"He's left me to die." Kagome stared down the edge of the cave she had been left in, and anger started taking over, "The nerve of that jerk!"

It was sharp drop. She'd never make it.

What was she going to do? Why was she being punished again for something she had no control over.

Calm down.

Kagome took a deep breath. Kazuki wasn't here to save her. She'd have to save her own sorry ass.

First things first.

She looked around herself. She needed something to get off this death trap.


The cave was bare.

All the motivation and energy deflated out of her.

How on earth was she going to get out of here?

Taking another deep breath, she peeked down and whimpered. It was so high, she couldn't even see the ground.

Fingers trembling, she closed her eyes and whispered a prayer.

Then slowly, she turned around and stared the descent.

Her senses were humming because she knew that one tiny mistake could lead to a fatal fall.

Don't look down. Don't look down.

Her fingers grabbed onto the rocks protruding from the cliff for support.

You can do this, Kagome.

Her fingers slipped on a rock and she tottered for a second before grabbing onto the nearest rock for balance. She gasped, her heart hammering against her chest.

Stupid Seshoumaru!

Stupid dog!

Stupid stupid dog!

Her fingers slipped again, and this time there was no rock to grab onto. She screamed as she fell, her eyes wide with terror, "KAZUKI!"

She didn't want to die! Her arms were outstretched and when she realized help wasn't coming, she pulled them back.

I hate you, Seshou-

She landed on something soft. Hands digging in for purchase, she opened her eyes.


Her eyes closed and she let the tears come, her body shaking.

He flew upwards, landing onto the floor of the cave. She couldn't move. Her legs weren't moving.
The beast sat down, letting her stay where she was, crying.

She heard him whine, but she shook her head, the shock still in her system.

It took her a few minutes to climb down on shaky legs before she collapsed to the ground. A great head nudged at her, trying to offer comfort.

Her eyes were dazed and she let him do what he wanted. A few seconds later, she was nestled in his paws, warm and cozy. However, she still felt cold inside, the shivers not subsiding.

Her eyes looked ahead, blindly, not seeing anything, "D-did you do it on purpose? W-were you trying to punish me?"

The beast stiffened, before shaking his head.

Kagome didn't respond. This was one experience she would never forget. Falling to her death.

"This one did not mean any harm, mate. We were bringing nourishment for you."

Kagome froze at the rough voice. She glanced upwards. Those red eyes were filled with confusion and sorrow.

"We did not know you would try to escape from us."

"I-I thought you had left me there to d-die. I thought –" Kagome stammered.

He didn't speak, just set his head by her side.

"This one apologizes."

That startled Kagome, bringing her out of her shock, "Did you just apologize to me?"

"You are our mate. Pride is nothing before you."

Kagome absorbed those words, and brought her knees to her chest. Her words were bitter, "Then why did you put me through all of that? Why did you reject the bond? Am I that repulsive?"

The beast snarled, his entire being vibrating.

Kagome stiffened with fear.

Scenting her fear, the beast stopped, however, his body still vibrated with anger, "Do not fear us."

He nudged at her, "Our human half is different from us. We tried to tell him, but he would not listen. However, he will learn. We have sealed him till he learns. He harmed our mate!"

"So, um," Kagome tried to wrap her head around it, "You and he are different, yet the same?"

He nodded.

"I don't get it. My head hurts."

"You shall stay here. I shall hunt for you."

Kagome stood up, "At least tell me why you brought me here?"

He remained silent, feigning deafness.

"I know you can hear me, Seshoumaru."

Those red eyes blinked innocently, and he repeated, "I shall go hunt."

"Why am I here, Seshoumaru? Don't pretend you can't hear me."

He turned and walked to the entrance.


He took to the sky.

She growled.

Kazuki snarled, the flames around him increasing. Sango gasped and backed away as the heat licked at her skin.

"Calm the fuck down, you bastard!"

Kazuki turned his flaming eyes towards Inuyasha and the hanyou actually took a step back. It was like staring into the pits of hell.

"What are you?" He muttered, horrified.

The elemental ignored the question and snarled, "He took Kagome! How dare he take her away from me!"

He made a move forward, only to be blocked by Kikyou.

She didn't look the slightest bit ruffled, "She is his mate, youkai. You should know better than to interfere."

That snarl turned into a roar "She is frightened of him!"

"You anger will do nothing but cause harm to those Kagome loves. You are not being rational."

He stared at her and she watched the fury rage in him and murmured, knowing she was taking a gamble with her life, "It was his beast that took her. He will not harm her."

The flames receded replaced by cold fury. "He will pay for making her feel fear."

Miroku watched the elemental. Now he could understand why the youkai chose to stick with Kagome. He was in love with her.

It seemed Kagome had an affinity for danger. Elemental youkai were extremely dangerous and temperamental. If he was in love with Kagome then he would stop at nothing to have her. Then why was he biding his time here; Amongst their group?

This was something to be pondered over. He narrowed his eyes. He would be keeping a close eye on their newest companion.

Kazuki studied the horizon. Kagome was out there somewhere. He couldn't pinpoint her exact location, but he was an elemental. A smirk grazed his lips. He wasn't without tricks up his sleeve. He closed his eyes and summoned a ball of fire in his hand.

"What are you doing?"

Inuyasha's shocked question was once again ignored, and Kazuki threw the flame in the air. Kagoem had been touched by his flames. He could find her anywhere.

"Let's go."

Sango clenched her weapon, "You know where she is?"

"No, but I can find Kagome anywhere."

Leaving the others to make their own choice, he started walking, his thoughts dark and furious.

The miko was right, but she didn't know Kagome. The very thought of Seshoumaru frightened Kagome. He didn't understand what she had done when she saved Seshoumaru, but he would find out. He had to get Kagome to accept Seshoumaru, but not like this. He stared at the blue sky and his fists clenched.

She won't be forced into it!

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