Harvest Moon: All Soul's Day.

Try the Midnight Harvest Moon love potion, guaranteed to make even a Vampire fall in Love with a Werewolf~~ It's all natural brew will attract the two together be it two boys, two girls, or even Heterosexuals~~"

Amu frowned at the television. "Why do they make it sound like heterosexuality is such a bad thing?"

"Amu-chi…? What are heter-"

"It's nothing Ami." Quickly Amu turned off the television. Hoping her little sister hadn't seen anything more…..or asking anymore unnecessary questions that will make Amu want to hit her head against a wall…

Just as she managed to make the screen go dark, her mother came in, waving her magic wand creating glittering silver and pink sparkles around her. "Amu~ my precious bad witch~ Are you ready for the party down at your friend Rima's~?" Her dark brown hair was pinned up in a French ponytail. Her purple cape fluttered around her in her antics.

Excitement bubbled in Amu's stomach and a big smile came to her face at the reminder of the excitement of the party. "Yes Mama."

That's when the man of the house came in and he was dressed in his wizard hat and purple and blue outfit. "Papa! What are you doing? You never wear your hat….or your robes for that matter!" The skinny man laughed and he spun around dramatically, showing off the official wizard garments, since he only wore them on special occasion.

"I just thought that since our precious little Amu is going out to a party~ I could escort-"

"I would love that Papa, but don't you think Ami needs you for tonight? She said she wanted to practice….her..um…"

"Ami wanted Papa to teach her more magic~" Ami squealed and pouted latching onto her father, her little blond pigtails bouncing up and down. Mr. Hinamori had no chance against the eyes that probed his soul. He spun her round and round telling her words to soothe her and how he would love to teach her more magic spells to the young witch.

Amu sighed and laughed a little embarrassed that her father babied Ami.

"Amu~" Her mother came up to her, but her smile was very genuine. "You look like a true witch~ I knew I was right to order that outfit for you~"

Her Mother conjured up a full body mirror just to prove the point. "You are soo beautiful."

Amu's outfit contained dark blues, greens, pinks, and gold's. Her mother began to go into an articulate description on how this outfit was chosen, but to put it simply, she wore gloves with slight points over the fingers, and her short's slightly loose. She wore a shirt with a slight collar. Her hat proudly sat on her head. A portion was bent and a jewel in the form of a clover was on the base.

Amu's mother continued in her ogling of the outfit when the doorbell rang.

"Ooohh~ We have company~!" Amu's mother cooed, the mirror disappearing, as she pranced towards the door to see who it is.

Were the Gods above getting a good kick ant her mother humiliating her? Amu listened to her mother at the door. "Oh well hello Tadase! Aren't you looking wonderful today!"

Things brightened a little. Now she could go to the party at Rima's! The pale, slightly transparent boy walked into the room. His faded color's fascinating to the eye.

"Hey Amu." He said with a smile, his eyes the color of the sky in a crimson sunset shown at her.

"Hey Tadase." A year ago Tadase used to be alive and well…A year ago he fell ill and he passed away, his soul left here to wander the earth, it's a little sad, but with someone like Tadase things never get boring.

"Let's not hang around like the dead!" Tadase said with a smile and concentrated a little to take hold of Amu's hand leading her away from the living room to the front door. If this had been in elementary school, Amu would have blushed up a storm…now it seems almost silly…Tadase always was just a friend

"By Mama! Papa!" Her parents said goodbye to her, Her mother jumping up and down, Amu's father visibly resisting from trying to exorcise Tadase. Amu smiled at the voice of her parents, ignoring her father.

"How are you today Tadase..?" Amu said. At that moment four little sprites popped up out of thin air and floated around. These little creatures were smaller than her hand. Amu wasn't quite sure how these little dream creatures could fly since they didn't have wings…at one point they had tried to explain but just trying to think about it again, made Amu's head want to explode.

"Yeah Tadase~ How are you~?" The pink one said and floated to his face. She wore a cheer-leading outfit, with a visor. She was bouncing up and down and all around. Amu quickly was becoming impatient as they walked.

The blue one, wearing an artist's outfit her hair hidden in the big beret she wore, flew beside my head and sighed, drawing in a tiny sketch book of hers. The green one was looking at all of the decorations around them that was to celebrate All Souls Day.

"Look Amu!" The gold one said, she wearing an Idol's outfit. "Everything is so sparkly, and pretty!" Her pink pigtails swished around as she looked about the neighborhood as they continued on their walk.

