Chapter 2

Authors Note:

Hi! My sister Chocolate Boy has told me that a lot of you give her messages regarding my story Night of the Hunter! I'm glad you all like it so much. Because she's working on a new story that may include the main character from this one as an antagonist, I anticipate finishing this story, especially if you all send lots of reviews and love!

Elena spun around, watching the colors of the dress she was trying on blend together in the body-length mirror glued to the wall. The sundress was a predominantly sharp purple that would probably look better on Bonnie than herself. So she pulled it off and went straight to the other.

This one was definitely more her style; a cute, grey eyelet dress that zipped in the back. It stopped just at her rosy kneecaps, which Caroline would probably scoff at and call granny length.

"That dress suits you better. The grey brings out your loneliness."

Her heart jumped into her throat. The man who always ended up haunting her touched the small of her back and began to drag the zipper of her dress up. "Settle down, butterfly. It's just a dream and I can't hurt those fragile wings of yours." He pulled away from her and exiled himself to the leather chair on the opposite end of dressing room.

If she had a rope she would have hung herself with it. Meeting up with hot dream guy again when she had no clue what he was capable of wasn't something she wanted to ever deal with again. And where had she even fallen asleep? Oh yeah. She had been watching stupid real housewives of some stupid city at stupid Caroline's stupid house.

She exhaled and found her courage and her voice. "I'm not lonely."

"Yeah you are," he said, gazing at her through the mirror. "Any girl wearing a dress that length is lonely."

"Oh really?" she asked. He nodded. "Well, I can't be lonely because I have a boyfriend." Her retort was all matter-of-fact and true. Even if Stefan wasn't around, she still had friends and loved ones. Elena had never really been lonely.

The smuggiest of smug smiles appeared on his face. "Does he know about us?" he asked in a low whisper.

"Yes, actually," she said and then wanted to eat her words at the sound of his broken laugh. "I mean he knows about you and is trying to figure a way to get you out of my dreams as we speak."

"Your boyfriend probably isn't going to have any luck. I've spent a good chunk of money on vampires, psychics, witches, warlocks, voodooists, shamans, and even, and yes they do exist, leprechauns, all in an incredibly vain attempt to figure out exactly why I can't fall asleep without seeing a certain brunette in my head."

Elena bit her lip to retain her smile. "Leprechauns."

"You have to trap them with special shamrocks, which in itself is a nuisance. And then they only speak in rhymed riddles and god it all just makes me want to blow Ireland right off of the map. They do give you a bit of luck though when you're in their vicinity. " Hunter shrugged his shoulder. "So, just out of curiosity, what's your little boyfriend doing to find a resolution?"

"Reading books," Elena answered truthfully. As they were speaking, Bonnie, Damon, and Stefan were all scouring magical grimoirs and diaries to find a resolution.

"Which books?"

"The type that can be read."

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "You're giving me no choice. I'm changing tactics."


"I've decided to tell you everything about me in hopes that you'll be more willing to tell me about yourself." He removed his cufflinks and undid his tie. "My name is Hunter S-"

Elena shook her head. "Stop. I don't want to know about you or your life. I just want you to stop haunting me."

There was a deep disgust on his face and she almost apologized for offending him. "Haunting you? Who the fuck am I? Casper?"

"Apparently you're Hunter."

She said his name as if it were one of the plagues cast on Egypt. What type of name was Hunter anyway?

He grimaced and stood from his seat in frustration. Elena took a step back. "I don't know your name. I don't know who you are or where you're from so how can I even begin to piece together why this is happening if you won't give me the chance?"

She grumbled and stared at her hands. "I can't."

"If you would've let me tell you about myself, you would know that I can't accept can't as an answer."

"Well you're going to have to… because I can't."

"Look at me."

She wanted to disobey his order but she physically couldn't. His index and thumb pulled her chin up and forced her to gaze at her own reflection within his hazel eyes. "I'm not here to harm you and I have no clue why this is happening to us. Even though this is a dream, does my sincerity feel fake?"

It didn't. And god she wanted to indulge in his request and tell him everything. But Stefan, Damon, Caroline, and even Bonnie had warned her not to. They all said it would be too dangerous.

"You've got to give me something. If we work together we have a better chance at not only figuring it out, but figuring it out quickly."

Elena found herself stuck at another moral crossroad. She could listen to her friends or she could listen to herself. The choice was easy and there was only one solution.