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The Doctor led Jack, Rose and Owen to the infirmary door before spinning around to face them with a manic grin on his face

"So Owen I'm sure that you're very excited since this is your first time being onboard a bigger on the inside space and time ship disguised as a 1970s police box am I right?"

Owen nodded slowly "yeah can't say that there are many ships disguised as police boxes around"

The Doctor continued to grin "in that case Jack why don't you show Owen around the TARDIS while I do some very long and boring tests concerning Rose in the infirmary is that alright? brilliant" said the Doctor before ushering Rose inside the infirmary and closing the door behind her leaving Owen and Jack outside stunned.

Owen looked at Jack confused "what was that all about?"

Jack shrugged "That was him asking for some alone time with Rose I guess"

"Oh" said Owen "well I can't say I blame him I wouldn't mind some alone time with her myself actu-"

"Don't even go there" said Jack firmly interrupting Owen

"Alright alright" said Owen holding up his hands in surrender "I was just saying"

"Well don't just say" growled Jack

Rose turned to the Doctor who was setting up some equipment and glared at him

"You didn't have to do that you know" she said

"Do what?" he asked innocently not looking at her

"Kick 'em out like that. Why couldn't they have come in? they're a part of it all now since they're trapped here as well so they have a right to know what's going on"

"I don't remember kicking either Jack or Owen Rose" said the Doctor

Rose sighed in frustration "You know what I mean"

"your right I was only kidding ha ha I do know what you mean, but I don't want Owen in here because he'll just be asking stupid questions and trying to tell me how to do my job because he's a 'doctor'"

Rose smirked "are you jealous that you're not the only doctor around anymore Doctor"

The Doctor span around to face her "jealous me, no of course not" he protested "that... that would be-"

"would be what?" she asked

The Doctor looked down at the tiled floor and mumbled something that Rose couldn't quite make out under his breath before walking off to retrieve some sort of device that looked like a cross between a stethoscope and a bar code scanner from the table

"Um what's that then?" asked Rose eyeing the device suspiciously

"Oh this little thing, it's harmless it just like a scan but more advanced. It scans for radiation and types of energy look" he said switching it on causing a blue light to shine along the top of it "it's sonic"

"So it just scans for energy and radiation nothing else" said Rose still eyeing the device

The Doctor switched it off and looked stared at her curiously "what else would it scan for?"

Rose shrugged trying to look nonchalant "I don't know like cells and stuff"

"No not this it's just for energy and radiation"

Rose nodded "Alright then"

The Doctor frowned at her before switching it back on and plugging it onto his ears "stay very still" he said moving the scanner all around her body but never actually touching her and always keeping eye contact, Rose shivered at the intensity of his gaze. After a couple of minutes the device pinged and the Doctor jumped up to read the results

"So what's the verdict Doctor?" asked Rose

"Everything is fine and normal well other than an accelerated heart rate your fine"

Rose faintly blushed but the Doctor didn't seem to notice "r-really"

"Yep you're as fit as a fiddle"

Rose giggled and her eyes glazed over slightly

"Rose are you alright?" asked the Doctor concerned

"Yep as fit as a fiddle" she said as she began to sway dangerously on her feet before coughing out a golden dust into the air

The Doctor quickly ran and grabbed a jar off the shelf to catch the golden particles in

"Woo that's interesting" whispered the Doctor staring transfixed at the golden dust floating around in the jar. Suddenly the Doctor heard a dull thump and turned around to see Rose out cold on the floor

"No no no" he said placing the jar down and rushing to her "Rose" he called gently shaking her suddenly Rose exploded into a golden light throwing the Doctor backward into a table hitting his head with a sickening crack.

As sudden as it exploded the golden light seem to implode back into Rose leaving a wolf lying on the floor.

Jack led Owen into another room "and this is the library"

Owen walked into the library and picked up a random book "Time Travel for Dummies" he read with a raised eyebrow looking at Jack who shrugged

"Well there is just about everything in this library"

Owen walked on further into the library and caught sight of a lit fire place "isn't that dangerous having a fireplace in the library?" asked Owen watching the flames dance

"Well remember this is the Doctor so maybe the flames won't burn the books" suggested Jack

Owen frowned and walked over to the fireplace and looked at it "well it is real fire and it is warm" he quickly flicked the back of his hand into the fire and was hit with a force field

"Wow" he breathed under his breath "Jack did you see that"

"See what?" asked Jack whistling while placing a book back on the shelf

"Watch" said Owen putting his hand out towards the flames only to be blocked by a force field again

"That's clever" said Jack copying Owen "it allows heat out but you can't get close enough to get burnt"

Suddenly the TARDIS began to flash mauve and the cloister bell began to chime

"What's that!?" yelled Owen over the loud ringing of the bell

"It means big trouble now come on!" yelled Jack before running back to the infirmary

Jack and Owen ran through the library until Jack saw a swimming pool in front of him

"Whoa!" yelled Jack sliding to a halt "Owen watch out there's a po-"

Either Owen was going too fast to stop or didn't hear Jack because he ran straight into him plunging them both into the pool

Jack broke the surface of the pool first and climbed out leaving Owen splashing in the pool

"What! Why is there a pool in the library?" he asked climbing out of the pool

"How am I meant to know Owen!" snapped Jack flashing water out of his hair

Owen spat some water out of his mouth and looked down at their soaked clothes

"Sorry" he said sheepishly

Jack sighed "come on we still have to get to the infirmary" he said before they began to run again.