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Arceus is currently walking through the golden halls of the Hall of Legends. It's the main headquarters for planet Earth. While he's walking, he begins to think.

"I hope the other have come up with some idea for a new reality show. However, I will kill them, just like I killed Keldeo, Meloetta and Genosect, if they have not come up with one." thought Arceus as he's continues to walk through the golden halls of the Hall of Legends; he begins to think about Earth. "Earth… how I'd rule this planet, I can order them to whatever I please, but I did not because even those that I had created this planet, the Pokémon had created civilianisation themselves. However, we had also created reality TV, where there are certain amounts of Pokémon to compete for the large amount of money. Few shows have fails… but many were a success."

He's now walking in the hallway with the blazing torch that hung off the walls, the flames brightening up the whole hallway. He has notice the tablets of the famous historical events that told the story of me created the Earth on the walls, along with the Legendary Pokémon. After he looks at the tablets for a few moments, he continues walking down the hallway and then he can see the large golden door at the end of the hallway. As he gets to the door, the large door open up automatically and he enter the room that cover entirely in gold. It was shaped and designed like the court room. He can see the Legendary Pokémon are talking to each other until they see him and start bowing.

"Master," greeted Giratina as he's bowing down to Arceus.

"At ease, everyone." nodded Arceus as everyone stop bowing to him, while he went over to the large pedestal that stood tall at the top of the elegant floor and then begin to start the meeting. "Now… we have come to start this meeting to discuss about a new reality show, so have any of you have come up with one?"

"I think that we could create a reality show about the contestants have to live on an island to take on each other by competing in challenges." suggested Groudon. "The winners win immunity and the losers will have to vote one member off their team and they keep doing this until they reach to merge. The remaining contestants at that point will be competing as individual and as least one or two Pokémon would win immunity and the last one standing in the competition win! So, what do you think? Pretty good, huh?"

Most of the Legendary Pokémon groans after Groudon finish his suggesting a new reality show.

"What?" questioned Groudon in confused.

"You do realise that this new show you're suggesting has already been created." replied Arceus. "It's called Survivor. That show has been goes on for twenty-four seasons."

Kyogre then hit Groudon with his arm in annoy.

"I'd told you that were already created you moron, but you never listen." scolded Kyogre.

"Well excuse me!" retorted Groudon, glaring. "I don't see you come up with an idea for a new reality show!"

"I do!" exclaimed Cobalion as he begins to explain. "How about a show about eleven teams of two competing against each other by racing around the world, where they have to do some several of tasks before they can get to the finish line but the last team to get to the finish line in each races is eliminated and…"

"Stop!" interrupted Arceus, glaring in annoyed. "That show you're talking about is from another show called The Amazing Race. Did you know that?"

"Err… no sir, I did not know that, I must have forgotten about it." stammered Cobalion, nervous at Arceus's glare.

"We could have a reality show about a group of Pokémon living together in the house with no contact from the outside world…" suggested Jirachi before she gets interrupted from Arceus as well.

"Big Brother." interrupted Arceus.

"What?" asked Jirachi in confused.

"You're talking about Big Brother," replied Arceus, glaring. "Which has been on for more than ten years, how did you not remember that?"

"Well, err… you see, I…" stammered Jirachi as Arceus's glare is becoming more and more intensify, which cause her to panic. "I, I don't know! I'm sorry!"

Arceus's getting angry at the Legendary and some of them are now scared as they remember that Keldeo, Meloetta and Genosect were killed because of him. Then someone bravely begin to speak and everyone to see Celebi.

"Master, we could have a singing competition…" suggested Celebi.

"Enough!" roared Arceus as Celebi cowardly stand behind the chair. "I had enough with this! All of you didn't come up with a new reality show and now all of you will suffer the same fate as the other!"

Most of the Legendary begs Arceus to not kill them. However, he didn't listen as he's beginning to power up his Judgment until he heard someone chuckling. He cancels his Judgement and turn to see Mewtwo, who is leaning his back against one of the pillar.

"What's so funny?" asked Arceus as he glares at Mewtwo.

"Master," questioned Mewtwo, smirking. "What the point of killing everyone here if you don't even know about MY idea for a new reality show?"

"What are you getting at?" asked Arceus, suspiciously.

"I'm talking about something that has never been done on reality TV show history and I have a perfect idea for it." Replied Mewtwo as he's walking toward Arceus.

"What is this new idea, you're talking about?" asked Arceus.

Mewtwo start explaining his idea for a new reality show and everyone are becoming shock and thunderstruck of it. However, Arceus begin to smile inwardly as Mewtwo continue explaining. He then finish talking and face Arceus.

"What do you think, Master?" asked Mewtwo as the Legendary Pokémon are waiting for Arceus's answer.

Arceus is silent for a few moments until he glances at Mewtwo and show a type of smile that could make your skin crawl.

"I like it."

Most of the Legendary gasped at Arceus's answer but he raises my hoof for everyone to be quiet.

"Mewtwo is right; we have never created a game like this before and I agree to go with Mewtwo's idea." declared Arceus before some of the Legendary begin to argue about this idea. He raises his voice high enough to out loud everyone who is arguing. "SILENCE! I say we agree to go with Mewtwo's idea, if you do agree with this, raise your hand now."

Few of the Legendary immediately raise their hand, then a couple of more begin to raise their hand and finally the legendary, who do not agree with this idea, hesitates raising their hand. All of them now raise their hand and Arceus and Mewtwo smiled in victory.

1 Week Later

It been a week since Mewtwo reveal his idea for a new reality show and Arceus like it. He's at the city hall of the Capital. The Capital is a city under the Hall of Legends and all the Pokémon live in the Capital has worship the Legendary Pokémon and the TV show they had created. The announcement is taking place outside with Slowking; the mayor of the Capital is standing on the podium; talking to the audience, while Arceus is standing behind the curtains.

"I wonder how they'll react when I explain about the new reality show I'm revealing." thought Arceus. The Pokémon around the world at home are watching the TV and the crowd outside are waiting to find out about his announcement for a new game.

"And now," announced Slowking, smiling. "Presenting the boss and the leader of all Legendary; it's Arceus!"

Arceus walk onto the stages, shake the Mayor's hand and then stand in front of the podium and the audience. He coughs to clear his throat and begin to speak.

"Good morning everyone." greeted Arceus before the audience cheers until I raise my hoof for them to be quiet. "As you know, we have created a new game and here it is."

The audience wait in tense for a few moments and then he start speaking again.

"In each region, you must offer up the tributes of four young men and women between the ages of 16 and 21 to be sent to the Capital, so they can be trained in the art of survival and to be prepared to fight to the death in the arena and the last one standing, win." explained Arceus.

The crowd are going nuts and they were shock and horrified, knowing that their children could have a possible chance of to kill each other to win. Arceus then use Judgment in the air to get their attention

"Don't worry everyone," assured Arceus. "Whoever's born in the Capital, will not have to send their children in. Instead, only the one who is born on Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova region."

Most of the audience are relief after Arceus mention it.

"The reaping will start on the 23rd March, next month and it will decide who will take part in the game, I like to called; The Pokémon Hunger Games!" declared Arceus as the audience cheers and he smile at the result. "Thank you for listening and may the odd be ever in your favor!"

The audience cheers again and Arceus begin to leave the stages and then he begin to think about what he just said.

"Hmm… may the odd be ever in your favor? I actually quite like it. I think I can make this as a tagline for the new game coming up next month and I am going enjoy it." thought Arceus as he smile evilly.


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