A.N.: This was written for a friend of mine, who's recently become obsessed with Death Note and LxLight. Despite the fact that I hate Light with a sizzling burning hatred, I managed to suck it up and write it anyways. There will be a sequel to this, so hang tight and keep checking back. xD I don't know when it'll be up, but I'm hoping it'll be soon.

WARNING: Although there's no yaoi, there's still masturbation. Just in case people don't wanna read Light fapping. xDD

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It was just another sleepless night for L; one among hundreds, possibly even thousands, spent crouched on his computer chair and staring at some sort of screen, be it computer or television. It didn't matter to him in the least bit, especially not now. Why waste time sleeping when he could be doing work on his latest case?

Said case might have been the trickiest he'd ever had to work on. The killer could be anywhere, could be anyone. The possibilities were limitless. But what was really suspicious was the fact that the killer had access to information only their team did. Meaning it had to be somebody close to them. L deduced that Light, the police chief's son, was virtually the only one with an ego big enough to do anything like that, not to mention he had the brains. So he'd told the chief to place cameras in every corner of his own house, along with the rest of the team's, just to see if anything odd was happening.

Right now, he was watching Light's bedroom on two or three of the many screens scattered throughout the hotel room. If there were ever a time to catch the teen doing something suspicious, it would be at three in the morning when everyone else was asleep.

L stabbed his fork into a chunk of cheesecake and shoved it into his mouth, ignoring the crumbs that fell onto his knees and stuck to the corners of his lips. At the moment, Light was seemingly sleeping, the light coming in through the window illuminating the room just enough to see the calm rise and fall of his chest. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Until Light suddenly sat straight up in bed, the blankets and sheets pooling around his naked hips.

'So he sleeps nude,' L thought curiously to himself, biting a rather large strawberry in half. 'I'd think Light to be too much of a prude to do anything that vulgar. But I could be wrong…' He peered closer at the screen, frowning. Something was off with him.

Luckily, they were able to get the surveillance cameras to transmit in colour, so there wouldn't be any mistakes in looking over the footage. It was incredibly helpful now.

Light's skin was more flushed than it should have been, his shoulders heaving with a breath rate near panting. His hair was sticking to his forehead and cheeks, eyes glazed over and untamed.

L chewed on his fork, rubbing his toes together. 'He was calm just a moment ago… A nightmare, possibly?' He shook his head. Nightmares had people tossing and turning for a few minutes before waking. But this was sudden. The detective's eyes scanned the screen as Light fell onto his back. He arched an eyebrow when the teen's hips started swaying and he reached a hand underneath the blankets, lips parting when a rather loud moan worked its way up his throat.

L stared, dumbfounded, at what Light was doing, another strawberry stuck between his lips as he sucked the juice out of it. He knew he should've looked away, but he couldn't. It was like his eyes were glued to the screen, unable to move. Plus he couldn't rule out the factor that Light knew about the cameras, and was just using this as a distraction to make whoever was watching look away, leaving him free to kill more.

Light moaned again, only louder, his hips actually rising off of the bed. The blankets fell off of one leg as he shifted around, now pushing himself up onto his knees with his ass sticking into the air. He almost looked like a cat on the edge of stretching after a nap.

'Oh my…' L thought, feeling the blood rushing to his cheeks, and to other areas of his body, his eyes widening. Though despite his surprise, he took another bite of cheesecake and swallowed slowly. He rubbed his feet together and shifted around in his chair, almost whimpering at the unwelcome pressure growing in his cock.

Back on the screen, Light had pushed all the blankets off of his body, leaving himself more than a little exposed. One hand gripped his erection while the other was fisted in the sheets. His head hung when he started to stroke himself, a groan escaping his lips that L could very clearly hear through the speakers. Needless to say, the sight was erotic as fuck, something that L had only once before admitted in his entire lifetime.

His leg slipped off of the chair and he yelped, the half-eaten cheesecake falling onto the floor as he tried to steady himself. The dessert splattered onto the thin carpet of the hotel room, L looking down at it and swearing softly to himself before gingerly picking up the plate and setting it on the coffee table. He was just about to clean up the cheesecake when he heard a loud gasp ring from the speakers, followed by a moan practically dripping lust.

Looking up wasn't exactly the best thing to do, but L did it anyways, slowly raising his head above the table and resuming his previous position on the chair. His eyes widened considerably at what was on the screen, bringing his hand up to chew on his thumbnail.

It made L's cock twitch, seeing Light like that; his ass stuck in the air and his fingers penetrating himself, the digits thrusting in and out at constantly-changing paces, as if he were experimenting. The teen's hips rocked back, his hand pushing in further and meeting his ass halfway. Moans and groans filled with ecstasy were quickly passed onto L, whose face was slowly being taken over by a light red blush of embarrassment mixed with arousal. He couldn't think coherently, his highly-advance mind having difficulty processing what was going on in front of him. All he could really comprehend was the fact that what Light was doing was an astounding turn-on, and L most definitely should not have been watching in on this.

The irrational part of his mind urged him to keep watching, though, since the neither regions of his body were quite enjoying the show Light was putting on.

Everything about that boy just made L hornier, especially when he was in that particular position, although he'd never outwardly admit it. The faint moonlight filtering through the blinds cast a soft blue haze around the room, making Light's body almost glow. His perfectly-rounded ass looked absolutely radiant, the way he was fingering himself making shivers run through L's body. His back arched gracefully, exposing Light's cock to the cameras where it mirrored the curve of his spine almost perfectly. Pre-cum dripped from the tip and onto the bed, some sliding down his entire length just to stop at his balls and leak onto the sheets.

His fingers thrust in slowly, but L noticed they went in deeper than before, which would explain the loud cry that broke through Light's flawless pink lips. The teen must've found his own prostate, digging his fingers in as far as they would possibly go, then prodding at the spot repeatedly. Each time he struck that little bundle of nerves, Light would release a howl of ecstasy that had L itching to shove his hand down his pants and grip his growing cock. But he had more self-control than that. Only, at that moment, it seemed that some higher power was testing said self-control.

L's eyes focused back onto the screen, his breath catching in his throat and his heart almost stopping.

"F-Fuuck, L!" Light screamed, tossing his head back and cumming on the sheets beneath him. He was still for a moment, panting harshly and moaning, before pulling his fingers out of himself and collapsing on his cum-soaked bed.

L reached over and paused the video, his face covered in a light red blush. Light screamed his name during climax. Light was thinking of him. Light was… Attracted to him enough to visualize him fucking the teen's brains out. He didn't know what to do. His mind was on overdrive, not knowing how to react. So instead of freaking out like anybody else did, he took a more calm approach.

He stood from his chair, turned off the screens, and awkwardly walked away to nurse his newly-gained boner.