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Mystery green.

Tony Stark looked for the umpteenth times at his reflection in the mirror. He wore an elegant suit, not too businesslike but still adequate for an evening at the casino. It would be the occasion to see again the mysterious Miss Song.

He had made some researches on her on the Internet. He had first felt a little bad to inquire on a girl he had just met and he had called himself a paranoid several times. But, as his inquiry on the young lady went on, he felt less and less paranoid.

Some details about the life were disconcerting. It started with the accident: the car crash that had occurred ten years ago and that had cost her mother's life. He already knew about it, as her father himself had told him. But he did not know the details.

This accident had been a real tragedy: tenth of victims, several people injured. Michael Song had one of his leg seriously damaged. Too damaged to be saved. Thus, it was replaced by an artificial limb. Now, he was obliged to walk with a stick.

Yet, the most interesting thing was that, among this chaos, Kendall was found unconscious but unarmed. She only had a few bruises, nothing serious. An "unexplainable miracle", according to the doctors (as if miracles could be explained). It was all the more stunning that she had been thrown out of the car and had gone through the windscreen. This should have killed her.

Tony looked at the photo he had found of the Song family. It had been taken only a few days before the accident, at some charity gala in London. Mrs Song was beautiful. Elegant, refined, blond, like her daughter. Michael had told him that she belonged to the gentry. And it was so obvious, looking at the way she stood: proud, straight.

Beside her was her husband and, in front of them, stood the little Kendall. She was only eight at that time. She was smiling with all the innocence of her childhood. Tony looked once again closely at the photo.

The detail that had first caught his eyes was maybe the strangest thing he had found about that girl (yes, even stranger that surviving a deadly car crash): on the photo, both of her eyes were grey.

Apparently, and according to the doctors who had been looking after her, when she had regained consciousness, her right eye was green. Tony was no doctor, but he doubted that a shock, as hard as he might be, could change the color of an eye. Another "unexplainable miracle".

That was a lot of miracles for one person.

So, let's sum all this up: here was a girl, who miraculously survived a car crash and woke up with a green eye. And it exactly coincided with the supposed death of Loki.

Tony knew it was too light a theory. But, he had learnt that nothing was impossible with the God of Mischief.

Of course, he had not told anything to his fellow Avengers. He did not want them to think he was becoming paranoid, or crazy. He could have told Thor, though. He was sure the Aesir would have believed him. But, again, Thor was willing to trust anything that was related to his brother.

Anyway, for now, that girl was only the daughter of one of his business partner. A rich girl, who had quite a reputation back in London. He had found some articles on her in the British press. And, from what he had seen, her way of life was quite "Sex, drug and rock'n'roll", to say the least. And she was only eighteen!

Now he remembered, one day, some months ago, Mr. Song had explained him that his daughter "tended to destroy herself", or so he said. A tendency Tony knew all too well. She drank too much for her own sake and was said to consume illicit products.

Even if he was often travelling, Mr. Song always kept an eye on his daughter. And he had not hesitated to leave an important business meeting and go back to London when he heard that she was at the hospital. Tony did not have the details of this affair, and Kendall had seemed fine when he had seen her earlier that day. But he was with Michael when he had had this phone call. And the worry, no, the distress he had seen on his face meant nothing good.

In any case, the girl seemed to be quite complex. And if she was what Tony thought she was, it would be difficult to expose her. But the man of iron was a clever man. With cunning and subtlety, he would learn a little more about Kendall Song.

The Casino was independent from the hotel. It was an elegant building, in the same colonial style that the palace itself. It was only 10 P.M, but the place was already full of rich and well-dressed players. Tony scanned the room, looking for his target. She was not here, not yet. So the business man made his way to the bar, where he ordered a whiskey.

He thought again of this twisted theory of him. There was a raging conflict in his head: one part of him, the "rational" one, was saying that he was being delirious and that he'd better enjoy his holidays. While the other part of him, the "Iron Man" one, was telling him that he would never be too prudent concerning someone as dangerous and crafty as Loki.

"Mister Stark?"

Tony jerked from his inner fight and looked behind him. Here she stood with her now usual cocky smile. She was wearing a long, emerald green Chinese-like dress with golden dragons all other it. The dress was slit up to her thigh and let see her left leg. Her blond-white hair was held in a chignon with what looked like green chopsticks in it.

