Title: Ultimate Grand Supreme

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: FRAO/NC-17. This story depicts a D/s relationship between two men and includes group sex, bondage, spanking, temperature and sensation play, toys.

Characters/Pairing: dom!Reid/sub!Hotch, OMCs

Summary: When Aaron's Master expresses his desire to show Aaron off to other Doms, Aaron realizes that it's something he wants as well, although he's fiercely private and protective of their relationship. Yet Morgan's harsh comments about Aaron's trust issues make him want to prove his ability to trust not only to his Master, but himself.

Word Count: ~9,500

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DISCLAIMER: The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios and CBS Paramount Network Television own Criminal Minds. Salut! I just took them out to play and I promise put them back when I'm done. I'm not making any profit just trying to get these images out of my head.

COMMENTS: Thanks to LeoScorpio for the beta and critique. Spoilers for Season 7. If you look hard enough, you can see the crossover with that little crime drama set in Vegas.

Originally posted at Ansera's Kink Meme VI for the prompt: "Dom!Reid shows off his sub at a private party with other Doms (and subs, if author chooses) so he can fulfill sub!Hotch's fantasy of being gangbanged. Would prefer if Hotch is blindfolded the entire time but that's up to the author."

Regarding the title, Ultimate Grand Supreme is sometimes the title given to the best in show at a beauty pageant.

Aaron's curled on his side, body flush to his Master's and his head on his Master's shoulder. His Master's hand runs through his hair and down his back, silent approval for his performance this evening. Aaron's still coming down from the orgasmic high and he's always thankful that his Master takes such good care of him.

They're quiet like this. Aaron knows it's unlikely they'll do anything more tonight and there are moments, such as this one, where he doesn't want the scene to end. Aaron knows he has no control over when things start or stop (except for his safe words, of course), but he also knows he's safe here. He never thought that being submissive would be a respite that he craved. They are only Dom/sub in specific settings: when his Master initiates it in the bedroom or in the house when they are alone, or if Aaron requests it and his Master grants it. It is never on the Job. Those boundaries add to the comfort that Aaron receives from the relationship.

His Master lets out a long sigh. It's contemplative. Maybe his Master doesn't want to release him from the scene yet but feels that, for whatever reason, he should. Their breathing syncs and Aaron wills himself stay calm.

"I would love to show you off," his Master finally says.

The comment is unexpected; their relationship is insular and there has never been discussion of taking it outside the confines of their home. Then, pride and pleasure surge through Aaron. That his Master thinks that much of him, of his obedience and his devotion, to want to do that? It's quickly followed by fear, because while he's proud of his relationship with his Master, he's fiercely protective of it. So is his Master.

His Master's thumb traces Aaron's lower lip. "The other Doms would be envious that I have you. You know that, right? Their subs would pale in comparison."

Aaron blushes at the compliment. His Master rarely doles out such flattery. He remains silent, because while his Master did ask a question, it is a rhetorical one.

"I really would like to show you off," his Master sounds wistful.

Aaron wants to say, I would be honored, but anxiety keeps him silent. What he has with his Master is precious, something he doesn't want to share. It's his safe place, where he can let go of everything and place himself in the hands of his Master and know that he will be taken care of. Being presented to other Doms would mean extending his trust and that makes him skittish.

A secret is no longer a secret once someone else knows.

But in his fantasies? Well, he imagines himself standing tall next to his Master, thrilled that his Master wants to put him on display. Aaron would perform to the best of his abilities because he never wants to disappoint his Master. He would not be embarrassed. Would not be fearful that his private life would become public. He would have faith in the other Doms to treat him with the same careful precision as his Master does. He would be presented as his Master's sub, and yes, all the other subs would be positively jealous because Spencer is his Master.

He would hope the Doms would be envious of what his Master has. He would try his best to generate that feeling from the other Doms if he'd be given the opportunity.

His Master pats him lightly on the shoulder, "We should get some sleep."

Their time tonight is over. The scene is done.

He settles against Spencer and drifts off to sleep.