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Summary: Blitz and Luffy meet Whitebeard, and some other key players in the crew as well. But have they completely escaped their past yet, or is it still chasing them?

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Interesting Arguments!

Blitzkrieg stood nervously infront of Edward Newgate, a man who oozed power even when hooked up to what had to be the largest amount of life-support equipment he had ever seen. That was no exageration as he and his younger sister had found themselves in the hospital more times then they cared to count.

"Gurararara! So these are the little brats that's got the Marines all in a tizzy!" he laughed as he eyed the two siblings. Blitzkrieg couldn't help but feel a bit nervous, which was more then could ever be said for his younger sister, who despite everything they had been through and more, still didn't quite understand the implications and definition of 'dangerous'.

Sometimes he couldn't help but be jealous of her, this was one of them.

"Yep. And they could be really useful. So can they stay?" Marco asked as he gave a lopsided smile, perfectly at peace in the prescence of his captain. 'And of course he would be. Unlike us, he's not a stranger in unfamiliar territory. This is his home.' Blitzkrieg thought forlornly. It felt like he was in a battlefield, surrounded by enemies that could easily take him and his sister down at a moments notice. To say it was unsettling was an understatement.

"I don't see why not. Though I do have to wonder how they can be useful other then fighting." Marco smiled as he looked toward Luffy, who wasn't even paying attention, instead opting for staring vacantly at the sea over the side of the railing. Blitzkrieg sighed as she finally deigned to pay attention to them.

"The Moby Dick. Flag ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, captained by Edward Newgate, one of the oldest pirates and former rival of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger." she started relaying the information that had been stored inside her head. "Can carry over one thousand men alone, but usually only has 600 at any given time. There are only four divisions on board and maintaining control of the ship, though there are times when every division has been known to be aboard at the same time." Whitebeard raised a slightly impressed eyebrow at this, but she wasn't done. Luckily everybody aboard already knew this information otherwise there might have been a riot.

"One such time was when Gol D. Ace-" said pirate, the man with the orange cowboy hat, couldn't help but pale as she used his full, real name, "son of the late Pirate King, challenged Whitebeard for his head. The battle lasted a good day, and prior to that, said pirate had fought Shichibukai Jimbei, also an ally of Whitebeard's, for five days straight without a break. It ended with him being recruited into their ranks after 100 days straight of failed assasination attempts." she finished deciding that she had said enough at that moment in time.

Ace finally vocalized his thoughts, looking quite sick in the face.

"Ok, that was kinda scary. What did you say your jobs were as Marines again?" Blitzkrieg looked at Ace with an expression so serious, you'd have never expected what came out of his mouth,

"We made cupcakes." Luffy hit the deck laughing her head off, as Ace blanched. "Sorry, had to break the tension. Seriously though, we were trackers." Luffy was still rolling across the deck, gasping for breath as she said between mildly loud guffaws how her sides hurt. And something about her spleen.

"I thought trackers-"

"Tracked things. That is basically what we did, but we did more then that. There is more to the job then what is widely known. Especially when dealing with the World Government and such. We were to track down pirates, gather information on them, and if necessary and deemed enough of a threat, take them down." He spoke with the tone of a well-trained marine describing the basics to a rookie he had been placed in charge of.

It was clear how well he was taught, though Luffy's training and education as part of the Navy was being put into question at the moment, seeing as she still hadn't recovered from her laughing fit, apparently having found something else just as, if not more amusing.

Blitzkrieg looked at her, grimacing slightly as he sighed, before calling out in a foreign language; "Ruffy, zu sitzen!"

Luffy fell quiet almost immediately, before she pulled something not everybody was quite expecting.

The air grew really cold as Luffy seemed to turn to snow and ice, only to take the form of some type of kenine. It solidified, taking on more clear features, and shortly became fox.

The wooden deck below her paws froze and the air stayed icey, causing several members to scramble for proper clothing in the new temperature. Blitzkrieg showed no sign of being affected at all by the sudden decrease instead watching his sister as she sat obediently in front of him, prim, proper, and straight like a trained military dog in her animal form. Too much so, and showing no signs at all that the animal was even human. It made Marco slightly uncomfortable seeing how well the Marines had truly trained her, and he had to silently wonder what they had to do, how far the training had gone to beat any and all human characteristics and behaviors out of her in that form.

