I don't own digimon. I tried to make the fic's even but apparently T.K's fic was bigger on here than on my computer? Idk. Basically I have decided to make sure I don't annoy anyone so I've written the same fic, about the same thing using one of the same character's twice. One for Kari x Davis (This one) and one for Kari x T.K(Other one)


Kari knocked on the door and smiled as she saw Davis answer, finally. "Hey, I know it's new years and stuff and you probably already have a midnight planned but-" Kari spoke fast and without breathing
"Hold up, I'm just eating pizza and playing video games" Davis interrupted with a kind, and fetching, smile.
"Oh, so... do you want to come to the festival then?" she asked, sheepishly.
"Who's gunna be there?" Davis asked. Kari shrugged and then turned to walk away but Davis hopped down the stairs and tapped her on the back. "It's cold" he shivered
"Davis... you aren't wearing shoes" Kari pointed out
"I regret it!"
"Or socks"
"Well done." Davis mumbled. Kari smiled and leaned in towards him but he seemed uninterested.

"So you'll be there?" Davis asked, rubbing his hands together
"I guess..." Kari replied. Davis blushed red and moved closer to Kari as he saw her cute face of worry. "Well then, I guess I'll see you there" Kari grumbled, frowning.
"Are we going to be alone?" Davis asked.
"I'm not sure" Kari replied. Davis looked at her; breathed in deeply and immediately became intoxicated by the smell of her perfume. They both looked at each other once and smiled, softly.
"Wanna wait?" Davis asked, with a frown as Kari thought about it
"Let's just do it now" she insisted as she moved closer to him.
"You sure?" Davis double-checked
"Oh yeah" Kari grinned. They breathed once and then kissed.

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