Title: New Year's Eve

Rating: K+

A/N: Just a little New Year's Eve ficlet for Bridgette and Andrew. Hope you enjoy. I'm saying Juliet is out with friends for the night – not home.

"Shiv?" Andrew called as he walked in the door of their home.

"Yes," she asked, walking up and giving him a light kiss.

He placed his briefcase and coat on the chair. "Are you finally going to tell me what event we're going to tonight?" Andrew asked. The lovely, but simple, dress she wore gave him no hints. After their anniversary had been ruined by the situation with Gemma, she'd promised him a perfect New Year's Eve to make up for it.

"You'll see," she promised. "We have some time before we need to leave. What you're wearing is fine, or you can change into whatever is comfortable," she told him.

Two hours later they stepped out of the car, and Andrew realized they were in front of Siobhan's favorite spa. "It's a bit late for a trip to the spa to get ready, Shiv," he teased.

"This is our New Year's Eve. The spa is ours for the evening. They have dinner ready for us – delivered, since they don't prepare any full dinners. Then we can soak in the hot tub or use the steam room. Don't worry, I have you're swim suit, and mine, in here," she said, lifting her arm slightly to indicate her bag.

"And then?" he asked, surprised, though not as much as he once would have been, but her plans for the evening.

"You'll see," she said, taking his hand and leading him into the building.

The small lunge room they ate in was candle-lit, and the dinner was catered from his favorite restaurant. Andrew honestly couldn't remember a dinner with just Siobhan that he'd enjoyed more. They talked about their plans for the new year, Juliet, and anything else that came into their minds.

In the hot tub, Bridgette relaxed against Andrew, his arms around her, her head resting on his shoulder. They also swam in the pool for a bit.

Once they dried off, she led him to the salon. Bridgette had him relax back, and washed his hair, taking her time and giving his scalp a gentle massage.

Then Bridgette led him to a small room with a massage table, and his favorite classical music playing softly in the background. She gave him full body massage, taking her time to make sure to get out all the tension.

Andrew wasn't sure what to say to his wife. Siobhan had never lavished this kind of attention on him, even when they were dating or on their honeymoon. But this confirmed to him, just as Christmas had, that Siobhan really did want to make their marriage work. And, he mused, the way things had been with them lately, they might even have a new baby within the next year or two. Not that it could ever replace the lost child, but it was a still a comforting thought. A kiss on his shoulder blade brought his attention fully back to the present, and enjoying the massage.

Once the massage was over, he stood up and pulled Siobhan into his arms. "Thank you, Love. That was… wonderful. And this is the perfect evening – just as you promised."

"It's still not over," she reminded him, placing a kiss on his neck. They stayed like that, him holding her close, and her arms around him, for a few minutes.

"What now?" Andrew asked, once they'd changed back into their usual clothes.

"Now, we go home. I have your champaign waiting for us," she told him, her sultry smile telling him what else she had in mind once they were home.

The champaign went unnoticed, and the New Year ignored, as they were lost in each other for the rest of the night.