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Summary: "The Hunter" Blitzkrieg and Luffy of the Tundra were the marines best tracking team, known for their abilities to hunt down even the most elusive of Pirates But then loyalties are destroyed and lines are crossed, and now Blitz and Luffy are on the run. Things just get more complicated when they have a run in with some rather famous pirates.

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Memories of Escape and Betrayal!

"What do you mean executioin! We've done nothing wrong!"

"I mean exactly what I said. And it doesn't matter whether you've done nothing wrong or not. The government has decided that you two are too dangerous to let live!"

"At least Luf go! She's just a kid!"

"No can do. Sorry Blitz."

"Blast it all...It isn't fair!"

"I know..."

"Can't you do anything?"

"Blitz I'm not even a rear admiral! I can't do anything. What do you want me to do? March in there and demand that they let you two go! I can't do that, I'm sorry, but it's not in my power-"

"Ha! So that's what it comes down to again...Power. It's overrated if you ask me..."

"And that kind of talks part of the reason you're down here now!"

"So how long do we have?"

"Four days, and that's if they don't decide to bump it up. In which case you'll probably be executed tomorrow, if not tonight."



"It's nothing Lu...Just go back to sleep."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok...They'll let us out soon right?"


"It's okay Blitz-nii, you don't have to answer."

"Thanks for understanding kiddo."

"Quit calling me kiddo! Good night!"

"Night Lu."


"You're going to try and escape, aren't you?"

"I'm not letting them kill Luf. She's done nothing wrong."

"It's impossible, you'll just make things worse!"

"At least I can say I tried! I'm not giving up without a fight!"

"Blitz! You're in a cell at the very lowest level of Impel Down! There's no WAY you can get out of here!"

"Like. I. Said. I'm not going down without a fight! They're going to kill us! It'll be on my terms! Not theirs!"

"Fine...Blitz,be that way. You were always stubborn, I knew that. But I didn't know you were stupid too. You never change and you enver grow up!"

"Who ever said that I was the one that didn't grow up. At least I'm willin' to fight for my dreams! You'd just rollover and play the loyal dog!"

"Better then the criminal with Death looming over his and his owns head!"

"I thought you were our friend...Guess not."

"You guess correctly. It was nice knowing you. Hunter..."

"Yeah, see ya...I guess."


"Ludwick C. Amintier...You are and always will be, a fool of the highest degree. Or as Luffy would say, 'Hijo de un payaso y bufón!'"


"You understand the plan Lu?"



"Do you really have to ask?"

"Heh! Guess not. Let's go!"



"We did it Lu! We're free!"

"What next Blitz-nii?"

"Next..Well I'm not sure...For now though, we need to worry about getting caught. Nobody's broken out of Impel Down succesfully since Shiki was here. If we get caught, we'll get more then a slap on the wrist."

"They have to find us first!"

"And they won't be taking us in alive."

"Not if we can help it right!"

"Yep! I taught you well!"

"You taught me everything I know."

"Your good-for-nothin' grandfather sure as hell wasn't going to. Too busy babbling on about turning people into marines! Let's go before we get caught."

"He's your granddad too!"

"Remember Luffy. From now on, we're fugitives on the run from the law. And don't go associating me with that crazy fool. I will swear until I am dead and buried, singin' with angels, that I am not related to that man in anyways!"

"Is it really that important to remember? And fine, he's not your grandpa...I still say he is though."

"...No. And you know what?...Oh forget it."

"Then why should I?"

"I thought it'd be a cool thing to say."

"Shishishi! Let's just go you idiot! And he's still your grandpa."

"Just drop it!"

1 year later-

Jones D. Blitzkrieg was a man of few words, and even fewer friends. But then when you were on the run from the law, you didn't have the time to make friends. The majority of people you met were usually too busy trying to capture you for you to get all buddy buddy with them. But he wasn't alone in this, and while he was happy with the company, he sometimes had to wonder if it was really such a good idea. His younger sister was his partner in crime, though the only thing they had done wrong when they had been first prosecuted, was exist apparently. But that was how the government ran. If you were deemed too dangerous by them, they would arrest you, or at least try to, and execute you for all to see.

Monkey D. Luffy, that was his sister's name. And in truth, you'd actually be wrong if you were to assume that they weren't siblings by blood. Blitzkrieg had taken their mother's maiden name, while Luffy stuck with their father's name. They were siblings though, same mother, same father, and about 13 other brothers and sisters they didn't know about and that all shared the same parents as them, though like their parents, they'd never get to meet them. They'd been lucky to even meet each other. She was 12 years his junior, and at age 15, with him being 27, she was still as dangerous as him, and had the literal bite to back it up. It didn't help that you usually wound up with pneumonia or some deadly disease like that that was usually a result of inhumanly cold temperatures.

Either way she could kick Akainu's butt, with some help of course, and still have energy left to drive everybody else up the wall.

Blitzkrieg was just as deadly, and with a lot more experience under his belt then his younger sister, he was actually more powerful and skilled then her. And Devil Fruit user he may not be, but he could still kick their butts.

They were also the navy's best tracking team, or at least had been. Until about a year ago when the navy decided that they were too dangerous to keep around.

"The Hunter" Blitzkrieg and Luffy of the Tundra. They were wanted, with a bounty high enough to give anybody who actually cared an aneurysm. 250 million beli, and they weren't even pirates. But then again, when you were the children of the world's most wanted man and the only woman to ever hold the figurative title of Queen of the Pirates, and broke out of Impel Down with moderate injuries, of course those injuries were nothing when compared to some of the wounds recieved before then. Most of which had been fatal, and how they were still alive was a miracle in and of itself. But that was beside the point.

Right now, was one of those times where he found himself beginning to contemplate taking his sister and dropping her off on some unknown island that the marines didn't ever bother with. Why was actually quite simple.

They hadn't been on this island for even five minutes, and already she was picking fight with somebody. The unlucky fool looked familiar, he was too busy trying to think of a way to drag his sister away without causing any more of a scene then was already made, to think about it.

He sighed as he just grabbed her arm and proceeded to drag her out of the tavern.

"Sorry 'bout that!" He called as he made his way for the door. He was stopped though when a huge man with black hair and chinese armor decided to stand in his way. "Uh...sorry sir, but can you, please move?" Blitzkrieg asked as politely as he could. Luffy was looking about curiously as she had calmed down, not one to ever stay angry for long. She was on of those, forgive and forget, or just plain forget who you are all together and then remember just as you start yelling at her type of people. Really just one of a kind.

"Sorry, we have a question for you though."

"Uh, what?" Blitzkrieg began to sweat slightly. He was afraid of whatever this question was, as he had a feeling he knew what he was going to ask.

"Well-" came the voice of another man, somewhere behind them. They turned to face him. "We were just wondering why "The Hunter" Jones D. Blitzkrieg was doing in such a small town?" Blitzkrieg stiffened as Luffy swore loudly in another language before finally summing up what they were both feeling.

"We're so screwed!"

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