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"So Amy, Rory we have the whole of time and space, all that ever was and all that ever will be. Where would you like to go?" asked The Doctor enthusiastically

"Uh well..."

"Spit it out Rory. Oh never mind let's go to..." he said pausing for effect "CARDIFF!"

Amy walked into the control room looking suspiciously at The Doctor who was bouncing around the TARDIS console, slamming down on a few buttons every now and again.


"I don't need a parrot Pond" he told her patronizingly,

"Shut up" she smirked before whacking him playfully, then going and hugging Rory.

Rory looked up confused "Why are we going to Cardiff Doctor? Why not some I don't know alien planet"

"Why not? Fresh air, fish and chips, birds, rift running through time and space, I don't know Pond you can take Amy shopping, do whatever you humans like to do"

"A rift running through time and space?"

The Doctor stopped bouncing around the console and looked at Amy and Rory.

"Yeah, a rift running through time and space it gives off radiation, completely harmless but good for the TARDIS. I can just park her there wait a bit and then WHAM! Engines all charged... well it's a bit more complicated than that, but I thought if I put it like that you would be able to understand. You humans look at you only using..."

"Doctor" Amy interrupted

Rory looked thoughtful "So it's like a pit stop and the TARDIS uses the radiation like fuel"

"Yes Roranicus, brilliant I knew there was a reason you're onboard travelling with me"

"Well thanks I think... wait-"

The Doctor slammed down a lever, causing the whole TARDIS shake violently

"Cardiff here we come!"

"Jack where exactly are you going again?" asked Gwen impatiently

"I've already told you" he said pulling a suitcase out of his office "I have to go and check out these really strange readings originating from space"

"In Russia?"

"The readings are strongest there Gwen, besides you're not gonna be alone. Owen and Ianto will be with you"

"Actually" asked Ianto curiously "why are only you and Tosh going?"

"Because she's our computer genius and we're going to check out weird signals and she's good with all that. Cheer up guys we all can't go, who's going to monitor the rift and watch out for Weevils"

"But Jack"

"Don't but Jack me; it'll be fine ok now I really have to go"

Gwen walked up to Jack and hugged him "See you soon, I'll miss you" she said pulling out from the hug.

Jack turned to Ianto and cupped his face kissing him softly "See you soon Yanty"

"Don't call me that!"

"But I know that you love it really".

Owen casually strolled in and glanced at the large suitcase Jack was pulling

"So are you leaving now?"

"Yeah if I want to get the catch the jet"

"How long do you think you'll be gone for?"

"I really don't know it could be a week, two weeks I honestly don't know. We'll just have to see how it turns out."

He turned and looked at Ianto, Owen and Gwen seriously"

"Here comes the lecture" Owen whispered to Ianto

"When I come back I want the Hub in one piece, that means no dangerous alien artefacts being used as paperweights Gwen, or coffee spills breaking the laptops Ianto, and I definitely don't want Myfanwy escaping again Owen".

"Hurry Jack or we'll miss the jet"

"Okay Tosh I'm coming, see ya" shouted Jack as he ran out of the Hub.

"This should be fun" said Ianto sarcastically

Gwen yawned and sat down "So what now?"

"Well" smirked Owen evilly "Ianto can you make us some coffee, oh and don't spill it this time" he laughed

Ianto sighed "That was your fault Owen"

Rose Tyler glared at the mountain of never ending paperwork that had just been dumped on her desk

"Why" she groaned still looking at it as if it might attack her

Jake walked in laughing hysterically "HAH! Rose Tyler, the ultimate Torchwood paperwork avoider has finally been caught and brought down to justice"

"Well I have been successful for just over 4 weeks" she huffed

"And now it's all caught up with you, and you get that monster on your desk" he pointing to the endless piles of paper work.

"I'm so tired" she yawned rubbing her eyes and glancing at her watch, 11pm

"You know what I'll wait up for you to finish if you want" he offered grabbing a chair

"Aah thanks Jake but it's alright. You've been up earlier than me you must be exhausted, I'll be fine besides I have the night-time rift monitors to keep me company"

"Ha, there not much company they just sit and well... monitor stuff, I think that they're quite creepy actually"

"Really Jake go home before I drag you out kicking and screaming"

"I'd like to see you try"

Rose just raised an eyebrow

"Ok ok I'll go don't stay here too long it's not healthy for anyone, you might turn like the night-time rift monitors"

"Jake" she warned

"I'm going, bye Rosie" he said finally before leaving

Rose sighed softly and let her mind wander back to when she was truly happy, and when her family and friends weren't constantly acting like they were walking on egg shells around her. She thought about the times she had with John. His mega watt smile, beautiful laugh and really really great hair.

A lone tear slid down her cheek and she let it. She rarely cried about John's death anymore. It's more like a constant numb, and everyday she wakes up feeling like she's been punched in the stomach when she wakes up alone. She wondered what she has left to cry after almost 2 months of never ending tears. She couldn't help herself as more tears broke free turning into a crescendo of gut wrenching sobs wracking her whole body, as all her pent up emotions broke free of the barrier she had created. She'd thought that after a year she would be over this but she soon realised that it was foolish to think that she would ever really get over losing him.

Rose was too caught up in her grief to notice the golden glow slowly enveloping her body, growing ever brighter. She sniffed and opened her red rimmed eyes to see a blinding gold light surrounding her. She tried calling out but no sound came from her mouth. She could hear a singing, a beautiful singing that sounded familiar but she couldn't quite remember where from. The light grew even brighter and she started to feel dizzy.

"Bad Wolf" Were the last words she heard before succumbing to the comfortingembrace ofthe darkness.