The neighborhood was covered in orange and white lights. Some people had skeletons in their yard, or offerings from All hallows eve to the ghosts. Children were laughing and playing in the yards, all sorts of creatures of this supernatural town playing under the Harvest moon, from ghouls to sirens.

"Come on guys calm down….this isn't your first All Souls Day." Amu smiled, playfully teasing her sprites.

The pink sprite puffed her cheeks. "But Miki isn't doing anything at all! I'm trying to pep her up!"

"That's where you're wrong Ran." Miki held up a quick sketch of the neighborhood. Ran flew over to it and stared at it. "Wooow! Sue! Dia! You gotta see this!" Wondering why Ran was making so much of a fuss, the other two sprites flew over to Ran to take a look see for themselves.

"Ohhh…It's so wonderful Desu!" Complimented Sue, her white cap she wore on her head bounced a little as she clapped her little hands together.

"It really is a work of art Miki!" Dia responded. They all began to talk more and Amu smiled, shaking her head at her troublesome familiars.

Another sprite appeared and he wore a purple cape and red and gold crown. "Kiseki your ruler has arrived!" The sprite announced.

Tadase laughed and also shook his head at his familiar. "I think all of the sprites are insane…don't you think so Amu?"

Amu giggled in response. "I think they were just born like that."

"Maybe so." Tadase walked through a telephone pole and he shuddered. "I don't think I'll ever get used to being a ghost. It's weird."

Amu looked at him in confusion. "How?"

"Well let's just say sleeping above your parents room isn't…exactly fun. Especially when…well if you sleep you accidentally sink through the floor..while they are-"

Amu could tell this wasn't a lovely memory so she stopped him. "You don't have to relive the moment Tadase."

Tadase then relaxed and smiled. "Thanks." He said softly. Quietly the the two listened on and Ran was making cheers up, and Sue was joining her. Dia was watching them. Kiseki kept trying to change it up to where everything was about him.

Finally everyone arrived at a huge mansion that belonged to Rima. The yard was decorated in the appropriate spooky manner it was promised, and fake fog misted up from the grass. A skeleton man was leaning against a tree in her yard, and he gave us a grin. "Go on in...if you dare." His voice was deep and manly. For some on reason his voice echoed when he spoke.

Amu smiled and went up to the door to knock. Before she could, the door opened to reveal a petite girl. Her long golden, wavy hair as usual reached below her waist. "Welcome Amu, Tadase. Would you like to come in? Everyone else is here."

Amu and Tadase walked into the house, where just about everyone from their school resided inside partying it out.

Out of nowhere Tadase and Amu were jumped by a boy one year their senior, and he grinned showing off his canines. "Where have you guys been! We had to start the party without you two! Being without our King or our Joker was no fun at all!" His brown spiky hair was soft against Amu's cheek and went through Tadase.

"Oops…sorry Tadase…forgot your body was MIA." Tadase grimaced, but then smiled getting that his friend was only kidding.

Amu laughed, and punched him playfully on the arm. "Kukai! Sorry we're late…my mom wouldn't stop fussing over what I was supposed to wear to the All Souls Day party!"

Kukai clicked his tongue. "If you're mother keeps spoiling you like that, you'll stay a kid forever…but then again…I don't think I would mind that!"

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean? We're in MIDDLE SCHOOL already, next year I'll be in high school!" Amu countered and Kukai only chuckled.

"Because, dear Little witch. Once girls become adults the werewolves come out~" He took off Amu's hat real quick to ruffle her pink hair and placed it back on her head; just as fast as he arrived he was off.

Rima sighed, "I don't think he was referring to himself Amu. You know how his werewolf friends are…the perverts." Rima started smoothing out Amu's now slightly wrinkled clothing.

"Dogs should know better than to rub their smell on people who aren't theirs…" The girl muttered.

Tadase laughed hesitantly. "Is that in reality, or the family rivalry?"

"Both." Rima said bluntly. Amu laughed hesitantly.

Rima got up to Amu's hat and her gaze went to the bare nape of Amu's neck, the vein she was eying beating very rapidly and creating an intoxicating scent to Rima. Her fangs slipped out and she wined a little.

Amu pulled back in surprise and stared at her friend.

"Amu-bloodalla-latte is NOT on the menu Rima!" Amu warned and Rima pouted.

"I was only looking…" Rima said and then puffed her cheeks.

