Leonard walked into his apartment. He looked sullen, staring at his feet and flopping on the couch, face first. He contemplated crying, but decided he was too sad to even try.

About 5 minutes and 43 seconds later, Sheldon walked into the living room from his bedroom. One look at his friend and his gaze softened. Although, he kept up his façade of being an emotionless wall quite well. He walked gently over to Leonard and poked him in the shoulder three consecutive times.


Three more pokes.


Three more pokes.


Leonard sighed, too tired to be annoyed, "What?"

"Two things. One, your feet are in my spot. Two, you look glum."

"Very observant."

"Nay. Anyone who would've walked in here would have noticed this immediately."

"Sarcasm, Sheldon."

Sheldon pursed his lips and stamped his foot, "Oh for goodness… Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it!"

Leonard, tactfully, did not reply. He simply rolled on his side and pulled his legs to his chest. Sheldon sat down, and tried to think of the right words that would comfort his 'bestie' as Amy Farrah Fowler put it. It would help if he had more to go on. What happened? Right, questions first, comforting later.

"What's wrong, Leonard?"

Leonard looked thoughtful, as if trying to figure out what was asked of him, and his eyes finally filled with tears, "Penny's gone."

Sheldon was surprised. This was certainly not something he was expecting. Penny was gone?

"What do you mean?"

"She's gone… Her apartment is empty… I tried calling her cell, but she wouldn't answer… I called the Cheesecake Factory but they said she quit… She's gone!"

Leonard broke down, then. His hands coming up to cover his face as he started bawling. His body racked as his sounds of sadness filled the room. Sheldon was confused as to what to do. A hot beverage seemed unfit for this situation… maybe a hug? How does one hug?

A loud sob added with a few coughs snapped Sheldon out of his reverie. While he was pondering, Leonard was in the process of getting up and racing to his room. Currently, he had only managed to stand up.

Sheldon reacted quickly by wrapping his arms around Leonard's waist and pulling him back down to the couch. A moment later, he was surprised by what he had done. Leonard's hands were gone from his face, and were pushing against Sheldon.

Leonard squirmed, "Let me go!"

Sheldon could see the puffiness of his eyes and the tears that were still falling.

Leonard pressed harder, "Please, Sheldon, just let me go!"

Sheldon reciprocated by tightening his arms, crushing Leonard to his chest. Leonard's head fell right under Sheldon's chin, and a surprised gasp escaped from Leonard's throat. Leonard's arms were affectively trapped between his own chest and Sheldon's arm. His hands pressed together under his chin. The position was awkward, but oddly comforting.

Sheldon kept one hand wrapped around Leonard and used his free hand to stroke Leonard's hair.

"Wh-what… what is this?"

"It's a hug, Leonard. Am I not doing it correctly? If so, I apologize."

"A hug?" Leonard sounded so confused and lost.

Sheldon sighed, "I am trying to comfort you."


Leonard's eyes filled with tears again, and within moments sobs racked his body. Sheldon stroked his hair and rocked him, murmuring words of comfort.

"Penny," Leonard sobbed. He buried his face into Sheldon's chest and pulled himself the rest of the way up onto Sheldon's lap. He somehow got his hands free and threw his arms around Sheldon's chest.

Sheldon was shocked from the sudden motion, but simply 'rolled with it.'

"Listen, Lenny…"

That made Leonard freeze. Sheldon hasn't used that nickname in years. Leonard was still crying, but at a more reasonable level. Sheldon gently pressed against Leonard's chest until they could look each other in the eye. Leonard was still crying, but at least it wasn't sobbing.

"Lenny," Sheldon started again, and resumed stroking Leonard's hair, "Don't be sad."

"How can I not?" Leonard cried, "Penny left without a word!"

"Shh. Shh. It's all right. You want to know why, because you are not alone."


"You are not alone, Leonard. I'm here. Your friends are here. We are all here, for you."

Leonard's eyes widened. Sheldon took this as a good thing. He wasn't sure if was doing this properly, but it seemed to be right. No matter, he decided to keep moving forward.

"Things may seem bad right now, but it will get better."

Sheldon then did something he never did. He acted on impulse.

He leaned in and gave Leonard a kiss on the forehead.

When he pulled away, Leonard's face was one of pure shock, with a hint of redness.


Sheldon frowned, "I don't like it when you're unhappy."

