as his butt buddy."

The snake and his apprentice took this a bit personally and began to advance upon Naruto only for him to shoot his hands out calling upon the power of the force to send them flying in to the opposite wall, the two of them used their the ladies in the forced to stop from being crushed to death only to hit the ground and pull out their Lightsabers.

Orochimaru's Lightsaber was a dark purple and his personal apprentice Kabuto who had a blood red double bladed Lightsaber which blared to life along with his masters as they approached this old enemy only to watch him move both of his arms out with what look like Lightsabers appearing in both hands which then came to life any brilliant show off red and blue.

Viral for the first time became concerned as he could feel the power radiating off the Sith Lord of balance who then quickly went into battle cutting the ground of the room as he quickly proved to be more than a match for the two dark Sith hands, not only did Naruto block in Perry every one of their moves with ease he also force them on the defensive with every move that he made.


Fū and Yugito playing in the courtyard of what was once the water monk Temple with many of the youngling's happily playing with each other, Yugito had often wondered what it would be like to have children but also feared what would happen to her seal and also was a tiny bit afraid for her fellow host as she watched Fū not only smile at the children but also rub her swollen belly.

But while they watched the children play contently in the room they were all shocked and concerned as they felt want could only be described as an explosion rocked the Temple and the door leading out of the courtyard was one of its hinges.

The two women and the children looked up to see strange ninjas in black, like gear that reminded them of the troopers but with a more sinister purpose leading them was none other than the young Jedi in training Sasuke Uchiha.

End of C8.