"What are you to doing…?" A kind, melodic voice asked. Amu turned to see that it was Nadeshiko.

Her long shimmering purple black hair went to the middle of her back with it tied up in a high ponytail flowers in the tie that held it back.

Rima looked Nadeshiko up and down from her kimono outfit, her bat wings poking out of the slits made especially for that purpose.

"Dressed like the succubus you are…" Rima mumbled, holding onto Amu's arm sending off death vibes.

Tadase sighed and shook his head. "We're simply having a nice…friendly conversation." Nadeshiko laughed a little and another person entered the scene. He was dressed in a sports outfit and his hair length went all the way to his waist.

"Hey Nagi!" Amu said and Rima gave the Incubus a hard glare. Nagihiko laughed a little and he pried Rima away from Amu and he kissed the blond's hand.

"Is the Vampress not getting her snack? Is that why you're so cranky?" Rima pulled her hand away, and there was a small blush on her cheeks. Nagi smiled playfully at her.

"No." was all she said and she walked away, as she did boys from every angle seemingly attached themselves to her.

Nagi sighed. If that attitude continued there would be no way he could get on her good sighed.

Nadeshiko placed a hand on his shoulder. "It'll be alright. There's no need to worry. Rima's just a little hungry." Nagi laughed. "She's always hungry."

Amu laughed and looked at all of the sprites dancing around to the music that was playing.

Amu looked around at a few people who weren't enjoying themselves. A pixie girl was yelling at a small golem boy that he had stained her new dress. Her bright red drills shining very brightly out of anger.

Amu sighed and smiled. We can't have the party ruined just because of a little stain. Let's fix it shall we? With a twitch of Amu's fingers the stain began to fade and Amu came up to the girl. "Sorry to intrude, but what stain?"

The girl looked down her bright yellow and orange dress and gasped. "I know it was there before!" She felt the spot experimentally to see if it was a trick.

"Well, it's no longer there, so why don't we just-" It was then that Amu realized her sprites were missing. She looked up and there she was…

Ran, floated above Saaya with a cup filled with a red punch and Miki was shaking her head.

Su was off looking at the different types of sprites that were there at the party, a vacant expression on her face as she smiled.

Ran whistled as she continued to fly in a random pattern, then Daichi somehow popped up. Ran and he began to talk. They both began to laugh and Ran bumped into him, causing the cup to fall ...on top of Saaya.

A screech filled air; the entire house went silent… the red of the drink seeped into the orange and yellows of the outfit. Her aura erupted with blood lust and she tried to pinpoint someone to take her anger out on someone. Before anything could be done, her anger fell and locked on Amu. "YOU."


Saaya raised a hand and sparks flew from them. "I'll make you regret you EVER-"

Amu prepared herself to deflect the onslaught of magic, at the same time trying to think of a spell to get out of this mess, when she heard a familiar voice.

"Don't worry Amu-chi!" Was called out and a rubber duck shielded Amu, it turned into a snail and Amu looked it. Wow…I knew Rima was rich but to ACTUALLY serve escargot….

Amu's attention was then turned to the reality of the situation.

Yaya stood in front of her, dressed as a baby...as expected. Her paper thin, pink wings fluttered frantically, and she cooed some nonsense, and Saaya was placed inside giant a rubber beach ball.

"NO!" She screeched making Amu cover her ears.

Saaya looked at her clothes and clenched her fists. She stomped her foot and Yaya stuck her tongue out. "Using magic for bad is a no, no!" Yaya smiled and looked at Amu, her pigtails with big red bows bouncing up and down as she glomped the Witch.

"Glad you finally made it Amu-chi~ I thought you would NEVER make it here~"

Pepe flew over to us and nodded, then turned to the bratty pixie girl. "Saaya needs a timeout."

Kiseki was laughing and laughing. "Man, are we having a ball now!" Pepe laughed along with the sports fitting sprite.

Amu sighed and calmed her rapidly beating heart; Kukai came over to the two with more of the red drinks grinning. "Let's go to the dance floor before Saaya figures out, she can get out of the rubber ball with her own magic…the screech owl."

With that, they went over to the floor that was pumping with pop music, and colorful lights covered every inch of floor.

Amu began to dance along with the weird robot/ pop dance that Kukai was doing. Nagi slid through the crowd along with Nadeshiko.