Green and gold, of course., was Tony's first thought. Then he saw her perfect leg, and, for some seconds, he forgot about green and gold, about his theory, about everything. Then his "Iron Man" part, which could be very annoying sometimes, forced him to look at his glass. Here and then, alcohol was less risky than the pair of legs in front of him.

Focus, Tony, focus. Smart and subtle.

A "Are you Loki?" was definitely neither subtle nor smart. So Tony had to find the evidence during a seemingly normal conversation. Besides, he did not want to freak the lady out, in the case she was nothing Loki-related.

But, currently, she was watching him curiously, waiting for him to say something.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"You." Tony answered matter-of-factly. That was not very subtle, but that was the absolute truth.

"Really. I'm flattered." she smiled and took the sit beside him.

The Avenger smiled to the irony. He suspected her to be a mad God. There was nothing to be flattered.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"Martini rosato." she said with an Italian accent. The bartender nodded and disappeared.

"You speak Italian?" Tony asked, curious.

"Yes, I do. I speak also French, Spanish, Russian, German and Portuguese."

"Wow, really impressive."



"Thank you."

Tony smiled, a little embarrassed. He was considered a genius but foreign languages were not his forte. He was more into figures and engineering.

"You remind me of a friend. She too is polyglot. Where did you learn all these?"

"Mostly at home, with private teachers. I've always found it easy to learn. I have a good memory, it helps. And I've traveled a lot, of course."

The bartender went back with Kendall's order. They clinked glasses and resumed their casual conversation.

"Where are you studying?"

"At Cambridge."

"You're in first year."

"No, third year."

"My, you're kind of a genius."

"Not as much as yourself." she said coyly. Tony smiled. He liked it when people remember he was fifteen when he finished his studies at MIT. But still, she was in third year at only eighteen. She was very precocious, in more ways than one.

"Besides, I had quite a chaotic education."

"How's that?" the businessman was curious how such a clever lady could have a "chaotic" education.

"I was expelled from three schools." she confessed.


"Yes. I was kind of a troublemaker." she explained with a mischievous smile.

Yeah, you are. Tony thought wryly.

"What are you studying?" the Avenger asked, resuming his inquiry.

"History. That's my passion. I guess my father would have rather see me in a Business School." she said, her voice slightly bitter.

This tone surprised the man of iron. Michael Song seemed totally devoted to his daughter, he did not imagine him forcing her to choose a path she did not want to take.

"I don't think so. I didn't hear him saying he was disappointed about your orientation."

"Really?" she did not seem very convinced. Tony could perceive some misunderstandings between father and daughter. Maybe that was simply because she was in rebellion with authority, like any self-respecting young person. Like he had been himself. Like he still was, for that matter.

"Of course." he assured her.

"If you say so." she said with a weak smile. She took another sip of her martini and put down the glass on the counter. She looked at it blankly.

Tony took another sip of his whiskey. He had not expected this conversation to go that way. Now, Kendall seemed sad, pensive. She was looking blankly at her glass. He had to say something, anything, to break that dull atmosphere.

But, suddenly, Kendall's face turned from sad to angry. Her gaze became hard and hateful, her face tensed. It was as if the glass had become her worst enemy and she wanted to destroy it with her gaze. She started to breathe hard, her chest rising and falling faster. Her hands clenched, so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

Tony did not know what was happening in her head. It seemed she was no longer here, with him. She was somewhere else. In the depth of her soul. What was he supposed to do?

"I'll end you, I'll end you" he heard her muttering in a weird double-tone voice, her own pleasant voice covered by another one, deeper, more masculine. Something told him that she was not talking about her father.

Wow, now that's scary.

Tony tentatively moved his hand and gently placed it on her forearm. She jerked, as if she was awaked from a nightmare. She looked at him, a little lost.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, obviously worried.

"Yes, yes, don't worry. It happens, sometimes. I'm sorry, you must think I'm crazy." she apologized with a nervous smile. She took her glass and drank it slowly. Her hands were slightly shaking.

"Don't worry, I don't think such a thing." he reassured her, looking warily at her. "Do you need something?"

"Just some fresh air." she said standing up and making her way to the balcony. Tony's eyes followed her. His brains were working so much it hurt. He tried to analyze what had just happened. He was afraid to let her go, for some reasons.

So, it escaped his lips.

"He misses you. A lot."

She stopped at those words. Tony expected her to say "I don't know what you're talking about." or something like that.

"He should not." she said darkly without turning back and moved forward the balcony.

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