Leonard seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

"I like it when you smile," Sheldon continued, although it sounded like he was talking to himself. His mind was going over all of the facts. All the possibilities and outcomes. That's when something clicked.

"I-I have just realized something."

Leonard found his voice, "What is it?"

Sheldon quickly leaned forward and gave Leonard a peck on the lips. It was so quick he wasn't even sure it happened.

"Sheldon!" Leonard squeaked. His face was completely red now, "What was that?"

"A kiss. I have realized that I feel something more than friendship for you."

"Sheldon… I'm emotionally weak right now, and you decide to kiss me?"

"Why? Is that socially unacceptable?"

"Well… Most people would think you were taking advantage of me."

Sheldon scoffed, "I am not taking advantage of you! I am simply trying to comfort you and trying to show you how I feel about you."

"Well, you… you did a good job."

"So are you no longer upset?"

Leonard sighed, "Of course I am."

"Why? Was my comfort ineffective? You know, why should you cry over Penny? She obviously never thought of you as more than a friend, and in time she might come back and explain why she left. You shouldn't cry over something you never had."

"I… know…" The tears started to fall again.

"Oh, I made it worse."

"No. No, I just know now that I'm being an idiot."


"Give me a second, and I'll be back to normal."

"Normal? Leonard, there is no such thing as normal."

"Quiet, Sheldon."

They sat there for a while in silence. Leonard sniffed and rubbed his eyes, and then finally looked up.

"Thank you, Sheldon." Leonard said, and then leaned in and pressed his lips to Sheldon's.


"I-I want to t-tell you that I… uh… I feel the s-same about you?"


"I understand… that I didn't understand my feelings for Penny, and now you say that… you… you like me, and for some reason that makes me… happy, but… but I don't know why!"

"It's okay, Leonard," Sheldon said, resuming stroking Leonard's hair, "You'll figure it out."

"Help me," Leonard said softly, and he crushed his lips against Sheldon's. He pulled himself as close as he could to Sheldon and put his hands into his short hair.

Sheldon went still with shock, but his brain restarted when he felt Leonard's hands in his hair. He quickly wrapped his arms around Leonard's waist, pressing against his back, and pulling them impossibly closer.

Leonard maneuvered himself so that he was straddling Sheldon. He jumped and pulled away when he felt a tongue poke at his lips.

"Shelly… What are you doing?"

"I am trying to initiate a French kiss."

Leonard was stunned, "Oh."

Sheldon gripped the sides of Leonard's face and pulled him in for another kiss. This time Leonard didn't fight when Sheldon's tongue lightly touched his lips. He hesitantly opened his mouth and was surprised when it actually felt good. The kiss was smooth, gentle, and love. It was like Sheldon was afraid of breaking Leonard. Sheldon rocked his hips up, and Leonard moaned into his mouth.

Sheldon broke away then, and went to Leonard's neck. He nipped at it lightly, earning another moan from Leonard. Leonard's head fell back, exposing more of his neck.

Sheldon pulled away, his pupils were dilated, a sure sign of arousal.

"Lenny… We'd better stop, now, or I won't be able to stop later."

Leonard's eyes widened as he understood what he meant.

He gulped, "R-right. Ok-kay, let's stop now."

He got up, and blushed when he realized just how suggestive their position was. He sat down next to Sheldon and was surprised when Sheldon wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. Sheldon was cuddling?

"Shelly… Thanks, but where does this put us?"

"I suspect that we should enter a romantic relationship of course. Why? Do you not want that?"

"No! No, I do, but I thought you said you never saw the point of relationships or coitus with people."

"With women. You never asked about men."

Leonard sighed and rolled his eyes, "So we're in a relationship now… So that makes us boyfriend and…"


"Right… Do we tell the others?"

"I am ready to tell them, but I understand that homosexuality is generally unacceptable. So I understand that you want to keep it under the radar, so to speak. When you are ready to speak up we will speak up."

"Okay," Leonard nodded, "Good."

"Leonard… Are you happy with this?"

Leonard smiled, "Yes. I am."

Sheldon gave a small grin, "Good. Now, I suggest we get ready. Howard and Raj will be over soon."

Leonard smiled and stood up, giving Sheldon a small peck on the lips, "I'll go take a cold shower."

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed it! If you want me to continue on, tell me and I will!

Did you catch the Doctor Who reference?

Written by: Kakashi