Nadeshiko smiled at Amu. "Are we welcome to Dance?" Nagi took Amu's hand. "And if we're not! We're going to anyway!" Amu laughed, Yaya pouted and Kukai ruffled her hair. "Come on! Let's dance!" Yaya jumped with glee and was about to before Kairi intervened. "I hope I'm not being an inconvenience by saying that I want to dance with her?"

Kukai grinned, chuckling and spread his hands wide offing Yaya to Kairi.

They both began to….somewhat dance to the upbeat music… if you could call Yaya jumping up and down rapidly and Kairi swaying awkwardly back a forth dancing…

Amu looked at everyone. The only people missing were the sprites, Rima, and Tadase.

Amu looked around at the plethora of kids and she spotted the translucent figure and she sighed. "Oi Tadase! Come on, Dance with us! We're not THAT embarrassing!"

Tadase laughed making his way over to the others; kinda easy for him since he can slide through people. Once he reached the group of friends he started to dance with everyone else…if not with a little bit of unease. Wonder what's gotten into him…

Everyone was having a good time when the music cut off and that caught the group of kid's attention.

Rima was standing on the stage with the DJ and she had a mic. "Thank you for coming everyone. I hope everyone had been having fun." Everyone cheered. Rima smiled a little; every now and then there were cries of 'we love you Rima!'

"Everyone also knows I invited mystery entertainment right?" Everyone cheered and Rima's smile grew more.

"Well. I invited….. Utau Hoshino!" She motioned behind her and lights lit up the dark stage, revealing a girl with blond hair in pigtails dressed in delvish clothes.

She beamed at everyone and took the microphone from Rima. "Is everyone here ready to have the best night of their life?"

Again everyone cheered. "Then let's get this party started!"

Rima got off the stage and a Violin began to play. It was extremely appropriate for the season. This particular tune made everyone excited; it continued and heightened everyone's enthusiasm.

Amu looked at the player, and he was dressed in a costume with cat ears, and a tail. His stomach was showing and he wore something similar to a cape…everything he wore was a different shade of blue….even his HAIR was blue.

Amu scoffed at his costume of choice, simple hex that anyone could have placed on them at the local magic shop, but Amu still couldn't keep her eyes off of him…there was something about him…

Then the signing began and then the along with the screams... Amu had to cover her ears yet again, just to keep herself from becoming deaf.

Kukai laughed. "Wow! It's like they are literally DYING for the devil queen!" Nagi chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Utau sang about how souls that were lost to us were found and regained hope on All Soul's Day.

Amu was having a good time, but something was a bit off, the song was a little TOO captivating. It was just a feeling, but when Amu looked around and saw a couple of sprites flying around. One dressed as a devil, the other a cat.

The Devil one was poking and prodding people, while the other was stuffing himself with fish at the buffet station….Amu sighed and shook her head. It IS All Souls Day…

They song enchanted everyone to their core, each note holding a precision that contained a longing to have the listener interpret the feeling that all spirits felt on All Souls Day.

Tadase was the one moved the most by the music. He looked calm, and Amu let herself smile, happy that her dear friend was peaceful for once. Just to give this little show more pizzazz, she lifted her finger and pictured spirals of fireworks around the singer, she said a few words in a dead language and they appeared as she had desired.

Everyone ooed and awed to the display of magic that was being produced; the violinist dressed as a neko looked straight at Amu. He grinned and continued to play for Utau.

She swayed, and motioned around her. Looking from person to person she could spot. The music pounding in the ears of everyone, but had a flow that poured out from the heart.

Soon the song was finished and the end echoed throughout the house, possible the entire neighborhood.

There were outcries for more and Utau smiled, and nodded. The band playing behind her started up another, better known song of hers, and the Violinist got off of the stage and put away his stringed instrument.

Kukai was grinning, and he looked at Amu. "You did those fireworks right? You're getting better! Soon you won't even need a spell!" He patted Amu on the back with praise, and the others were giving her complements.

"Th-thanks…" Amu mumbled, blushing at all of the attention. Suddenly she got dizzy and she wobbled a little; placing a hand on her head.

She could hear something not quite there….it was saying something…but what?

Amu jumped to feel a hand on her shoulder, but when she looked; it was only Nadeshiko. Her face was twisted in worry, but Amu smiled. "It's nothing Nadeshiko…. I think I'm going to get some air, that spell really took it out of me." She laughed and rubbed the back of her head.

It didn't really, but she wanted to get some fresh air AWAY from all the craziness to clear her head, when she got like this something bad always happened.

