"Where are we going?" Kagome asked for the umpteenth time. Seshoumaru simply responded with a distinct 'hn' and walked on. Suppressing a growl, Kagome clenched her fists wanting to throw a rock at him. Two days had passed since 'that incident' as Kagome had termed it, and the entire group was drowning in awkward silence.

Maru had become more silent and withdrawn, even more so than usual. Rin and Shippou were being wary of him. Jaken, for a change, was silent. He didn't know which Master to worship; the young one or the elder one. Kagome was furious with Seshoumaru, worried about Maru, concerned about the children and wary of Jaken.

She scowled at Seshoumaru's back. "This is all your fault, you know."

The inuyoukai seemed completely unaffected by her words as he walked on. Deciding to carry the conversation with his stiff back, the miko continued, "I don't know what that little act was day before yesterday, but let me assure you," Her next words were low, and tinged with dark fury, "You are not my Alpha."

That struck a nerve.

Seshoumaru stopped in his tracks, and turned around, meeting the challenging look of the woman. His eyes narrowed. Was she refuting his claim on her?

"You left the half breed's pack, miko. You now belong to my pack.-"

She cut him off, a brow raised, "Only temporarily, Seshoumaru."

The children took the pause in the journey a sign that they could rest, and they dragged Jaken to find a water spring. Maru, however, studied the two adults and edged near Kagome, if she needed protecting. His actions had caused her harm and although she seemed not to care, he was unable to forgive himself for harming her. So, he vowed to himself to always protect her.

"I am now your Alpha, woman."

Kagome put her hands on her hips, giving him an incredulous look, "Do I look like a dog to you? I am human, Seshoumaru. I have no Alpha."

Seshoumaru's beast snarled. She was refuting his claim! He would not allow this.

Kagome's eyes flashed, "Now that the children aren't here, let's make one thing clear. I'm here to make sure Maru gets back to his time, safely. Inuyasha is a jackass so I can't let him protect Maru. You, on the other hand, -" She waved her hand in the air, "Let's not even get started on you and your weird issues. But the moment Maru gets back, I'm going back to finding the shards, getting rid of Naraku and then going home. So stop with your weird stuff and drop the attitude."

Seshoumaru was silent throughout her speech and once she was finished, he took a step forward and then another, and then another till he had her backed against a tree. Maru was on his feet and snarling in warning.

Seshoumaru ignored the pup and placed a hand on the miko's throat; a gently, deceptive hand, one that could take her life at any moment. His voice was like silky velvet as he murmured, a strange glint in his eyes.

"You are beyond reckless, miko. You seem to forget that I can easily take away your life any moment I so choose. I am the Alpha of this pack and human, you may be, but you are a part of this pack, until I say so otherwise. The pup seems to be under the illusion that you belong to him when in reality, you belong to me. No matter how many times you challenge me, I will make you submit."

Kagome's powers pushed through, burning his hand, but he didn't so much as flinch. Maru snarled and jumped towards him, his claws extended, but one swipe of Seshoumaru's hand had him flying back.


The combination of anger and confusion had an interesting effect on Kagome. Her powers merged around her and the energy started taking over her eyes which started glowing pink and purple. Gone were her pupils, her iris, her eyes were radiating power. Gathering her power in one hand, she pushed at his chest and he hissed as he smelled burning flesh.

Maru was on his feet and he rushed towards Kagome, his youki reacting to that familiar reitsu. His eyes grew red as his beast took over. Although he was too young to manifest his beast in its true form, it was still able to take over him.

Narrowed eyes took in Kagome's aura which was becoming tinged in red. He grew furious as he realized the implications, "No! You will not submit to him!"

Past reasoning, he gripped her neck with his teeth, marking her neck brutally, claiming her. Mary snarled and jumped on him but was thrown back by the massive backlash of youki. However, his beast refused to give up. Jumping back on his feet, he rushed towards the couple, his eyes taking in Kagome's struggling form and his future self's body pinning the miko in place, forcing her reistu to submit.


His howl made its way into Kagome's ears and she blinked, stilling. What was going on? The part of her that was disoriented, tried to struggle, to regain consciousness, to regain control of her body.

It hurt.

She didn't know what, but something was hurting.


Someone was screaming.

Someone was screaming her name.

A vision of a small boy with lonely golden eyes, and a hesitant smile swam into her mind. Pushed back. A crack. His body lying on the roots of a tree, twisted at an impossible angle.

Something was wrong.

He was hurt.

Who was he?

Then a sense of urgency swamped her. Something was telling her that if she didn't break free of this prison now, she would be stuck forever.

She pushed. Using all of her will power, she pushed against the barriers of her mind and struggled to break free.

Seshoumaru sensed a change in her. He was trying to replace the youki of the pup with his own but it wasn't working. Something strange was happening. The minute the pup had cried out for her, she had stilled and her struggles had changed, like she wasn't fighting him but something else.

Her scent had changed, those glowing eyes fading. They fluttered shut and then suddenly snapped open as she growled, "Get the fuck out of my head!"

Something was obviously wrong with her. Wary, he watched the power fading from her eyes. Cerulean blue eyes blinked up at him, fear present in them. She struggled to say something, but her tongue was tied up in knots.

