Merlin ran as fast as he could, twisting and turning as leaves and braches snapped against his face. Turning his head slightly he saw leon,gwaine,elyan,percival and agravaine sprinting to his right trying there best to get away from the huge mob following them. He turned his head to the other side his eyes on arthur who looked pained to be running away from so many people. He knew arthur wanted to fight desperately, to defend his honour, to prove that he was worthy of his crown by fighting all these people even though it meant certain death, merlin wasn't sure why they were running given arthur's pride but was grateful that for once arthur was clever enough to realise that flight was the best option.

"GET THE SORCERER" One at the front screams and Merlin trips over his own feet in shock, arthur luckily manages to grab his arm and keep him upright, all though it meant they both slowed considerably. Merlin's head spins to the mob chasing them, his heart pounding, this couldn't really be an attack on him could would they even know what he was. He must have heard it wrong, as if reading his thoughts they screamed again about getting the sorcerer, this time merlin didn't trip he just gasped slightly, they were after him. They weren't bothered in the knights of Camelot or the king they wanted him. Finally, when Merlin's legs feel like there about to give from exhaustion they manage to out run them, finding a place to hide. Dropping into the crevice behind the others they all stop panting and wheezing.

"Did you hear sire?" Leon asked quickly "They think there is a sorcerer among us" He continued and Arthur gave a small nod, his eyes traced over each person before shaking his head.

"They must think were somebody else" Merlin chocked out.

"EMRYS!" Gwaine threw his hand over merlin's chest and pushed him against the rocks alongside everyone else. "COME OUT COME OUT WHERE-EVER YOU ARE!" The voice was husky but loud, it sounded like someone who had drunk to much and had a bad hangover. There was the tumbling of rocks as they came to the top of the little crevice they were standing in. Merlin looked up slightly squinting to keep the dust out of his eyes

"Find him" A new voice spat "kill him when you do..If he's still with his friends kill them" Merlin's mouth suddenly went dry as he heard the order.

"there's no way we can out run them" Elyan muttered frantically as merlins brain worked trying to formulate a plan.

"We can't fight them all" Agravaine whispered to Arthur, merlin had to suppress his snort at the wimp who Arthur believed to be his trust worthy uncle. Arthur looked beyond lost as he looked to the few men he had trying to figure out an order for them.

Merlin had to run on his own. He had to leave his friends where they were or they would all be killed, but Arthur would follow. Merlin was sure of it, as much as he pretends he doesn't care they are friends and he wouldn't let his friend run to his death. his eyes traced the top and saw some large boulders at the top to one side where a path ran up that would make it easy for merlin to escape from before dropping them to block the other's path of following him, he would die and they would live.

"We won't have to" Merlin replied sounding a lot braver than he felt. "Arthur"

"Not now merlin..i need to think"

"just..don't be a prat" Merlin said easily ignoring the fact he had been ignored. Trying not smile at the use of his past words when arthur was still only prince and he merlin was about to die...or so merlin thought. Arthur looked to him confused with a last small, sad smile merlin ran, pushing Gwaines arm from his chest towards the hill. As planned he heard arthur scream after him. His eyes flashing orange quickly as the boulders tumbled blocking them from coming for at least a little while.

"MERLIN!" Arthurs voice penetrated the quiet forest.

"THERE!" Merlin felt an arrow wizz past his shoulder but kept running, he wouldn't die so close to everyone, he wanted it to take a while for the others to find him when they got out so the mob would be gone and they wouldn't place themselves back in danger.

He ran into a clearing peering round he saw men coming towards him, all smirking wielding there weapons, looks of triumph on there dirty faces.

"Emrys" the husky voice man spoke.

"What do you want with me?"

"We want you dead" He said raising his sword. Obviously not in a chatty mood Merlin thought to himself sarcastically. Merlin threw his arms out either side of him, making himself an easy target. Shutting his eyes tightly when he saw the fingers on cross bows inch towards the trigger.

"MERLINNNN!" His eyes flew open again as he heard the familiar voice stupidly close. Arthur burst into the clearing his sword flying towards the people infront of him one easily knocked him back onto the floor next to where merlin stood.

"LEAVE HIM!" Merlin ordered glaring at the men in front of him who had aimed there arrows at arthur.

"Who are you to give us orders?"

"It's me you want not him. Let him live!" As they all went into loud laughter merlin dropped to arthurs side "I told you not to be a prat!"