Amu was trying to weave through the kids, but it was almost impossible.

Rima came up out of nowhere and took her hand, leading her out of the dance floor to the patio, as she made her way Amu scraped her arm against a table and she winced. Rima tensed a little bit, but continued out.

"It's getting cold, don't stay out for too long." Her soft voice told Amu, and she meant it. The voice also held a kind of stain and Amu looked down at her arm to see that there were a couple of drops.

Rima's eyes became dark…. "Rima…." Amu put a hand on her should and Rima would only look at her arm. "Rima.." Amu repeated….

Still there was no answer. Amu sighed and began to shake her friend. "Rima….Rima….come on…"

This was extremely dangerous….Amu knew that… "Rima….come on…." Then Amu saw the fangs. There was a strong hold on Amu's arm then and Amu froze. This was bad.

"Rima. Calm down….when was the last time you fed?" Amu's voice shook ever so slightly.

This only happened once before…it was the first day of their first year in Middle school… Amu had been stupid enough to climb the highest tree to see the view…the branch broke and her hand got slashed really badly…and blood was just pouring out…

Rima had just appeared with the same look, took her hand and licked it all up, as well as sealing the wound…and since then Rima had acted weird towards her about her blood… The teacher had wanted to take Amu to the hospital, but Rima insisted that Amu was fine.

Suddenly Rima released Amu and looked at the ground ashamed. "I'm sorry Amu… Just a little…? I don't how much longer I'll last…Mama and Papa didn't bring and blood into the party for me to drink…"

She looked more intently down at the floor and she looked so hungry. "Just those two drops…that's all…"

Amu looked a little conflicted, but sighed. "Well it's not like it'll kill me.." Rima perked up and giggled.

"Thank you." She whispered and took Amu's arm carefully and she brought her lips to slight wound and licked and sucked a little…Amu giggled a little at the touch… It was weird to people said it hurt, when that wasn't true in the least, well then again; Amu hasn't been actually bitten.

As soon as that was done Rima released Amu's arm and touched her lips and swallowed a little bit, a blush tinting her cheeks. "You taste so yummy Amu…and your smell is intoxicating…" Amu laughed hesitantly.

"Well, I'm flattered…I think I'll get that fresh air now.."

"Be careful Amu…you never know what creatures will come out on All Soul's…" There was more than a hidden meaning in her words….it was also seemed like a warning…

"I'll be careful." Amu assured, and walked to the railing of the house…She looked at the clear sky. It was perfect day to fly. Amu sighed a little longingly at the sky almost wishing that she had brought her broom…

"So the little witch is also a snack for a vampire?" Amu turned around at the slight deep, yet melodic voice. Amu had to grab her hat, it almost fell off.

There he was, the Violinist with blue hair and cat ears…

"You watched that…?" Amu said and blushed, highly embarrassed.

"Of course I watched it; I had to, just in case she decided to take more than you were offering to her." He had a sly grin on face…. Almost as though he were hoping that Rima was going to do exactly that.

"Well I'm happy to know a complete stranger is looking out for me, if I don't get eaten, might as well get harassed!" Amu said defiantly and held her hand up ready to send out a spell that would REALLY turn him into a cat.

The mystery boy laughed. "It seems you have the wrong Idea. The name's Ikuto," As he gave a mock bow and he looked at Amu. "You are?"

Ikuto, as he called himself, began to step forward and Amu looked him up and down trying to assess the situation at hand. Slowly she put her hand down. "I-I'm Amu…Amu hi-"

"Hinamori." Ikuto interrupted, grinning wider, "I saw the guest list." Amu clenched her hands into fists, but tried to stay civil.

"So…Ikuto what brings you out here in the crisp air? Won't it make you melt since you're obviously on fire today?"

The cat eared boy swished his tail and shrugged. "It looked like the thing to do, Chibi-chan."

Amu gaped at him. Was he TRYING to provoke her?

"WELL, if that's it, then I think I'll be leaving." Amu began to move. She wanted to go back to her friends and relay what had just happened to her.

Suddenly her arm was took and She looked to see Ikuto was stopping her from leaving his blue eyes lit with a determination...WAIT hold the broomstick!

If Amu didn't know any better, she almost thought he looked protective.

"What the-! Let me go before I turn you into something-"

Ikuto put a hand over her mouth and shushed her. There were crashes and screams coming from inside the house.

"Now what's going on…?" Ikuto wondered out loud.

