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-this fic is set after the events of "Siege".

-this story differs from the original one (but it is the principle of a fanfic, isn't it?). I hope there will not be too many discrepancies.

Disclaimer: most of the characters of this fic belong to Marvel. But some belong to me (the Song family, the waitress…).

Ten years ago.

"Am I dead?"

"Not yet."

"Are you an angel?"

"I am many things, but I am not one of those creatures."

"Who are you?"

"I am the spirit of an ancient god. And I am here to make you an offer. You are badly injured. And you may die before the arrival of the rescuers. But I can avoid your death."


"Allow me to enter your body. Thus I will ensure your survival with my magic."

"Can you save my momma?"

"I am afraid it is too late for her. We have not much time left. Choose now, little one."




"I accept."


"What is the name of this cocktail?"

"It is "Cocoloco", Mr Stark." The charming waitress answered "Pineapple, orange, coco milk and ruhm."

"Delicious." Tony Stark said, taking another limp of his exotic cocktail. He relaxed in his long chair, enjoying the sun and the view. He was on the private beach of a very luxurious hotel of the Bahamas that counted more stars than the Milky Way. The sun was warm, but not burning, as it was almost six in the afternoon. The view was appealing: the beach was full of beautiful young ladies in bikini, who were playing in the water or resting on the sand. And Tony definitely enjoyed the view.

Coming here had been a good idea, even if it was not his.


"Come on, guys, I'm fine. So stop looking at me as if I've just woken from a coma."

"But you have just woken from a coma, buddy." Clint Barton said, half-jokingly.

"Yes. And this time, we thought we had lost you." Bruce Banner added.

Tony looked around him. His hospital chamber was currently occupied by a bunch of super-heroes, i-e the Avengers, Tony's group. Among them stood his faithful assistant, Pepper Potts.

"Was it that bad?" Tony asked. It was true that he had no recollection of what had happened. He just remembered Doom, a flash of light, and then nothing.

"Ask Pepper." Peter "Spiderman" Parker suggested. "You should have seen her face when we brought you back."

"Really? You were worried about me?" Tony turned to his assistant, who stayed impassive.

"I was worried about my job, nothing more." She claimed. But Tony knew better. So he smiled sheepishly.

How cute.

"Anyway, Tony Stark, this time you were lucky. If you didn't have your new iron suit, we would be mourning you at this time."

Tony looked at the one who had spoken. Prince Thor of Asgard was standing a little apart from the group. The man of iron frowned. His Norse god friend had changed since the siege of Asgard and the death of his brother Loki.

"Doom was the one in luck." He said, but it was more out of pride than anything else. He had been distracted, and Doom had jumped on the opportunity to shoot him with some sort of magic laser. He had made a mistake. And it could have cost him his life. He did not show it but he was very angry at himself.

"When will I be allowed to leave?"

"In a few days. But there is no way you're going back to fight, or even to train after that."

"But, Pepper, they need me. I am the leader, I can't abandon them." Tony didn't care he was sounded like a child.

"No Tony. The doctor said you need to rest. And don't worry about them. They are big boys and big girls, they can manage on their own for some times.

End Flashback.

And so here he was, resting on a beach of the Bahamas and doing what he had not done for years: taking holidays. And he had to admit that it was enjoyable. No super villains in sight, no strategy to elaborate, no Norse god or big green boy to monitor. Just sea, sun and exotic cocktails.

And speaking of cocktails.

"Can I have another one?" He asked the waitress, pointing at his almost empty glass.

"Of course, Mr Stark."

"Thank you."

Tony, looked around him again. Suddenly, a figure in the water caught his eyes. He saw her, emerging from the sea like a modern Ursula Andress. She walked off the water with a mix of grace and sensuality. Tony could not look elsewhere; his eyes were stuck on her. Was it because of the feline way she walked? Was it because, unlike most of ladies here, her skin was as white as the few clouds in the sky? Was it because of her perfect body? Whatever the reason, she was coming nearer and nearer, and Tony was still staring at her like some hormone-driven teenager. She was staring back, a small smile on her lips.

As she was very near of Tony, he could catch her eyes. And, if her general appearance had attracted him in the first place, her eyes stunned him. Because, if her left eye was silver grey, her right was emerald green. Tony had rarely seen perfect heterochromia. And when he had, the contrast between the two eyes was not as sharp as those ones.

She walked pass him, still smiling. She was certainly used to that kind of attention. She went to the counter of the beach bar. Just then, the waitress came with Tony's cocktail.

"Who is she?" He could not help but asked.

"Miss Kendall Song, sir."

"The daughter of Michael Song?"

"Yes, exactly."

Michael Song was a business partner of Tony. His firm, Song Corporation, was producing steal and other metals of high quality. He had supplied him with his famous alloy of gold and titanium that composed his infamous armor. His latest product, a very resistant alloy, with an addition of diamond dust, composed his new suit. In a certain extent, he had saved Tony's life.

"Does she rest at the hotel?"

"No, she is resting on her father's yacht, which dropped anchor in the bay. But she comes to the beach bar every day. And, the evening, she goes to the casino of the hotel."

"The casino?"

"Yes, she plays black jack, roulette, but she prefers poker."

"Is she a good player?" Tony asked. Being a poker player himself, and quite a good one, he would enjoy confronting the lady.

"The best I've ever seen. She never loses."