Blitzkrieg sighed as he gave a motion with his hand, causing Luffy to fully relax, and for the air temperature to warm up some, enough to forgo the coats that had magically appeared on some members.

"Sorry about that. Habits die hard." he simply explained as Luffy changed back into her human form, looking quite sheepish and apologetic about her forcing the temperature to go near below freezing.

"Shishishi...Yeah...Sorry." she laughed nervously as several finally went back to dressing like it was summer outside and not the dead of winter in Alaska.

Whitebeard finally spoke up after everything seemed to calm down,

"Gurararara! So we got two former Marine trackers, both carry a good wealth of information and one even has a Devil Fruit. Not to mention they're both trained fighters. I say that's as good a deal as any. Welcome aboard you brats! You can call me Pops." He nodded, clearly pleased with the new additions as he looked toward the crowd before giving a nod of sorts with his head. "Brat! Thatch! Get your butts over here!"

"Wait, I thought we were the brats..." Luffy added on, only to lose interest and look back at the sea not five seconds later. Blitzkrieg just sighed as two pirates came out from the crowd. One was a rather tall man when compared to the woman standing next to him. She was on the short side, dwarfed by most everyone on the ship save Luffy, who had just been small from the get go. The woman seemed to not care what was going on at all.

"Brat, Thatch, meet your new younger brother and sister, show them around why don't you? Thatch you got the boy, Brat, take care of the girl." The woman, referred to as 'Brat' huffed slightly in defiance,

"I don't wanna." she stated simply as the old man in front of them looked at her with an air of exasperation.

"Just do it."

"..." she didn't back down any, until finally White Beard spoke up again,


"Fine. Get off my back." She huffed as she turned around to Luffy, only to blink as she realized that said 15 year old was gone. "Where the-"

"Check the figure head, if she's not there, she's lying around somewhere, or raiding the kitchen. She could have also fallen overboard..." splish! "She fell overboard.." As a Fishman ran over to the side of the ship and jumped into the ocean to fish Luffy out.

"Great, Another Fire Monkey...Only this time I guess she's an Ice Monkey..."

"Actually she's an Ice Fox, but okay." He said as he watched the Fishman drag his sister onto the deck, water logged and all. Luffy coughed and hacked up sea water for a bit before transforming into her animal form. Blitzkrieg immediately backed up as far as he could without falling overboard as Luffy proceeded to do what every dog does whent they are sopping wet.

Any and all Devil Fruit users who hadn't taken any hint from Blitzkrieg immediately regretted it when they wound up soaked in sea water.

Ace glared at Luffy with all the spite a fellow Devil Fruit user could as Luffy changed back, now perfectly dry, her fur, and in human form hair, puffed into an unmanagable afro that was going to be hell to fix later.

"I hope that's not going to be a habit..." he stated scournfully as Luffy grinned with all the innocence that made her personality and allowed her to stay so annoyingly cheerful.

"Annoyin' ice monkey..." 'Brat' grumbled under her breath, irritated at getting sopping wet as well.

"Shishishi! Sorry." She apologized. She was not sorry at all.

"Unfortunately, it is. She's a dog, or at least falls into the genus of kenine, which are what both dogs and foxes belong to. When she is wet, she will shake to get all the water out of her fur. Unfortunately that means everybody who is slow enough to not get out of range in time will wind up just as wet."

"You could have warned us..."

"I thought me running as far as I could go away from her was warning enough."

"Shut up..." Ace said, figuring out for all his glaring and threatening he was not going to win this particular fight. Luffy trotted up, stopping at his side as she looked at 'Brat' curiously before her eyes widened in recognition.



"That's 'Jumping Crow'." Blitzkrieg looked a bit closer at the woman before his eyes also widened in recognition.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that Whitebeard managed to recruit her. How...Interesting..." Blitzkrieg couldn't help but tilt his head as something seemed to cross his mind. 'Brat' seemed to shuffle slightly before speaking up,

"Oh, quit whatever creepy thoughts are creepin' into yer head." she said, as Luffy blinked at her,

"You really do have an accent..." Luffy stated in wonder.

