Title: Ultimate Grand Supreme Part 7: Magnificent

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

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Aaron is groggy and sore when he wakes up. He knows he's not in his own bed, but Spencer is next to him. He struggles to get his bearings, but his mind is muddy.

"What do you need?" Spencer asks sleepily.

"Gotta piss," he answers, because when he's half-awake, he's always more crass.

Spencer snickers a little. "First door on your left. Come back to bed when you're done. No wandering."

"Yeah," he says as he stumbles to get up. He sways a little as he stands, his ass and dick impossibly sore. His jaw aches as well and the bitter taste in his mouth is particularly foul. Aaron can't find his clothes, so he tugs the folded blanket off the bottom of bed, wraps himself up in it, and somehow makes it to the bathroom without falling over.

He does his business and washes up as best as he can.

Once back in bed, Spencer curls around him, his hand caressing the collar around Aaron's throat. "You were magnificent."

Aaron wants to say something, wants to preen at the over-the-top compliment, but sleep claims him quickly.

When Aaron wakes the second time, he's still groggy and sore as hell. A low light shines from its perch on the bureau. The room itself is relatively small with only a bed, a nightstand and a bureau as furniture, all dark polished wood. The décor is modest and doesn't say much about the owner(s) except that someone has a taste for Renoir posters from MOMA. Clothes are neatly folded on the floor next to the bureau.

He spots the bottle of orange juice on the nightstand, condensation dripping down its sides. Aaron knows it's for him but he only drinks half just in case his Master, who is dozing next to him, wants some when he wakes up. Aaron slides out of the bed, grabs the blanket and heads off to the bathroom again. He takes in more of the home from the hallway and explores the bathroom just a little while he's there.

The home is shared by two men judging by the photos in the hallway. It's easy to pick out Texas in the pictures; dark hair, handsome and he just looks like someone from Texas by the way he dresses. The other man is harder to figure out; the younger man prominent in the photographs somewhat physically resembles his Master with his brown hair and slender build. The photo of the two men together radiates love and camaraderie. Aaron guesses that the other man is Minnesota just by the landscape in the family photos of the younger man.

The door at the end of the hall is closed and Aaron concludes that it must be the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. There is nothing personal in the hallway full bath. Aaron does want to explore more of the house, but he's naked under the blanket and, really, it's not a polite thing to do. So he wanders back to the bedroom where his Master is now stretching in the bed.

"Ready to go?" his Master asks quietly as he rolls to his feet.

Clearly, meeting last night's participants is off the table. It's disappointing, but Aaron understands. He nods and picks up the stack of clothes, which have already been separated into his and his Master's. Aaron dresses quickly, his underwear feeling odd because he's not locked up in a cock cage. That thought makes him look around for the toys he wore earlier.

By this time, his Master is dressed and slipping on his oxfords. He meets Aaron's gaze and his smile is warm. "You really were magnificent last night."

Aaron blushes hard. "I tried my best."

His Master walks over and kisses him gently. "I know." There's a pause before his Master says, "You're released."

It takes a few moments for Aaron to adjust from the submissive mindset. He feels awkward in these clothes and in this strange house.

They leave the residence shortly afterward, Spencer picking up a brown plastic grocery bag from the table along the way. Aaron knows the bag has the cock cage and butt plug from last night.

It's not until they're sitting in the car, engine running and defroster blasting, that Spencer speaks again. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

Aaron hears the hesitance in his lover's voice, and he's unsure why it's there. He hedges, "It was intense. It was different. It was something … It was something I've fantasized about."

"But did you enjoy yourself?"

"Only because I knew you were there the entire time," Aaron admits. He reaches over and grasps Spencer's hand. "Did you?"

There's a sad smile that plays across his lover's lips as he squeezes Aaron's hand. "I didn't realize how possessive I am of you. I don't think I like sharing."

"Then don't."

Spencer glances at him. "Don't?"

"We've tried this," Aaron explained as he jutted his chin towards the house. "It was somewhat successful but not entirely. I'm perfectly fine with not going down this avenue again. I've had a fantasy fulfilled as have you. Done."

"One more thing off your bucket list?"

"Our bucket list," Aaron corrects as he releases Spencer's hand.

Spencer reaches over and fiddles with the leather collar still around Aaron's neck. "I love you."

Aaron places his hand over his lover's. "I love you, too." His stomach growls loudly and he remembers he didn't really have all that much to eat last night. "I'm starving, so if you don't get me to a Waffle House or whatever they have here in Vegas soon, I'm booting you from the driver's seat."

"Bossy bottom," Spencer retorts but puts the car into reverse.

"Damn straight."

They share a laugh and Spencer maneuvers the car out of the driveway. "But no Waffle House. There's this place near UNLV …"

~~~~~ Finis ~~~~

A/N - It's been ages since I watched CSI: Vegas but when I did, Nick/Greg were my 'ship of choice. Who is Cowboy? Well, that's up to the reader:)