"Never? Really?" The girl was certainly a challenge and it was well known that Tony Stark loved challenges. He picked up his moneybag and handed a $200 bill to the waitress.

"Thank you for the information."

"My pleasure, Mr. Stark."

She left, a smile on her lips. Tony took another sip of his cocktail and went forward the gorgeous Miss Song.

She was sat on one of the stool next to the counter, her long legs hanging elegantly in the air. Her long, white blond hair were wet and plastered against her neck. Tony had to make big efforts not to follow the drops that fell on her back.

"Miss Song?"

The young lady turned her head to him, her unique eyes looking straight into his own.

"Mr Stark?" She replied. Her voice was like her, sensual, with a slight British accent that gave her a posh hint. "Nice to meet you." She outstretched her hand. Tony took it and brought it to his lips.

"It's all my pleasure." He kissed the back of her delicate hand. The young woman smiled at the courtesy.

"What a gentleman." She said jokingly.

"I'm trying. So, how's your father?"

"Fine. He will be there tomorrow."

"Really? He is having a break?"

"Yes. I eventually succeeded in making him take some holidays."

"I understand. My assistant nearly had to blackmail me to make me come here." Tony confessed, smiling at the memory of a stubborn Pepper handing him the plane ticket. Yes, plane ticket, because she did not want him to take his personal jet, let alone his armor.

"Businessmen." Kendall sighed. Then she noticed the bandages around Tony's waist, half-hidden by a Hawaiian shirt. "Aftermaths of your secondary job?"

The Iron Man looked down at his injured waist. He had several ribs broken during his latest encounter with Doom. "Yes."

"Being a superhero is a risky business." She stated thoughtfully.

"I totally agree." Tony said, lifting his glass.

They took a sip of their respective cocktails.

"So" Tony spoke again "I was told that you were good at playing poker."

Kendall eyed him, surprised.

"Do you always gather information on the girls you're interested in, Mr. Stark?"

The businessman smirked.

"Maybe. But please, call me Tony."

"Alright. So, yes, Tony, I do enjoy playing poker."

"I suppose it's not for money."

"Of course not. It's for fun." She got closer to Tony. "I'm a good liar." She whispered seductively.

"Really?" The man of iron answered in the same tone. "Then you must be a formidable opponent."

"I'm the best." She claimed. "Now excuse me, Mr.… Tony. I must go."

"Will I see you tonight?" Tony asked, full of hope.


She left, swaying her hips. Tony kept his eyes on her until his phone rang.


"Yo, Tony, what's up."

"Hey, Clint. Put the loudspeaker."


"Hey guys." Tony greeted his mates.

"So, tell us. How's your journey?" Peter asked.

"Nice. Very nice."

"Met some mermaids?" Clint asked.

"Oh, yeah. Wait." Tony put his phone on camera mode and, before Kendall disappeared, he shot her. She might have felt it because, when he pushed the button, she turned her head, offering him her gorgeous eyes. She smiled and left the bar.

Tony looked at the photo and sent it to his partners. He heard wolf-whistles and smiled. He had such a good taste.

"She's gorgeous."

"She's hot."

"She's eighteen."

The last comment was made by Pepper, who had recognized the daughter of Michael Song.

"Beware Tony, Mr. Song is very protective over his daughter. I don't want to lose one of our best suppliers because of your improper attitude."

"I'll be a good boy, Pepper, I promise."

Tony could imagine Pepper's face, with its skeptical expression. Honestly, he didn't know Miss Song was that young. She looked so mature. But it was obvious she was a player. And the iron Avenger was very willing to play along.

"She has weird eyes." Peter noted.

"This is called heterochromia." Bruce Banner explained. "It's very rare."

Tony smiled at his friends' interest for the girl.

"Thor? Are you alright?" Pepper asked, worried.

The iron Avenger frowned.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know. We focused on her eyes and Thor had a strange reaction." Clint explained, not understanding what was happening.

"Do not worry, my friends, it is nothing, nothing of importance." The Norse god said before leaving the room.

"What happened here?" Clint asked.

"Dunno." Peter shrugged.

"Hey, guys, I can't see you. Can somebody tell me what the matter is?" Tony demanded, worried.

"Don't bother, Tony." Bruce reassured him.

"It's because of her eyes." Pepper realized.

"What? What about her eyes?" The man of iron didn't understand his assistant's logic.

"Loki had the same eyes. Well, the same than her green eye." She explained.

There was a silence. Everybody reflected on what Pepper had said.

"Anyway. Don't worry about that. Don't worry about anything. Just rest and have fun, okay?" Clint added and hung up.

Don't worry, easy to say. How was he supposed not to worry? He was the leader of the Avengers. If one of them had a problem, Tony was concerned. Because a personal issue could have unwelcomed effects on their mission, the Iron Man knew it for a fact. And because they were friends, after all.

Tony thought about Thor's reaction. It was true that Kendall's green eye was exactly the same shade than Loki's ones. A deep green, so deep it was almost unnatural. The businessman always thought that the trickster's eyes were the reflection of his magic.

But, if green eyes were rarest than brown or blue ones, it was not Loki's monopoly. So, this likeness, as disturbing as it was, was a mere coincidence.

Tony noticed Kendall, taking place in a little boat. He took and followed her up to her magnificent yacht, whose name was… "Mischief".

A mere coincidence.

Too bad Tony Stark didn't believe in coincidences.

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