The Taming of the Shrews

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Act 1- The Problem

"Freaks gone. 'Bout bloody time, too. He's really starting to piss me off. And the puppy following after, encouraging him."

"Yes, but you do know why he was here, don't you?"

"Because he's a psychopath, and he's bored. I have worked here for the last five years, you know. I know Freak's motives."

"I do know. I'm the guy that hired you, even though you turned up late, hung-over and was the person who ran into my car the night before. Just like I'm the guy who calls Sherlock, despite the fact that my entire team fail to civil with him."

She stood back a little, quietened. She had never forgotten about that, they just never mentioned it.

"Yes, well. Why did you?"

"I could see how well you ran even whilst drunk. After you hit my car, I saw you carry on running and take out the guy who had stolen that package. I knew you were the right person to make a good officer. Just like I knew he would make a excellent detective. And he didn't just turn up. I called him here to help, Donovan, so stop complaining about him."

"You call him here to help with the case, despite everything. Not so he can insult everyone on our team and comment on everyone's personal lives."

"Oh, deal with it. So he knows you slept with Anderson. We all know that , he's the only one to comment. The rest of us just didn't see any point in mentioning it."

"Cheers, boss. Can you do nothing to stop him?"

"Nope. You just need to learn to deal with it. Stop calling him 'freak', you never know what might happen."

Sally Donovan gave a rather un-lady-like snort, and left Lestrade's office, slamming the door behind her.

*_* Scene change/ Page Break *_*

Sherlock had confidently stalked up to the crime scene, John Watson attempting -and succeeding- to keep up with him. Lestrade had texted, and as a result, a very excited Sherlock had dragged John from work, cheerfully exclaiming to Sarah that they had a very important date, and mustn't be late.

She had not been amused, but excused them both, only for fear of them brining something lethal to the doctors' practice. It wouldn't be very good for business. 'Hi, I'm a doctor, here to help, but that man to your left is a Chinese serial killer'. Yeah, wouldn't go down well.

The minute they had gotten within sight of that yellow and black tape John had known that Sherlock was going to be difficult.

Sherlock's expression at seeing both Donovan and Anderson there was enough to make John pray to god that the case was complex enough to keep him even momentarily entertained. No such luck.

It was easy, too easy. To Sherlock, it counted as a wasted cab fare. They walked for all of about two minutes before Sherlock had rummaged through the pockets of the victim, without wearing the gloves.

He had been right, as per usual, and found the killer from a receipt in the pocket of the man's black jeans.

Both of them were then preparing to leave, but the lack of consideration about 'contaminating evidence' had caused both Anderson and Donovan to come over, carefully distanced apart, identical frowns upon their faces.

"Freak. You've contaminated the body. You've probably obliterated all potential evidence-"

"This is our crime scene. You shouldn't ruin them."

"Idiots. You are all so incredibly stupid. The answer was in his pocket. I think if you search Fredrick's dry cleaners, and the home of Fredrick Taylor, you will have more than enough evidence to play with.

We're off home. As should you two. Your wife's home in two days, isn't she?"

"Why should you care? It's nothing to do with you. Run along."

"Oh, I don't. You should, though. She wouldn't be very happy if she found out, now, would she? Sleeping with a colleague out of loneliness? Easily solved, don't you think? Get a bloody divorce, and find someone else. Not darling Donovan, she's already got a major crush on the boss. Well, see you all next murder."

He gave a sarcastic, airy smile and tried to walk away, only to be stopped by a very angry Donovan.

"You pathetic man, commenting on everyone else because of your own lack of a love life. I guess that's the problem with people like you. Can't be remotely normal. I'm not stupid, Sherlock. Dear Johnny here isn't just a person that's conveniently here. You drag him around with you, to make sure he doesn't meet anyone else."

"Don't be stupid. What evidence do you have, Donovan, rather than your illogical assumptions? Nothing. So keep your mouth shut."

She slapped him hard across the face, and stormed off. Sherlock looked momentarily stunned, then shook it off, and walked in the opposite direction.

Three stunned men gave each other confused looks before rushing to distract themselves with work.

*_* Scene Change *_*

John could hear Sherlock from the living room. The man had been holed up in his bedroom since John had arrived home, and had been making periodic waves of noise since. The word 'freak' was fairly repetitive, along with 'stupid' , 'irritating', and 'acts like a goddamn child'. Clearly Sherlock did not realise it was the pot calling the kettle black.

John did not go and talk to him, for he also clearly remembered what Sally had said. And the occasional bouts of crying alternating with his rants in time with the violin was not inducing confidence in Sherlock's current mental state.

So John left him be. It allowed him to make a phone call without disruptions anyway.

"Lestrade? It's John. Watson. I thought we might have a little chat."

*_*End of part One *_*

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