Kagome couldn't understand what was wrong with her. She was never this bold or crazy. Aside from the sudden personality change, she could feel something shifting inside her.

Last night, when Seshoumaru had assaulted her – It was assault, she told herself sternly – she had felt something inside her body, like there was somebody else in there with her.

Her hands quivered and she clenched her teeth. She was frightened out of her wits. She glanced down at a silent Maru walking alongside her. Ever since she had met him, something had started happening to her, inside her.

She closed her eyes, scared. Was she becoming a monster?

Seshomaru watched the miko out of the corner of his eye. Her reiki was a mess. Fear permeated her scent and yet he could not see the demons that ailed her. He narrowed his eyes. They needed to get to Bokuseno.

He knew asking the miko would do no good and he was also aware that his past self had something to do with the problems surrounding the miko. The pup had put a bonding mark on the miko, the likes of which he had never seen before.

Even his own youki had to struggle to override that bond mark, something which should have been impossible. And then there was the question of his memories. He should have retained some of the memories of his time with the miko, but when he tried to recall, he could not remember.

He studied the sky, his face impassive, not betraying the turmoil going on inside of him. If he tried really hard to remember, he could recall a gentle laugh, a spurt of a strange emotion and screams. Had someone blocked his memories?

No one could do that except one practicing the dark arts. Who would erase his memories? What happened that someone had deemed it necessary to stop him from remembering?


Maru's voice made him look over his shoulder, as the boy gazed at the miko with troubled eyes. Kagome looked down at him.

The words were hesitant, almost torn from him, "Do- Do you fear me?"

Kagome froze.

That moment's hesitation seemed to be all the answer that Maru needed and he scrambled away from her, his face turning pale as a sheet.

"I would never-"

"Maru, it's not –"

For the first time, Seshomaru saw himself cry.

The pup's eyes blurred with tears, "I would never hurt you. I gave my word! Why do you fear me still?"

Kagome looked horrified and rushed to him, grabbing him and pulling him into her arms, even as he tried to back away.

Her words were muffled against his hair, as she mumbled, "I'm not scared of you, Maru! Really, I'm –"

He tried to pull away from her but when she refused to release him, his small body collapsed against hers, as he hid his tears from the curious onlookers in her shoulder, "Your scent cannot lie." He struggled to take a breath, before begging in a whisper only meant for her ears, "Please don't be scared of me. Please don't leave me alone. I don't want to be alone."

Seshomaru heard those words and he closed his eyes. His head was hurting.

That scream.

That scream was filled with such pain and fear.

She was fighting to get to him, that faceless woman, but it was too late.

A soundless scream shaped his lips as he fell backwards into the darkness.

"I won't leave you. And I am NOT scared of you!"

The miko's fierce declaration pushed away the cloud from his eyes.

What was that, just now? Was that a memory?

He looked at the miko's form and blinked. Was that faceless woman, Kagome?

He read the exhaustion in her face and although he wanted to push on further, he knew that she needed a rest.


Kagome looked at him, her hands on Maru's trembling shoulders. He saw the lines of strain around her eyes. They did nothing to mar her beauty, though.

"You will travel with Ah-Un."

When she made to protest, he raised a brow, "Do not argue with me, woman. If you wish, you can travel on my shoulder then."

She froze and then scowled, muttering, "Travel on his shoulder, my foot! He probably just wants to cop a feel."

Amused by her rather loud muttering, he turned his back on her, "If I wished to 'cop a feel' as you say, I would simply do so. This Seshomaru does not need to resort to such lowly methods."

Kagome's face turned red and she muttered something rude. Seshomaru froze in his tracks and then smirked. His miko had quite the vocabulary, it seemed. He would enjoy learning what else that pretty little mouth could say.

Of course, under different circumstances.

"Come on, Maru."

Kagome held out a hand to him, but Seshoumaru spoke up, "I wish to have a word with the pup."

Kagome's hand curled protectively over Maru's shoulder as she gave Seshomaru a suspicious look, "Why? You planning to throw him against a tree again? 'Cause I won't let you."

Seshoumaru frowned, "Do not insult me. I wish no harm on myself."

Maru looked from Kagome to his future self and straightened his shoulders. Kagome didn't fear him. She would never abandon him. Kagome had said so. So now, it was his job to protect her, not hers.

He walked towards Seshomaru, leaving behind a displeased Kagome. She didn't trust Seshomaru, not one bit. She wouldn't put it past him to beat the kid senseless, as a 'lesson'.

"Fine. But I've got my eye on you, Seshomaru."

Seshomaru actually bristled at the thinly veiled warning.

"Are you threatening me, woman?" he asked, stiffly.

Kagome climbed onto Ah-Un, "No." She crossed her arms, "I'm telling you that if you do anything to Maru, I'll purify your ass."

Seshomaru narrowed his eyes, "Watch your tone. I am your Alpha."

"And that's supposed to mean something to me?"

He paused and then murmured silkily, "Perhaps, you and I should have a discussion first."

Maru froze and raised his voice, "You leave Kagome alone!"

His poison whipe was out, and he had a fierce look on his face.

Kagome chuckled, "You really need to stop taking out your poison whip every time Seshomaru and I argue, Maru. He;s not going to do anything to me."

"How do you know that?"

Kagome stilled.

How did she know that? Why was she so certain Seshomaru wouldn't kill her?

"The miko is pack. And I am Alpha. Now come."

He turned on his heel and started walking, not waiting for Maru to catch up.

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