Blast from the Past by Kjchristie17

Chapter 1

He crept amongst the trees, his eyes narrowed and his body alert. He would prove himself to his parents. He was not a child anymore.

The little silver haired demon scented his prey and smiled. Tonight, he would eat! His amber eyes glinted and he stalked the little fawn stealthily. Just as he was about to jump, a flash of blue light caught his attention, and his prey took the chance to escape, having already identified its hunter.

Face settled in a scowl, the boy decided to investigate the source of his distraction and wandered into a clearing. He could smell the stench of humans and he frowned. They truly were disgusting creatures. Their foul smell made him wince, although their village was quite a distance away.

He looked around. There was no light now. It was just a clearing with an old well. He cocked his head. He was certain, that flash of blue had come from here. He prowled around, poking in the bushes, but found nothing. With a sigh of disappointment, he sank onto the ground and huffed. This was so boring. His prey had escaped and since winter was appraoching, the woods were clear of animals, as they tended to avoid the hunters.

As he prepared himself to spend another night without food, a strange sensation made him look up.

It was the well.

It was glowing.

Curious, he walked over, and peered tried to peer down, but he was not that tall. Carefully, he hoisted himself onto the edge and peered down into its depths in amazement. It was a swirling mass of power, deep and light blue. It was beautiful. Unconsciously, he founf himself reaching put for it and with a cry, he fell into the well.

450 years in the future

Kagome rolled in her sleeping bag, uncomfortably. She tossed, and then turned. It was no use. She just couldn't sleep. They had dropped by at Edo for supplies, and Sango had wanted to go to her village to pay her respects. Miroku had followed her, as he had not wanted her to be alone in her time of sorrow. However, since Kaede's hut had collapsed a few days ago and Inuyasha was still in the process of rebuilding it, she had to sleep under the stars.

She looked at the sky with a gloomy look on her face. She had so wanted to go home today, but it was late and she didn't want to wake up the family. Inuyasha was off somewhere, not that he bothered to tell her. Surprise surprise.

Suddenly Kagome narrowed her eyes and sat up. That feeling! There was strange sensation in the air. She closed her eyes and relaxed her mind. A second later, her eyes jumped open and she clambered onto her feet. Something was wrong with the well. She could feel it! It was calling to her!

Without bothering to call out for Inuyasha, she rushed off, barefoot, in her pajamas in the direction of the clearing! Panting, she looked around upon reaching the open area, but there was nobody there.


She walked towards the well, and sure enough she could hear someone crying. Well, not crying really, more like whimpering. It sounded like a child. Concerned, she peered into the dark well. Since it was night, she couldn't very well make out who was sitting at the bottom but it was a small shape.

"Hey! Are you okay? How did you fall down there?"

There was silence, and a small voice replied, "My leg has been injured. I cannot get out."

Kagome's eyes widened, and she immediately groped in the dark for the built in ladder, "Hey, don't you worry! I'll get you out. Just hold on."

The child made a small sound, which she interpreted as acknowledgement. Her hand found the ladder, and she carefully climbed down, making sure not to miss a step. After all, what help would she be, if she too broke her leg?

Reaching the bottom, she was immediately engulfed by a pair of tiny arms. She pout her arms around the child, absently noting the long hair. He was trembling. Instinctively sooting him, she talked him into climbing onto her back.

The clim back up was difficult, but somehow she managed it. Panting with the effort, Kagome looked at the silent child, who was bathed in the moonlight, and gasped. He looked just like Seshoumaru. Right down to the cresent shaped mark on his head.

"Um, what's your name?"

He sat on the ground, holding his injured leg, and blinked at her, "My name is Seshoumaru Taisho."

Kagome fell down on her ass.

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