"Shut yer yap, annoyin' brat."

"Oh yeah, now I remember why we didn't report your where abouts to the higher ups. You were really amusing, that and Luffy insisted on some sort of strange reasoning I forgot about."

"And what sort of reasoning was that?"

"I don't quite remember, it left me really confused. Though I'm pretty sure it had something to do with our actual father and mother, and then some other stuff that didn't relate at all to the given topic at hand. In the end I gave up because there's really no winning an arguement with her."

"It can't be that bad." Ace stated, causing Blitzcrieg to give him a strange look as he responded finally.

"Oh yeah, let's see how you handle 'Luffy Logic'. You can't talk to me about how easy reasoning with her is unless you've experienced it, multiple times. Do that, and then we'll talk."

"You sure you're not exagerating?" At some point during the discussion 'Brat' and Thatch had disappeared below deck along with everybody else who had been victims to Luffy's impromptu splash session.

"I'm hungry." Luffy interjected suddenly.

"You can wait, 'sides dinner won't be ready for another two hours." Ace stated, seeming quite disappointed in the amount of time himself.

"No I can't. And who are you to boss me around?"

"I'm older then youm and more experienced. Plus I'm your senior."

"Oh no." Blitzkrieg recognized where this was going right away. By now everyone had come back sporting renewed hairstyles and dry clothes.

Warning: You are about to enter the danger zone that is 'Luffy Logic'. You have been warned.

"Wait so your an old man? You look really young." Ace looked at her like she was crazy as he answered, completely ignoring Blitzkrieg's waving about in warning.

"Hey! I'm not old! I never said that!"

"You said you were my senior. Doesn't that make you old?" Several people were laughing, including Whitebeard as the arguement took a turn for the random and unreasonable.

"That's not what I meant!"

"But you said you were old!"

"That's not what senior means!"

"Yes it does. Senior citizen." Luffy crossed her arms as Ace short-fused on her, not being able to form a coherent word as he tried to reason with the impossible.

"That's. not. what. I. meant." he stated slowly.

"Then what do you mean?"

"Senior as in one of higher rank!"

"Oh. Why didn't you just say that instead?"

"Grr. I shouldn't have to!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't"

"No you do."

"Yes, I don't!"

"No, you don't?"

"Yes, I do!"

"Ha! I win!"

"Wait what?"


"Fishsticks? What the-"

"Wait, why do you want fishsticks? Anyways I'm going to go find food, see ya!"

Alert! You have just left the Danger Zone of 'Luffy Logic'. You are safe, for now.

"That's not-It's... what the hell just happened?" Ace asked as Blitzkrieg shook his head, this time empathetic to the poor man. Several members in the background were busting a gut laughing as Luffy disappeared below deck unimpeded.

"Ace...I'm sorry, but you just had your first dose of 'Luffy Logic', like I said before, you cannot win." Ace just whimpered pathetically as he nursed a headache.

"So your sister has the ability to just up and win an arguement by being completely random and unreasonable?" Marco asked as some members guided Ace below deck to get changed into dry clothes, and to hopefully recover from an extrememd dose of whatever the hell just happened.

"Yep, she can also play dead...Literally." Marco gave him a weird look as Blitzkrieg turned to Thatch, "So you were supposed to be showing me around?"

"Oh yeah, C'mon, first stop the dorms!" Thatch slug an arm around Blitzkrieg's shoulder as he guided the man below deck. Before he disappeared he called back to 'Brat',

"You might want to remove Luffy from the kitchen before she eats all the food. She is fully capable of it, I'm telling you now!" 'Brat' let it sink in a bit, before she just gave a disinterested stare and went below deck.

"Great. Why did I get the difficult one that can't be reasoned with?" She huffed again as she went to the galley, hopefully before Luffy ate everybody out of house and home.

Marco gave a lopsided grin as he chuckled slightly,

"Well one things for sure, this is gonna be fun...Though I'd hate to be subject to that type of logic." Marco stated as he went to sit down somewhere. Yep, things were going to be interesting from here on out with those two around.

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