"what the hell do you think your doing ?" the two snapped at the same time. Arthur looked at the man in front of him in confusion, a small amount of fear was hidden behind his blue eyes as his eyes flicked slightly to all the men standing near them.

"kill them both" A new voice ordered causing Merlin to look up, a young boy in a blue cloak walked forwards, the men parting as he did.

"mordred?" Merlin thought, the boy looked into his eyes

"I told you I wouldn't forget what you did emrys"The familiar voice echoed into merlins mind

"Let arthur go"

"why should i"

"he saved your life"

"As did you..but then you tried to get me killed"

"That has nothing to do with arthur"

"he and his men have killed our kind"

An arrow suddenly flew towards arthurs head. Without knowing what he was doing merlin had already stopped it, it stood in mid air centimetres from arthur who was looking at the arrow terrified.

"I'm sorry" Merlin mumbled quietly.

"for wha" Arthurs words died in his throat as merlin looked up to him his eyes glowing orange. Merlin stood back to his full height and glowered at the men before him.

"Let him leave" Merlin seethed again.

"He is consorting with you!" Merlin tried to place where he knew the men from but couldn't think of anywhere, he also couldn't think of anyone else who hated magic as much as uther did to do this just to kill him.


"Kill them both" Mordered ordered calmly. Merlin saw arthur's eyes widen as he looked to the boy. another arrow shot, again towards arthur and again merlin stopped it. Merlin gulped, no going back now. Muttering a spell as arrows flew towards them. A few, noticing his eyes ran back into the cover of the tree's but most stood there ground giving mordered small looks searching for comfort.

"ATTACK!" The remainder charged forwards. Merlin muttered a spell and some flew back, hitting others and bringing them down to as if they were domino's. Vines stretched out tripping them over, One by one he was taking the men out.

"MERLIN WATCH OUT!" Merlins eyes flicked to arthur then his knee's buckled as someone swiped down hard with there sword. It cut into merlins shoulder forcing him to scream out in pain as the blood began leaking out quickly. Arthur looked into merlins eyes when he fell, his eyes now turned into an animalistic yellow and all around merlin flew back fire rising in a ring around the few that remained in the circle with them. Merlin stood up again shakily shouting more spells and sending more people back trying his best not to kill them only knock them out to stop there attack. Merlin hear someone shout his name and looked down to arthur who was looking terrified at the sight of his friend doing magic, looking down gave one enough time to strike him again. This time however the sword went through merlin's side. Just between his waist and hips as the sword pulled out merlin fell to the ground.

"Merlin no!" Arthur yelped catching merlin as merlin gave out another scream of pain, with in seconds he looked to only be on the verge of consciousness, his magic still pulsed around them.

"Get out" Merlin mumbled "Leave..Arthur" Merlin slurred his words, Mordred would kill him, he had no reason to follow Arthur

"I'm not leaving you idiot." They were still out numbered even with the many merlin had taken down.

"Goodbye Emrys"A large beam of magic suddenly flew towards the pair arthur cowering behind his hands but it never hit. The blond haired man opened his eyes again and saw merlin just about kneeling. One arm up looking as if it only just had enough strength the stay up. The beam paused in mid air.

"Arthur?" The other knights burst through the clearing all stopping at the sight before them. Arthur lying on the floor, staring at merlin who was now covered in blood magic frozen in front of him, an eerie silence around. Merlin stood up body swaying as he tried to keep upright. Mordred's eyes where wide staring at him.

Merlin glanced at the knights,All looking relatively similar just with faces of shock apart from gwaine, he was staring at merlin mouthing wordlessly he looked hurt, betrayed, this made merlin cringe slightly, if gwaine looked betrayed he couldn't bear to think what arthur looked like. His eyes next went to agravaine who had an evil sneer on his face. Finally, he slowly let his eyes wander to arthur.

"I'm sorry" He mumbled to the king before snapping his head back to those infront of him. Suddenly merlin threw both his arms out, the magic morderd attacked with dissolving undermerlins. every enemy flew back smashing against tree's. Merlin's eyes where only on the boy , who flew through the air letting out a large scream before smashing against a boulder and becoming still on the ground, his chest unmoving and his eyes wide. Merlin's knee's buckled and he crumpled to the floor next to arthur. His chest only just rising and falling. Arthur looked into his partly open eyes, his usual blue eyes where now almost glowing white as merlin slipped into unconsciousness.

"Arrest him"