Still they didn't move and that's when the glass door opened to reveal Tadase….how did he open the door? "Amu! You have to get out of here…it's-it's HUMANS they….they are trying…"

Ikuto laughed. "Humans huh? I'll take care of them." Tadase raised his gaze at Ikuto, and it almost seemed that Tadase recognize him, but soon the look was gone.

Amu got back to the subject at hand, her eyes widened. "But you can't possibly-"

But it was too late; Ikuto was already in the house. Amu followed and indeed there were humans…at least seventeen of them grabbing her classmates and trying to destroy the house.

Amu immediately began to look for her friends and was relieved to see that they all were putting up a good fight with them.

Amu tripped and tied a couple humans and she smiled. These barbarians didn't stand a chance against them…

Amu was then grabbed by an unseen human and his breath stank of alcohol, and a fairy drink…

He was lanky and had a five O'clock shadow. He grinned lazily, and his teeth were black and yellow…a couple of them were missing..

"Looks like we got a witch here-" The man didn't even finish his sentence before he was slammed into the wall. Ikuto looked menacing. A hand held the Human's throat and partially blocked the airway.

"Tell me, how did you enter our town? You know the law. No humans allowed. What brings you here?"

Apparently the man was taking too long to answer so he was slammed against the wall again. "I'll give you to the count of five, before I decide to turn you into a slug, to answer my question. One."

The man struggled, but it was useless against Ikuto's tight, strong hold. "Two."

Some of the guys buddies came up behind Ikuto, but Amu was at the ready with a spell that caught their pants on fire, and they quickly ran off.


The man held a frightened look in his eye, and looked around for an escape.

"Four. Do I really have to say the next number?"

Quickly the man began to tell him about the hole in the barrier, and how the cloaked themselves with fairy drinks.

Ikuto dropped him abrubtly and scoffed. "Our police are getting more and more useless." Ikuto sighed and released the man, but quickly a cage appeared around him. "I think you deserve to die, but the law simply says humans are to be taken to the high council for their decision. Should I do so?" Ikuto inquired, but something strange began to change in the man…the skin seemed to morph and shrink into a black sprite looking…thing.

"Ah, I see now… a Dark Sprite." Ikuto muttered something and the cage began to glow with a bluish, purple light. Even though the "Dark sprite" tried to escape, it couldn't, for it was repelled back.

It began to speak in a language that was unknown to Amu, a series of gurgles and screeches'.

Amu visibly flinched just hearing the language. She wasn't EXACTLY sure what the poor creature was saying... but it was almost a mourning sound. Just simply out of pity Amu reached out to touch the poor thing in order to comfort it.

Ikuto quickly stopped her; taking her hand Ikuto gave her a warning glace. "Careful Amu. These dark Sprites are something you don't EVER touch. They aren't dangerous…but on All Souls Day they become…stronger." He let go of her hand.

Ran flew up beside Amu a little shaken. "Cat boy's right Amu…Dark Sprites aren't very peppy in the least. Unlike us regular sprites~ she danced around a little, creating her pompoms in thin air and did a little cheer about pep of the spirit. (Something like pump pump pump it up except "pep pep pep it up! Pep your dreams own spirit up!")

Amu laughed a little hesitantly. "Ran I think we get it."

"But you don't." Miki said, and flew up beside Amu. Su came next. "Dark Sprites are bad Amu…"

Dia shook her head. "Us sprites nourish and support dreams…Dark sprites destroy them creating nightmares and cause mischief."

Amu then realized her almost huge mistake, and turned to thank Ikuto for stopping her, but when she did; the only thing there was thin air.


Even Tadase didn't see him leave and he turned in a complete circle. "He just….vanished." Kiseki popped out of nowhere purple sparkles in his wake. "How could that heathen of gotten away so quickly?"

Miki cocked her head, "Do you even know the meaning of that word?"

Kiseki turned a shade of red out of anger and he clenched his tiny fist. "Of course I know what it means!"

Ran giggled, "Then tell us what it means all might king of ours!"

Su nodded and smiled. "Yes, yes please do desu!"

Kiseki was taken aback and he began to stutter, "Well, well it- of course it means-"

Daichi laughed. "You SO don't know what it is!"

Again Kiseki turned a shade of red, then purple. "Give him a rest Daichi, he's had a long day." Temari came up and soon enough, as the scene settled down more Amu's other friends came up and got together their senses.

