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Disclaimages: This is in no way my story (except the fan stuff I added to appease my own desires on what should happen) for one I don't take English and I am only able to write stories with minor plots containing many faults that if they are too big and confusing I hope you will tell me. J. wrote the books allowed Warner Bros. to make a film and as far as I know none of that appears in my personal memory banks apart from the actual reading, watching and fan based texting. So now we have established I have no ownership of anything amazing (except for some socks I got for my birthday) we shall begin. This shall not be repeated through each chapter because I find it annoying when I read other peoples.


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Warning to readers

This has been made over a series of months due to sugar highs and ridiculous fan notions. Thus if t starts to scare you I will have nothing against you for quitting while your ahead and still with intact sanity.

On with the story!

(btw this starts at the end of Harry's first year)

Dumbledore perched on the end of Harry's bed.

"The truth," he sighed "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution. However, I shall answer your questions unless I have a good reason not to, in which I beg you to forgive me. I shall not, of course, lie." Harry gazed down at his bandaged arms, he'd already asked about the stone and the mirror, he didn't have much else to ask.

"Sir, can you tell me about my parents?" Dumbledore's eyes clouded in sadness at the memory of the boy's late parents, but something unidentifiable lingered in the depths that Harry couldn't quite make out.

"Your parents were great people Harry. They knew Voldemort was after them, but they didn't run or abandon you, like some would've if placed in their circumstances. When he came they sacrificed themselves for you. The love in which that happened left you with protection against the dark lord, which you have seen for yourself only a few days ago." He smiled softly at the thought. "Your mother was called Lily, and I'm sure you know of her relatives." Harry inadvertently shuddered at the mention of his guardians. "Your father was, as you know, James Potter, most of the family on his side is gone and there is no way to contact them."

"Most?" Harry frowned at Dumbledore, telling him in a look that he wasn't going to take 'no comment' for an answer.

"It seems Harry that you may have a cousin on your father's side." Harry blinked, and the spectacled man didn't wait for it to sink in. "I received a letter from a child's guardian a while back, the child's heritage was unknown, but they'd somehow traced his ancestry back to our school. This happened around a year back and it wasn't till a month or two ago that we found what is most likely to be his exact magical relative, your grandfather."

"I have a cousin?" Dumbledore nodded, aware of the slightly dazed expression on the young wizard's face. "Where is he?"


"Japan!" Harry blinked twice and fixed Dumbledore with a piercing gaze. "What do you mean -ish?"