It was a whisper, a feeling, that brought him reeling back around the way he had come and letting the deer he had been hunting live another day. Once he was back at his truck, he quickly changed and donned his clothes; it was a matter of minutes before he was at his father's door. As he walked in, his father was just closing his cell phone, having finished his call, but expecting his son nonetheless.

"I need you to go north. Not Toronto," he corrected quickly knowing his son thought there was another problem with the pack that resided there. "I'm sending you to a town near the capital of Alberta."

"Did the Toronto pack move?"

"No. There seems to be an individual living there who might be a werewolf and has drawn unwanted attention. That was Terence who just called, a lone wolf traveling in that area. He was expressing his concern about all the attention this girl is drawing."

"If she's a were, she's not alone." Charles responded, referring to the fact that females weren't allowed to roam outside the safety of a pack. If there was a female wolf about, either she was new and hadn't reached her first full moon –where she would become a bloodthirsty beast running on pure instinct– or there was a pack that had moved into the area that hadn't asked the Marak for permission to do so. Either way, as his father's enforcer, it was Charles's job to deal with situations like this.

"Either there's more wolves around, or she's new. Both scenarios are problematic."

"If she's new, bring her to the Toronto pack and track down who changed her?" Charles asked, watching his father think.

"No. Bring another wolf with you and leave him there to investigate. I might need you for something else." About to go, Charles paused to figure out what the spirits were trying to tell him again. His father, aware of his son's gift, noticed the pause.

"What is it?" He asked softly, patiently waiting for his son to find the words for what he was feeling.

"I was going to take Ted with me. They're against it. They're… telling me to take a woman." Charles watched as his father grew still for a moment, and then relaxed.

"Do you know why?" He asked, but Charles had already been looking for that answer. Frustrated, he shook his head and replied.

"Not from here either. They want me to go west." West was an interesting direction they both knew, as that was currently where one of North America's most dominant alphas resided, and where two troublesome women, one a were, another a sort of adopted member of the were community, had just moved.

When Charles saw a hint of a smile curl his father's lips, he knew that was where he was headed.

"I'll let Adam know I'm coming then." He said turning to leave. His father didn't say anything more before going back to what he had been working on before Charles's arrival. Able to leave on a moment's notice, Charles was on the road not thirty minutes later. He was silently looking forward to flight to the tri-cities to go over all the whispers and rumors about the strange girl there that had been traveling out of and around the Edmonton area lately.

She was a high school student, said to be exceptionally bright and unusually athletic, but also one who kept to herself and the shadows. He knew the Fae had already been by to make sure it wasn't one of their own drawing all the attention this girl seemed to, and so too had the witches —the white and black ones. It was a testament to how much the preternatural community valued the humans' obliviousness that all concerned parties had been in peaceful contact with one another, debating on what to do about this problem, and whether or not they should actually be worried. He expected a representative of the vampire community to show soon, and then eventually some of the less well-known parties from the Eastern continent.

However, as of yet, no one had claimed responsibility, so now it was the wolves' turn to look into the matter. Given the information that had been circulating and the reports from some of the more pleasant investigating parties, it seemed more than likely the girl was a new wolf. The only problem with that theory however, was that the witches, or at the very least the Fae, would have instantly known whether the girl was a wolf or not when they had gone to investigate. They hadn't actually been able to say what she was, just that they thought she might be human. That in of itself would have been a concern worth the wolves' attention, making Charles wonder why it was only now that this seemed to come the community's attention.

Frowning slightly, Charles turned his attention to what the spirits had urged Charles to do —and not do— while he met with his Father. They had wanted him to go west. There had been a lot of activity in the west recently, and Charles couldn't help but think it was too much of a coincidence to be ignored. To start, a couple of troublesome wolves had just moved into the Columbia Basin pack; a young girl, turned by a rabid wolf, and displaced for a number of other reasons was sent to the Alpha, Adam, to find a safer refuge than the more local packs in Washington State; an older man, but still young wolf from Britain who seemed to have been running from rumors of murder; and last but not least a walker who had been raised by the Marak's pack —and who had an indiscriminant pension for finding trouble— had moved to the Columbia Basin, outside the resident wolf pack. Given all the potential for trouble those three alone possessed, Charles mused, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose. Yes, this would be an interesting trip indeed.