Nagi shook his head. "What the heck was that…?" Amu shrugged. "I thought they were humans…" Nagi continued, "But suddenly they turned into these creatures that looked like our spites, but they didn't seem the same. They were….Darker, black."

"According to the man who calls himself Ikuto," Tadase answered, "These are called Dark Sprites."

The ghost boy gestured over to the charmed cage and the black mass and as though on cue, rounds of attempts to get out were made…in vain.

Amu sighed. "I don't know what to do with it." Kukai grimaced as he looked at it.

"That looks….interesting." He decided on the word. He nodded and grinned. "Well, better get it out of the house." Amu nodded and whispered another spell, and sliver sparks surrounded the cage, lifting up into the air, making it float.

"I think I'm going to go home guys." Amu said. "My parents might be getting worried."

Yaya pouted and hugged on Amu begging her not to go, Pepe doing the same to Amu's sprites.

"Yaya!" Amu said peeling her friend off of her. "I know you don't want me to, but if you hug on me like that I might die from you crushing me!"

Kairi helped Amu, and he shook his head. "You need to act more maturely Yaya…" His hand squeezed her shoulder lightly, and then he let go.

Yaya blushed and shook her head. "Nononononononoooo Yaya doesn't WANT to be mature! Yaya wants to be a baby forever!"

Amu laughed, and everyone else did as she and Pepe threw their tantrum together.

Nadeshiko nodded to Amu. "You go home now; I think everything here is under control."

"Thanks." With that Amu began to leave. The house was a complete mess, and the cage floated after Amu, as was the nature of the spell casted on it. For the most part, the creature was silent, but Amu couldn't help but wonder what it was saying as it made the gurgling sounds.

The moon was high up in the sky and Amu sighed. She would've done anything just to get to fly tonight…

There was movement in the shadows, and Amu froze. "Wh-whose there?"

There was no answer, but there was movement. Amu shivered a little, and Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia, were huddled together looking around for the threat.

Since nothing was coming out, Amu shrugged and continued on; deciding to take a path through the park.

There was a sound…like a pull or a call…Amu looked at the path she normally would've taken, but something inside her told her that she shouldn't…she headed towards where the pull took her. Soon she saw Ikuto, standing at a Gazebo. His eyes closed and him moving as he played.

That's when she really heard the song.

It was mournful and held deep emotion. It was something that struck the air with suddenness but when the air left the air it was almost soft…but when she listened to it more it seemed to miss something to it….as it picked up pace it sounded almost of jealousy, as though it wanted to be happy but was unable. This song was something that could bring tears to your eyes, and when it ended Amu really was close tears.

Ikuto looked up from his instrument and sighed, smirking the tiniest bit. "I knew you would come." He began to put away his instrument and his ears twitched a little, as though he heard something which made Amu curious, but she didn't ask.

"How did you know I would come?

He grinned. "There was a summoning spell in the tune."

"You summoned me?" Amu was taken aback. "You…. Idiotic, egotistical, cat!"

Ikuto began to stride towards Amu. "You forgot to mention sly, and handsome."

"Handsome, if you mean by. 'I use my looks to unsuspecting girls' and the way you use your slyness looks like you're going to rape someone!" Amu was backing up as he came forward, and Ikuto chuckled.

Obviously, having more cat-like features than the hex of cat ears and a tail. Speaking of the tail, it swished behind the Blue-haired boy playfully.

Amu looked at the tail, as if on cue it lifted up and caressed her chin lightly. It tickled and she moved it out if her face, a hint of a smile pulling on her lip.

Ikuto chuckled and bent down to her level.

"You're very interesting Amu…a witch who can mutter spells and yet use them effortlessly. With the right training…by the right person, you could use spells, by only using your inner thought."

Ikuto was uncomfortably close to Amu's face, and a blush crept across her cheeks. "I-I'm perfectly fine mentoring under my parents…"

"You sure? I'm almost positive your parents have to use magical aids for spells right? Even if they don't use words."

Amu began to stutter. "Th-that has NOTHING to do with you!" Ikuto chuckled and kissed her nose. "You should think about my offer."

Just like that he was off. Amu didn't notice him subtly snap his finger and the cage disappeared from sight.

Amu touched her nose, her face aflame with embarrassment. "HEY! Don't just leave!"

But it was too late, he was already gone. "WH-where…?" Amu frantically looked around, but found no trace of the cat boy. Then she tried to sense where he had gone, by relaxing and spreading out her aura, but still found no trace.