They stared at each other in silence.

Finally, Kagome found her voice, a hoarse whisper, "Let me go, Seshoumaru."

It wasn't a command, nor was it a request. Simply a statement.

He released her.

Stumbling, she supported herself with the tree, and slowly made her way towards where Maru's prone body was laying.

Falling onto her knees, she rested his head in her lap and called forth her powers to heal him. It took minutes, his natural healing powers aiding the her.

As she glowed, Seshoumaru studied her and his own actions. Why had he acted like that? Why had he tried to mark her, a human? Looking back onto the few days, he noted that most of his actions were impulsive, like that of a pup's.

He hated humans.

Well, he didn't hate them, he just considered them inferior. And now, he was trying to lay a claim on a human miko; his brother's woman.

"I am not Inuyasha's woman!" Came the sharp retort.

He froze. He had not spoken aloud. But she had somehow…

Kagome seemed not to have noticed his absence of statement. She wore a strange expression on her face as she repeated, her words lacking heat, "I'm not Inuyasha's woman, Seshoumaru. I am my own woman. I don't need a man associated with me every turn of the way."

He was silent. Did she even know what she had just implied? She was a free woman, unclaimed, ripe for the picking.

His beast purred and he blinked, Had he just thought that?

Since when was he interested in this miko?

Since a long time, he admitted to himself. At first, she had been like a pest, then had started to fascinate him and then he had begun to desire her. But no, he racked his brain, there had been something about her, from the first time he had met her. A sense of peace. Of relief. But why?

He had often found himself following them, following her. A part of him had always known that she didn't belong to Inuyasha. And now, she had just proclaimed herself to be free of any ties to the hanyou. When his past self had started scent marking her, that's when he had lost control of his beast. That was when he found himself trying to override the pup's mark. Jealousy. A new emotion that raged it's head.

She belonged to him.

He studied the miko from a new perspective.

Everything was clear. He now had a goal. He had to claim the miko.


He raised a brow.

"What is going on with me?"

He walked towards her till he was towering over her seated form. Those big blue eyes stared up at him and her pose was so unknowingly submissive that his blood started heating up.

"Are you going to answer me or just stand on my head?"

That pulled him from his thoughts, and he answered, "Your power has begun to manifest itself."

"My power? I don't have powers, I have healing abilities."

She sounded so confused and lost that it roused his protective instincts.

"Your reitsu is too powerful. We shall confide with the tree youkai."

As those powerful eyes kept probing into hers, she swallowed and asked, hoping her voice did not waver, "Are you helping me?"

Seshoumaru raised an elegant brow, "You belong to me. It is my duty as Alpha to protect you."

The miko opened her mouth to argue but closed it wisely, "There's just no arguing with you."

Seshoumaru hnned and studied the wound he had made on her neck. It had healed when she had healed Maru and there was just dry blood there. It was like she did not even remember him doing it.

That was a cause for worry.

A few moments later, Maru moaned quietly and golden eyes blinked open, languidly.

Kagome didn't know why, but when he stared up at her from where his head was laying in her lap, her eyes brimmed with tears.

Furiously, she brushed at her tears and cupped his cheek gently, "I'm sorry, Maru. I'm so sorry."

The pup looked confused and a little upset, "Why are you sorry?"

A teary smile, "You were trying to protect me and you got hurt."

He frowned and gave Seshoumaru an accusatory look, "I was trying to protect you from me. He keeps hurting you and that means I'm hurting you and I would never hurt you."

That was the longest speech he had ever given and by the time the fierce tirade was over, his face turned red and he looked anywhere but at her.

Kagome sighed, and ran a hand through those silver locks, "Seshoumaru will never hurt me, Maru. He and I have a different relationship than me and you."

The child's bottom lip quivered, "But I do not want to hurt you."

Those fingers ran through his hair, massaging his scalp soothingly, "And you won't. Other than trying to intimidate me, have you ever seen Seshoumaru hurt me?"

Maru was silent, as his eyes closed unwillingly, his voice a murmur, "He bit you."

"Well," Kagome snorted, her eyes dancing in mirth as they met Seshoumaru's unreadable gaze, "He is a dog."

A soft rumble. She looked down to find Maru asleep.

"You believe I will not harm you?"

Kagome looked up. The inuyoukai had seated himself opposite her, against a tree. His eyes were blazing if that were possible.

Kagome met his gaze evenly, "Well, all you've done up till now is bite me. My body parts and organs are still intact and if you really wanted to hurt me, even I wouldn't be able to stop you."

She trusted him.

Nobody ever trusted him. Only Rin had, and she was a child.

This was a strange feeling. Something told him to protect this precious gift.

"You are my pack. You belong to me."

Kagome waved her free hand, "Yeah yeah."

Seshoumaru frowned, irritably and repeated, "I am your Alpha."


"Do not test me, woman."

Kagome looked towards him wide eyes, "Now why would I do that?"

She would drive him insane.

His beast purred, excited with the challenge this woman presented. 'She will try.'

As the children returned, and Kagome greeted them, Seshoumaru could swear he saw her aura flickering as it often did when she was very upset or scared.

However, he dismissed it for the moment as Rin presented him a crown made of flowers.

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