She noticed the cage was gone and she looked around and looked for the magic connection, but there wasn't a sign of it anywhere...

"Urgh…..stupid cat…" Amu shook her head, and some of her pink locks got in her face, so she moved them out of the way.

"I can't believe I actually thought he was going to kiss me…"

Ran came out of wherever she was hiding and giggled. "He almost KISSED you Amu! Keep it! Keep it up!"

Miki shook her head. "He did kiss her…just on the nose."

Su came up to and giggled her little heart out. "It was sooo cuute desu~"

Dia nodded her approval. Amu only blushed. "Come on guys, we better get home…"

Along the way, Amu just couldn't get this bad feeling out of her bones…like someone was following them. Suddenly a car pulled up beside Amu, it was long and black and Amu tried to look inside it, as she walked but the windows were so tinted that Amu couldn't see inside the car.

It slowed as it approached her, but Amu continued, and the car followed her, matching her pace. Amu looked at the car a little frightened.

"Ran…Miki…Su….Dia…please tell me you see the car I am seeing."

"Plain as day Amu." Miki said and she shook her head. "Probably some weirdo."

"Then what do I do?" Amu squeaked. Slowly the window lowered and there was a little boy sitting in the seat. He looked her up and down, with a nod with his head the car drove away. "What…?"

Ran shrugged, and just as Amu was about to go. Just about a thousand of Dark sprites appeared and Amu shrieked.

They all came closer, murmuring things unintelligible. Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia were huddled together shaking and Amu tried to conjure a shield. The Dark sprites shattered it and Amu screamed again….she screamed for help…from anyone….

One of the sprites managed to touch her, and Amu felt cold. Almost numb of all feelings a voice in her head whispered. You're dream is useless it won't come true. Just give in…give in…

Amu struggled to counter the seductive voice, and she tried to break free.

Dreams never come true. They're useless. Do not fight. Feel what we felt when we tried to fulfill our dreams…disappointment…fear…emptiness…

There was a tone of a violin…then a flash of blue light… Amu heard the screech of the Sprite. Slowly she blinked, the warmness of her body filling her again. Amu looked around, trying to see who stopped the voice. All she could see was a figure with cat ears and a tail…

The dark sprites saw him as well and went to attack Amu's savior, but another tune sounded creating a strong wind, blasting them back by a good fifty feet.

Soon they all came back at full force, trying to touch him, wailing in the horrid language that Amu now knew to be of sadness, and dread for their lost dreams…

Practically all of the dark sprites banded together, to create a ginormas blob, and with an 'arm' it swiped at….Ikuto?

Ikuto sighed, and shook his head. He put his bow to his stringed instrument played a tune with his violin creating a bolt of energy that captured a portion of the sprites.

Just of enough of the sprites were captured, for the mass to collapse. Ikuto put his bow to his instrument again, and on cue the others scattered running for their lives and Ikuto smirked.

He put away his violin carefully shaking his head. "Tonight is always so damn busy…"

He snapped his finger and the orb of dark blue light imploded with blue sparks. "Wh-what-?"

When Ikuto looked at Amu, her voice was caught in her throat. Ikuto smirked, "Why does it concern you…?"

Amu shivered and began to back away. "I-I-I-I-I just wanna know what happened to the sprites…I mean if you killed them-?"

"What would you do if I did?" The cat boy said, and put his hands in his pockets walking towards her.

"I-I…." Ikuto got close to Amu and he grinned. "Would you see me as the bad guy…?"

"Dark sprites are still peoples dreams even if they've lost hope so-"

"They aren't, they are the fragments of nightmares. They aren't living."

Amu stopped backing away, her eyes going wide. "What…?"

Ikuto chuckled. "People who have nothing to do with this situation shouldn't meddle. My boss is already going to get on my case." He stretched and Yoru came up and made a chuckled..or hissing sound. "YEAH, don't get involved."

Ikuto looked lazily at Amu. "If you want to know more about it, come here tomorrow, but know this: If you come that means you become my apprentice and you join this job I'm in."

He patted her head, and then ruffled her hair…when had she lost her hat…? Ikuto began to walk. With a pause he turned to look at her over his shoulder. "If I were you, I would come; you might just learn something for a change."

With that, he was gone.

Well isn't this just grand? Amu had twenty-four hours to decide if she wanted to be an apprentice, AND determine her future carrier!

Amu clenched her fists at her side and yelled up at the sky. "Why does this have to happen to me!"

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